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Q: What does a free trial offer in 4Easysoft Data Recovery?

The features in the free trial of 4Easysoft Data Recovery are quite limited. It only offers some basic functions for you to slightly experience the software. For example, you can scan the data you want to retrieve on a certain disk with a free trial. And you will get two modes of scanning, quick scan, and deep scan. But to recover the data, then you need to purchase the Data Recovery to unlock it.

Q: What to do when activation fails in 4Easysoft Data Recovery?

You may try again, and check if the email address and the registration code you entered are correct. Or you may also re-launch the Data Recovery on your computer and fill in the required information again to have a try. If these attempts fail, you may contact support@4easysoft.com for further assistance.

Q: Why can’t I find the registration code after purchasing?

Normally, after a customer clears the payment, the registration code will be immediately sent to the email address you fill in on the ordering page. So, you may want to check the Spam mail and see if the code email is there. Or see if the email address you are looking at is the same one you used for purchasing. Or you can directly contact the support team for help.

Q: What kind of payment can I use to purchase 4Easysoft Data Recovery?

4Easysoft supports many mainstream payment methods like PayPal, Wire transfer, JCB, Discover, American Express, VISA/MasterCard, and so on. All these can be used to purchase the 4Easysoft Data Recovery.

Q: Can I retrieve the files that are deleted a long time ago with 4Easysoft Data Recovery?

The answer may not be positive, but the possibility still exists. It is a difficult task especially if the data is permanently deleted, the possibility of getting it back is very rare. You may still have a try for some file if it is not removed utterly.

Q: Can 4Easysoft Data Recovery recover the removed media files?

The 4Easysoft Data Recovery is capable of recovering deleted and lost data or files, which includes the media files like audio and video. However, there are still many possible reasons that can lead to the failure of the retrieving process like damaged data or files. Therefore, there is no 100% guarantee from the Data Recovery program that your files and data are definitely will be found back.

Q: Why the 4Easysoft Data Recovery doesn’t detect my flash drive?

There are various reasons that 4Easysoft Data Recovery can’t detect your flash drives. Maybe your drive is not connected to the computer in a proper way or what you inserted is not a flash drive, and it doesn’t appear under the Removeable Drive section. Instead, the icon may appear on the Disk sections. You may need to check it there. Besides, if the flash drive is damaged, then it is normal for the program not to recognize the device.

Q: What to do when 4Easysoft Data Recovery can’t find my disk?

If the Data Recovery program can’t detect or scan your chosen disk, there are several possible reasons as followed. Your hard disk has a partition issue or has gone through malware infection or attacked by a virus. You may check these possible causes one by one and solve them. For instance, if your disk has a malware infection, find the malware, uninstall it, and restart the computer to run the scanning again with 4Easysoft Data Recovery. If it is attacked by an unknown virus, it is highly recommended that you go find a technician offline for help.

Q: How to quickly find the data I want among numerous files?

That’s easy to do with the 4Easysoft Data Recovery. After you launch the program and scan the disk you want to retrieve data from, you will see that there is a filter bar beside your data/file list. And if you remember the name of your data or file, you can enter it here and click the Filter button to quickly go to that data/file. Then, you may start the recovery by clicking the Recovery button in the right corner below.

Q: How to see if my 4Easysoft Data Recovery is the latest version?

That’s easy to check. After launching the 4Easysoft Data Recovery on your desktop, you can click the Menu button with a three-line icon above to see more options. There, click the Check Update button, and the program will start checking if there is a new version for you. And if there is, it will ask you if you want to upgrade and download. Also, be sure that these operations are done with a proper Internet connection.

Q: Which flash drives are supported by 4Easysoft Data Recovery?

There are many kinds of flash drives on the supporting list of 4Easysoft Data Recovery, including normal USB flash drives, SD cards, Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, and memory cards on your Android phones and digital cameras. For those flash drivers like memory cards that cannot be directly connected to or inserted into the computer, you will need a card reader or USB adapter to help with the connection and start the program.

Q: In what scenario can I use the 4Easysoft Data Recovery?

4Easysofy Data Recovery can be applied to various scenarios. For example, if you have files that can’t be accessed and found or are broken or corrupted, use Data Recovery to retrieve them. Additionally, if you accidentally deleted your important email messages or the attachments in emails, the program could also try to find them back. Meanwhile, you can also use 4Easysoft Data Recovery to get back your lost video or audio files for system crashes, system reinstallation, or disk accidents.

Q: What to do if I can’t find my external hard drive on the computer?

Sometimes when you cannot find your external hard drive on the PC window is because that drive is shown in the Disk Management window since the drive doesn’t have partitions. Therefore, you can press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard to activate the Run window. After that, type diskmgmt.msc and click the OK button to be directed there. Then, if you can see your external disk drive there, you can still use the 4Easysoft Data Recovery to scan it and recover your data.

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