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3 Workable Solutions to Help You Hook Up DVD Player to TV

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga Oct 28, 2022

When you buy a new DVD player, you must want to know how to hook the DVD player up to a TV. But as there are more and more new models of DVD players showing up, many people do not know how to do it exactly. Although the technology of DVD player is progressing, there are always three methods which could solve all problems. This post will illustrate these methods and you can learn from them how to hook up a DVD player to a TV.

Part 1: 3 Ways to Hook Up DVD Player to TV

Method 1: Connect with HDMI Cable

This is the highest quality connection for audio and video and is typically found only on modern DVD players. The steps about how to hook up a DVD player to a TV with HDMI cable are following.

Step 1Plug the end of the cable into the HDMI socket on the DVD player. Look for the HDMI or HDMI Out label and fit the cable securely into the socket.

Step 2Make sure that both HDMI connections are secure. An HDMI connection only requires one cable that carries both audio and video signal, and it does not matter which end goes where. But if the cable is pulled too tightly, or one of the connections is loose, you may not get a good signal.

Step 3Power on the DVD player and TV. Insert a DVD so that you can test both the picture and the audio.

Step 4Switch the TV to the correct input using the 'source' button on your TV or Remote. Sometimes labeled input, this button allows you to switch where your TV gets the video and sound information. The input you choose on the TV should match the input you used for the cables.

HDMI Cable Connection

Method 2: Connect the DVD player with Component Cables

This method is much more complicated than others because it has too much cable color that you have to match. But do not worry about it, here are the steps on how to hook up a DVD player to a TV with component cables:

Step 1Component Cables have five cords with different colors. And in the area labeled Output or Out on the back of your DVD player, five interfaces match the colors of cords. You should plug all these cords into the interfaces with the same color.

Step 2Then insert the other ends of these cables into your TV and make sure to match their colors.

Step 3After connection, you can turn on both the DVD player and TV. And then you can start watching.

Component Cable Connection

Method 3: Connect DVD Player with A/V Cables

The second easy way is using an A/V cable. Although it has three colors, you can easily match them. And here are the steps to tell you how to hook up a DVD player to a TV with A/V cables:

Step 1Plug in one end of the A/V Cables to the Output sockets on the DVD player and plug in the other end to the matching input sockets on the TV.

Step 2Make sure your connections are snug and matched to the right color. Match the colored plugs on the cable to the colored sockets on both the DVD player and TV.

Step 3The last step is to power on both the TV and DVD player. And then you can insert a disc to test the connection.

AV Cable Connection

Bonus Tips: The Ultimate DVD Player Software on PC

If you do not want to buy a DVD player, you can use the software on your PC to play DVDs. And 4Easysoft Blu-ray Player is recommended to you. This software is like the ultimate DVD and Blu-ray player on your computer. It will bring you the cinema alike experience in your home. The AI technologies enable you to play discs smoothly, and the Dolby Digital Surround also promises you a lossless audio effect.

So, if you do not have a DVD player, or you just cannot figure out how to hook up a DVD player to a TV for now. You can download this software to play your DVD on a computer. If your PC cannot insert DVD, you can also buy an external DVD driver.

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Part 2: FAQs about How to Hook Up DVD Player to TV


There are three methods introduced to you on how to hook up a DVD player to a TV. You can find which one can be workable on your TV and DVD player. But if all ways are unworkable, you can use the 4Easysoft Blu-ray player to play all DVD formats and enjoy high-quality video.

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