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License & Activation

Q: What are the differences between the free trail and the registered version?

The free version of 4Easysoft iPhone Cleaner only has limited functions like scan & preview data, erase junk files for 30 days, and uninstall applications for 3 times. Other advanced functions like deleting large files, cleaning up photos, and custom erase are all available in registered version. Additionally, you can enjoy the one-click erase feature after registration.

Q: What iOS devices are supported by 4Easysoft iPhone Cleaner?

This program supports cleaning most of the iOS devices from iPhone, iPad to iPod. For iPad, the supported devices include iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini. Moreover, there is a wide range of iPhone models that are supported by the software like iPhone 13 Pro Max/13 Pro/13/13 mini and iPhone SE 3/2/1. For more device’s info, you may see Tech Spec.

Q: Can I erase the data of a locked iPhone?

You need to unlock your iPhone first to erase the data. Otherwise, this iPhone Cleaner cannot recognize your device at all even if you connect it to your computer. Once you unlock the iPhone and trust the computer, you can use the program to erase your iOS data successfully.

Q: Why some of the data still exists after erasing?

If you log in your Apple ID account after the deleting data via the iPhone Cleaner, you iPhone will automatically connect the Internet and sync the data that is previously store on your iCloud Backup.

Q: How to fix the failing of erasing data?

There might be many reasons behind this problem. You can check if the software you download is the latest version or needs upgrade. Then, if your iOS devices locker during the erasing process and it will fail. If the backup files created by iTunes are encrypted, then you need to disable the encrypt backups option and try again. Ensure that you disable the Find My iPhone is also an important detail. After checking all these things, you may start over again.

Q: Do I need to install the iTunes to erase the data?

Yes, you need. To fully access your data on iPhone, besides connecting your iPhone to computer via the USB cable, you also need to install the latest iTunes on your computer. In this way, the program can entirely charge your iPhone after you tap Trust showing up on your phone screen.

Q: What are the main differences of the three erasing levels?

There are three security levels when you click Erase All Data, which are Low, Middle, and High. Low level will overwrite all the data on device with zero files to ensure the files cannot be recovered. As for the Middle level, your data on the device will be overwritten for twice. High level will destroy data thoroughly with overwriting data for three times.

Q: Will the iOS device data be erased when the device fails to get started?

There are two possible reasons that your iOS device fails to get started. Failure of the system or a hardware issue. If there is a hardware problem, you need to repair your device first. Then, use the iPhone Cleaner to help you wipe the data on your iOS device after performing a restore.

Q: Can iPhone Cleaner erase data from a jail-broken iOS device?

Yes, this software fully supports erasing data from jail-broken iOS devices. But your device will still stay in jail-broken status after wiping off the data with the program.

Q: What should I do after seeing the notice Encrypted backup files?

If you have encrypted your iTunes backup, you will receive such warning and get stuck in the middle of the erasing process when using the iPhone Cleaner to clean up your device. You need to enter your iCloud account and disable the encryption function to fix the problem.

Q: How do I turn off Find my iPhone?

YYou need to click Settings and iCloud first. Then, click Find My iPhone to disable. You need to enter your iCloud password to turn off this function. Once you disable the Find My iPhone function, the iPhone Cleaner can better help you erase junk files and data..

Q: What should I do if the popup still appears after disabled the Find My iPhone?

If the popups continue occur, you need to make sure that the Find My iPhone function is truly disabled. Then, check if your Wi-Fi connection is fine, and you may switch the connection to test. Next, try again and see if the popup continues.

Q: How to fix the problem when my devices cannot be detected?

You should check whether you have installed the iTunes on your computer and make sure that it is the latest one. Then, try again and reconnect your iOS devices to the computer with a new USB cable. And make sure that your iOS device is not in Recovery or DFU mode. If the answer above cannot solve your question, please contact our support team: support@4easysoft.com

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