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As an efficient data tool for your computer, the 4Easysoft Data Recovery can be applied to many situations including rescuing your crashed computers. Meanwhile, whether it is the data or file that is accidentally deleted or lost, you can recover them with simple clicks and get back your music, photos, documents, and so on.

Main Interface

Install and Launch

After getting a free download of 4Easysoft Data Recovery on your PC, you may double-click the installer to continue. Then, as you install other software, you can choose a location for the program to store the files, change the software languages and tweak other settings. Next, click the Install button to install it. After that, simply click the Start Now button to launch the Data Recovery after installation.


Purchase and Registration

More fancy features in 4Easysoft Data Recovery are waiting for you to explore and you just need to simply purchase the program to unlock all the available features in it. Simply click the shopping cart icon on the main interface to purchase. Fill in the email address and complete the payment. After that, back to Data Recovery and click the key icon to enter your email address and the registration code you receive in the email. Click the Register button and you are all done.

Purchase and Register


There are two ways for you to update the 4Easysoft Data Recovery, manual update, or auto-update. To automatically get the latest version of the Data Recovery in time, you need to click the three-line icon and then the Preferences button. Make sure the Check for Updates Automatically option is enabled there. Besides, you can also click the Check Update button to manually check if there is a new version after entering the Menu.

Check Update

Recover Data from Computer

Recover Data on PC

Apart from being efficient and powerful, 4Easysoft Data Recovery is also a simple-to-use program for you to retrieve lost data like images, audio, videos, emails, documents, and others. All these data and files can be recovered after a few clicks. And you may even recover all at the same time.

Step 1Launch the Data Recovery on your computer and there will be only one simple interface. As you can see there are many categories of recoverable data and files. Tick the box beside the data you need to restore or tick all the boxes. Choose a drive. Then, click the Scan button.

Choose File Types

Step 2The quick scan will end in a blink. And you will be presented with the files you want to retrieve from the disk drive you chose. You can also continue scanning for more in-depth by clicking the Deep Scan button if the existing files don’t include the one you need.

Quick Scan Finishes

Step 3After scanning, you can see the files are classified according to their types and path on the left side, you may choose a category to view. Then, find the file or data you need. If the file is corrupted, you may click the Content button to see more information. And click the Recover button to retrieve it.

Content View and Recover

Recover Data on Flash Drive

You must have seen that warning saying the file cannot be recovered after deletion when you try to get rid of certain files from your flash drives. Luckily, you’ve now met 4Easysoft Data Recovery, who can help you recover the files you accidentally delete before in your external drives.

Step 1To recover the data on your flash drive or the external driver on your PC, you need to connect the drive to your computer before launching the Data Recovery. After that, choose the file type you need to retrieve. And click the drive icon you just connected.

Choose Your Flash Drive

Step 2Click the Scan button on the right corner below. Also, you can click the Deep Scan button after the first scan completes and look for more files that can be recovered from your drive. After that, click the Type List or Path List button to check the files.

View the File From Different List

Step 3Tick the box beside the files you want to retrieve and on the right side, you will see more information about the files. Although you may not see the preview if you have selected a damaged picture, but you can see the size and name to see if it is the one you want. Then, click the Recover button.

Recover Data From Flash Drive

Recover Data from Recycle Bin

If you have ever used the shortcut key combination of Shift and Delete to remove a file, normally you cannot get it back from your Recycle Bin since it is permanently deleted. However, things are different in 4Easysoft Data Recovery, you can select the file type you deleted and tick the box in Recycle Bin option. Then, click the Scan button to start searching all your deleted files. Afterward, find the one you need to restore and click the Recover button to get it back.

Recycle Bin Recover

Recover Data by SPF

After scanning in the 4Easysoft Data Recovery, you can also generate an SPF file to save the scanning result for you to recover the data later if you do not want to retrieve them now. Follow the steps here to see how.

Step 1Launch the Data Recovery program on your computer and choose a file type and a disk to scan or scan other external drives. Then, you will be in a new window with the result of the quick scanning.

Scan the Disk

Step 2Click the Save scan project button with a memory card icon to save the scanning result for further use. A window will pop up for you to choose a destination folder to store the SPF file, choose one, and click the Save button to finish.

Save Scan project

Step 3After generating an SPF file, you can import it to the Data Recovery program anytime you want to recover data. Simply click the Plus icon at the top of the main interface, choose the SPF file you generated and click the Open button to import.

Import Scan Project

4Easysoft Data recovery – Recover All File Types from Computers, Hard Drives, and More Devices.