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Popular Questions

Why does the software fail to load my files? ADDADD

1. Make sure your file format is supported. Please check it from the Reference page.

2. Make sure your files are not damaged and can play well on your computer.

3. Make sure the files are not encrypted by DRM or content protection.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at for further help if this doesn’t work.

Can I convert large files at ultra-fast speed? ADDADD

Yes, you can. 4Easysoft Video Converter Ultimate supports 50X faster speed than other tools. Just enable the “Hardware Acceleration” in the “Preference” option and close other unnecessary programs on your computer.

How to increase the output video quality to 4K? ADDADD

This software provides high-quality exporting with 1080P, 2K, and 4K resolution. And you can also find a designed “Video Enhancer” in the “Toolbox” menu to improve the video quality.

How does the AI technology work in this program? ADDADD

The AI technology applied in 4Easysoft Total Video Converter mainly enhances your video quality. It can capture the noise on your videos automatically and remove it easily.

How to split/trim long videos into several segments? ADDADD

Below the added videos, you can click the “Cut” button of a scissor shape. Then click the “Add Segments” button and add the specific time points to trim the long videos. Or you can simply adjust the timeline to cut the extra parts.

Can I rip the latest DVD with DVD Ripper? ADDADD

Sure, you can. The DVD Ripper supports many kinds of DVD formats including regular DVDs and other 600+ formats and devices. The latest DVD format is also supported by the 4Easysoft DVD Ripper. You can rip DVDs (DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW), DVD folders, and DVD ISO files.

Does ripping a DVD cause any damage to the content? ADDADD

No, you can trust this DVD Ripper. This useful ripper will safely rip your homemade DVDs and make sure your original DVD will not get damaged. Besides, this ripper offers you the lossless quality of ripping. Hence, you will get the same content as the original quality.

What’s the best digital format for ripping homemade DVDs? ADDADD

You can choose MP4 as your output video format when ripping the homemade DVD. MP4 video format is the most popular and frequently used format. Meanwhile, it is supported by almost every player on the market.

Can I only save the audio tracks from a DVD? ADDADD

Of course, you can easily extract audio from DVD. After you successfully load the DVD in the ripper, you can click “Full Title List” to check the content and select a certain audio track you want. Next, you just need to choose an audio format like MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MKA, OGG, etc.

How to split/trim long videos into several segments? ADDADD

You can easily edit and add subtitles/watermarks inside 4Easysoft DVD Ripper. Click the “Edit” button after loading your DVD, and then you can click the watermark or subtitles to enrich your DVD video content. Meanwhile, you may also upload a picture as a watermark.

Should I launch iTunes when recovering the data? ADDADD

No. You’d better not open iTunes when using 4Easysoft iPhone Data Recovery. That’s because iTunes may cover the deleted data if you open the backup function.

Can I recover the iPhone data which is deleted long time ago? ADDADD

It’s possible to do that. But the success rate depends on the iPhone status. If you are continuously using your iPhone, the data may be completely deleted. That’s because the lost data is saved in a special database with limited space, and the files that were deleted earlier can be replaced by recent data.

Can I recover multiple files at the same time? ADDADD

Yes, you can. 4Easysoft iPhone Data Recovery enables you to preview all the deleted data and choose the desired ones to recover. You just need to tick several items and start recovering them simultaneously.

How to backup call history on iOS 13 and higher system version? ADDADD

Since iOS 13 and later system have improved the user security, you need to enter your device passcode 3 times to backup the important and private data.

Why 4Easysoft iPhone Data Recovery doesn’t detect my iPhone? ADDADD

There are 4 solutions to fix this problem. Whether it’s caused by unstable connection or iTunes issue, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure 4Easysoft iPhone Data Recovery is updated to the latest version.

2. Reconnect your device to the computer. If you are using iOS 11 or higher system, please tap the “Trust” button on your iOS device to confirm the connection.

3. Change another USB cable to make sure the connection is stable.

4. The iTunes should also be updated to the latest one.

The recording hotkeys are occupied. How to fix it? ADDADD

Just change the hotkey settings to start/stop/pause recording and take screenshots easily. After launching 4Easysoft Screen Recorder, you can click the “Menu” drop-down list and choose the “Preferences” item. You can replace the occupied hotkeys in the “Hotkeys” pane.

Can I capture the video with audio on my computer? ADDADD

Of course, you can. With this powerful video and audio recorder, you can capture the screen with the sound from the system or microphone. Just turn on the Microphone and System Sound buttons before recording.

Where are my recordings saved? And can I change the location? ADDADD

When you save the recordings, you can directly choose the desired file folder to store them. Moreover, you can also change the default output settings in advance. Go to the “Preferences” option and click the “Output” button, and then you can change the location of the output file.

How to download the USB driver for Android for phone recording? ADDADD

Before screen recording of Android devices, you need to download the USB driver on your computer and connect your phone to the computer via USB cable. Since there are so many USB drivers for different Android phones, the best way is to download the USB driver from the official website of your Android phone.

If my computer can’t connect my phone, what should I do? ADDADD

If the USB connection is stable but the two devices can’t be connected, you can contact us at and send your device information.

If you are an Android user, please provide the brand, model, and system version.

If you are an iOS user, please provide the model and iOS version of your device.

Why the 4Easysoft Data Recovery doesn’t detect my flash drive? ADDADD

There are various reasons that 4Easysoft Data Recovery can’t detect your flash drives.

1. Maybe your drive is not connected to the computer in a proper way.

2. What you inserted is not a flash drive, and it doesn’t appear under the Removeable Drive section.

3. The flash drive is damaged, then it is normal for the program not to recognize the device.

Can 4Easysoft Data Recovery recover the removed media files? ADDADD

The 4Easysoft Data Recovery can recover deleted and lost data, which includes the media files like audio and video. However, there are still many possible reasons that can lead to the failure of the retrieving process like damaged data or files.

How to quickly find the data I want among numerous files? ADDADD

After you launch the program and scan the disk you want to retrieve data from, you will see that there is a filter bar beside your data/file list. And if you remember the name of your data or file, you can enter it here and click the Filter button to quickly go to that data/file. Then, you may start the recovery by clicking the Recovery button in the right corner below.

Which flash drives are supported by 4Easysoft Data Recovery? ADDADD

There are many kinds of flash drives on the supporting list of 4Easysoft Data Recovery, including normal USB flash drives, SD cards, Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, and memory cards on your Android phones and digital cameras.

For those flash drivers like memory cards that cannot be directly connected to or inserted into the computer, you will need a card reader or USB adapter to help with the connection and start the program.

In what scenario can I use the 4Easysoft Data Recovery? ADDADD

4Easysofy Data Recovery can be applied to various scenarios. For example, if you have files that can’t be accessed and found or are broken or corrupted, use Data Recovery to retrieve them. Additionally, if you accidentally deleted your important email messages or the attachments in emails, the program could also try to find them back. Meanwhile, you can also use 4Easysoft Data Recovery to get back your lost video or audio files for system crashes, system reinstallation, or disk accidents.

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