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How to Play WebM Files? 8 Players on Windows and Mac Are Here to Help!

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to DVD/Blu-ray Player Sep 25, 2023

Users who want to play the WebM files have difficulty finding the perfect WebM Player. As you all know, WebM is a format compatible with browsers, which is indeed suitable for online streaming. However, people might want to add it to a playlist, have an easy playback, or even perform a conversion. The good thing is that several programs can let you watch your WebM file content. You can stop looking now, as this post will give you the 8 best WebM File Player programs for Windows and Mac.

The Best Free WebM Player on Windows/Mac [High Quality]

Experience incredible watching home cinema vibes with 4Easysoft Blu-ray Player. This WebM Player is capable of playing 4K videos, as well as Blu-ray and DVD. It provides a high-quality watching experience with crystal-clear details. Aside from playing your WebM files with no problem, you can organize your video collections, DVD films, and more with this player, letting you watch your favorite files instantly whenever you want.

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Free Download

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Step 1After launching the program, select the “Open File” option to import the WebM file from your computer.

Open File Folder

Step 2Locate the WebM file you wish to play. Click “Open” to load it; then, the player will display the video on the window.

Playing 4K Movie

Step 3After that, you can use the panel below to adjust the audio volume, set it to the entire screen, play the video forward or background, etc. You can also use the “Camera” icon to capture screenshot with this free WebM player.

Video Panel

Top 7 Free WebM Players Without Compatibility Problem

You’re not yet finished knowing WebM players since seven more tools are still discussed here. Whatever you might be searching for, the chance is higher that the right program for you is in the list below.

1. VLC Media Player

It is no doubt one of the most well-known media players today. VLC is capable of being a WebM file player that works flawlessly on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Besides that, it easily recognizes various media file formats. You can also adjust the quality, volume and do basic edits. By simply opening the File or Open path or dragging the WebM file into the program, you will have the most comfortable watching experience.

VLC Media Player Free WebM Player

2. Windows Media Player

The following WebM file player is most likely similar to VLC. The Windows Media Player also plays various media file formats and can rip and burn DVDs. Moreover, it provides an instant search feature, letting users find results quickly about what file to play. Many other programs offer a complicated main screen, but this player has a straightforward one, making it one of the standard media players today.

Windows Media Player Free WebM Player

3. 5K Player

5K Player works very well as WebM Player! It can play nearly any video file, as well as DVDs and videos up to 1080P to 8K. Playing a WebM video won’t take much time as it reads your file immediately. In addition, downloading videos from Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, and other platforms is another great feature you can get using the 5K Player.

5K Player Free WebM Player

4. MplayerX

Those users who need something specific for their macOS can freely use MPlayerX. This WebM Player requires no additional installation and no frustrations about codecs since it has FFmpeg. The program also supports several formats and streaming videos from online sources. Additionally, your viewing will be more comfortable with its support of Apple Remote Controls.

MPlayerX Free WebM Player

5. ALLPlayer

ALLPlayer, a WebM player that offers no lag and lousy performance issues. This software is very effective for dual-screen setup, allowing you to set up a recording that will capture both your screen. Unlike the mentioned players, this software provides a much more powerful decoder for downloading and detecting. Besides that, you can add subtitles and tweak the screen display and video speed.

AllPlayer Free WebM Player

6. Kodi

Another free WebM player is Kodi, which, aside from videos, also plays audio, opens images, and even games! In addition, the whole set of features is incorporated into television. For this reason, you can connect to several platforms to watch live shows, and it gives you the option to record them. If you are still not impressed, you can search for the program and see the expected features list.

Kodi Free WebM Player

7. Winamp

Among any other WebM player programs discussed, Winamp is an easy process and still comes with a vast library of supported formats. It is well organized in that all features on the main screen are categorized by section, such as playlist, media, local storage, etc. Additionally, you can customize the sound using the equalizer, change the screen design, load the file information, and many other stuff.

Winamp Free WebM Player

FAQs about the Best Free WebM Player


Based on the information above, you should now have an idea about WebM files alongside players you can use to watch videos with no compatibility issues. Regardless of the many mentioned programs in this content, the 4Easysoft Blu-ray Player is worth trying! This WebM Player offers a cinema-like viewing experience and gives users an easy process with customized hotkeys and powerful features like taking screenshots, organizing tracks, and more. Get to know more about this amazing player by downloading it now!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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