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4Easysoft DVD Creator is a powerful tool to make DVD or Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file from almost all the popular video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MPG, 3GP, VOB, FLV, M2TS, MTS, TS, SWF, etc. Moreover, with multiple editing functions, you can create customized menu, add background and subtitles, and crop, rotate, and clip the DVD videos.

4easysoft DVD Creator Interface


To get access to the full functions, you can click the Purchase icon on the upper-right corner and go to the official website to choose from the 1-month, lifetime, or multi-user licenses.

Purchase DVD Creator

After that, you can click the Register this product icon, and a window will pop up. Just input your Email address you used to purchase and the registration code you received from us in the email. Then, click the Activate button to register.

Register DVD Creator


Frequent updates will provide you new features and fix bugs in no time. You can check the updates manually or get the notification automatically. Please follow the two methods below:

Method 1: Check Update Manually

Click the Menu icon on the upper-right corner and choose the Check Update option in the drop-down list. If there’s a new version, you can directly download and install in.

Check Updates Manually

Method 2: Turn on the Auto-update Prompt

The better solution is to turn on the auto-update notification. You can click the Menu icon and choose the Preferences option. And then, tick the Check for Updates Automatically option in the popping-up window. In this way, you will receive a prompt every time when there is an update.

Update Automatically

Create Videos to DVD/Blu-ray

Burn Videos to DVD

If you want to save your favorite movies or important data on DVD disc, 4Easysoft DVD Creator will help you create videos to DVD disc/folder/ISO file easily. Just read the following steps:

Step 1Choose the DVD Creator

Firstly, you need to insert a blank DVD dick into your computer. After launching 4Easysoft DVD Creator, you can choose the DVD Disc option in the popping-up window.

Choose DVD Disc

Step 2Add Video Files

Click the Add Media Files button to import the desired files to this software. You can add several video files within 4.7 GB to create in one DVD disc. Then click the Next button.

Add Media Files

Step 3Create Menu for DVD

A menu is necessary for DVD disc to locate the desired videos quickly. Luckily, 4Easysoft provides you with many themed templates, and you can also create custom templates with the desired background and title. Moreover, you can also add background music and opening film as you like.

Add DVD Menu

Step 4Burn Videos to DVD

After the adjustments, click the Burn button to start changing the output settings. Here you can change the storage path, adjust the burning settings, and choose the playback mode. At last, click the Start button to create your own DVD disc.

Burn Video To DVD

Create Videos to Blu-ray

Compared with DVD disc, Blu-ray disc can save more videos in higher resolution – 1080P. Keep reading and learn the detailed steps:

Step 1Select the Blu-ray Disc

Open 4Easysoft DVD Creator and click the Blu-ray Disc button on the right side. Then you need to insert a blank Blu-ray disc to burn videos.

Choose Blu Ray Disc

Step 2Add Media Files

Click the Add Media Files button to select the desired videos you want to burn. Unlike DVD, one Blu-ray disc can store 25 GB files with higher quality. After that, click the Next button.

Add Media Files

Step 3Add and Edit Menu

Now, you can create a menu for your Blu-ray disc. There are many preset templates for holiday, family, travel, wedding, etc. You can also make unique menu through the Custom Template option.

Custom Blu Ray Menu

Step 4Create Blu-ray Disc/Folder

After that, click the Burn button to proceed. You can select a destination, adjust the burning settings, and change the playback mode. You can also save your videos as ISO files. Then, click the Start button to burn you videos to Blu-ray.

Videos To Blu Ray

Editing Tools for Video/Audio

Editing Tools

4Easysoft DVD Creator also provides a powerful built-in editor with all the basic editing functions, including cropper, clipper, volume louder, subtitle editor, merger, etc. Just click the Power Tools button on the main interface to access the editing tools.

Powerful Editing Tools

Video Editing

Under the Video Edit function, you can rotate, clip, crop, add video effects, adjust brightness, and add watermarks on your videos. It provides multiple effects in different styles to make your videos more beautiful. And by adjusting the video parameters, you can enhance your video quality easily.

Video Editing Effects

Audio Editing

Click the Audio Edit icon to add audio track, adjust the volume and delay, etc.

Add Audio: Click the Add Audio button to select the desired audio from your computer and take it as the background music. You can also remove the original audio track.

Language: The language refers to the sign of the audio track, and you will see it at the beginning of the DVD/Blu-ray disc. Please note that it will not change the language of audio tracks.

Volume: By moving the volume slider, you can adjust the audio volume from 0% to 200%. You can also click the up or down arrow to get the desired volume easily.

Delay: If you want to sync the audio and video, you can simply change the delay.

Adjust Audio Settings

Subtitle Editing

Click the Subtitle Edit on the right side to add subtitles with customized settings.

Add Subtitle: You can add SRT, ASS, SSA, UTF, and more subtitle files from your local files. Moreover, you can also adjust the font size, color, and style.

Position: With this tool, you can change the position of the subtitles. Normally, subtitles are put in the bottom of videos.

Transparency: If you don’t want the subtitles to obscure your videos, you can decrease the transparency to about 60%.

Delay:To sync the audio and subtitle, you can adjust the delay. If the subtitle is ahead of the audio track, you can adjust the delay forward. In turn, you should change the delay backward.

Subtitle Settings

Merge/Split Chapters

4Easysoft DVD Creator also enables you to merge several videos into one chapter or divide one chapter to several clips. Just choose the Merge Chapter or Split Chapter option according to your need.

Merging chapters is just combining the chosen videos in order. As for splitting videos, you can choose to divide them by fixed numbers, fixed length, or customized standard.

Merge Split Videos

After dealing with the chapters, you should choose the desired thumbnails for each chapter. Click the Thumbnail Settings icon and choose the desired screenshots from the videos. Or you can upload a local picture to take it as the thumbnail.

Set Thumbnail For Chapters
4Easysoft DVD Creator

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