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Shrink Your Video Size without Quality Loss in Three Ways on PC/Mobile

Aira Lesly Escoto Posted by Aira Lesly Escoto to Compress Video Sep 27, 2022

You might find out that some social platforms limit users from uploading videos in large sizes, and even require the size should be MB to KB. If you don’t want to trim your video length or cut off your video parts, then the best way is to compress the video, using this way you can even compress the size from MB to KB if you need. This article will give you the top ways to compress your video and as far as possible to keep the highest resolution.

Part 1: The Best Way to Compress Video from MB to KB on Windows/Mac

When compressing the video size especially from MB to KB, most people want to keep the resolution as high as possible. And if you want to do this, the software 4Easysoft Total Video Converter will be recommended to you. This video could shrink many video formats for meeting your requirements. Besides that, if your platforms need a particular video format, you can also use 4Easysoft Total Video Converter to convert your video to any format you want.

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Total Video Converter

Convert video and audio files to 600+ formats and devices.

Provide 720P, 1080P, HD, 4K, and HEVC video codecs.

Shrink videos and audio files at ultrafast speed with the original quality.

Edit your video as you want before converting and shrinking.

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Free Download

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Here is brief video tuition to teach you to shrink your video with the 4Easysoft total video converter.

Step 1First, you should navigate to Video Compressor in the Toolbox. Click the Plus button to add a video file.

Step 2Next, you can set the file's name, size, format, resolution, and bitrate. Then, you can click the Preview button to check your compressed file.

Toolbox Media Video Compressor TVC

Step 3And then choose the path at the bottom to save the file and click the Compress button to get your compressed file.

Step 4If you find that Video Compressor in Toolbox could not shrink your video from MB to KB, you can return to the main screen to click the Add Files button.

Video Converter Add Files TVC

Step 5When you choose the video, you will the Compress Video button on the right of the file. After clicking it, you can drag the horizontal slider to change the video size. In this window, you can even convert 10MB to KB.

4Easysoft Total Video Converter Compress Video Drag Slider

Step 6After adjusting the file size and clicking the Save button, you can click the Convert All button to complete shrinking your video size.

Video Converter Convert All TVC

Part 2: The Best Way to Compress Video from MB to KB Online

You can also easily shrink the video size from MB to KB using an online website. But online websites are unlike using software on a PC, there is no quality provided and some websites will add a watermark on the video for persuading you to purchase the watermark remove function. The website FreeConvert is a good way to compress your video. Although it has some Ads, it can shrink the video size as you like.

Step 1Click the Choose Files button to choose your video file or just drag the file into the box.

FreeConvert MB to KB Choose File

Step 2After you choose the file, you will see there is an Advanced settings button with a gear icon on the right. Click this button to shrink your video size.

FreeConvert MB to KB Advanced Setting

Step 3In the advanced setting window, you can change the video quality and size, but you can only choose one to change. This means if you want to shrink your size, you cannot be like using software to keep video quality as high as possible. And if you want to change the size from MB to KB you have to change the percentage instead input value because you cannot input value under 1MB.

FreeConvert MB to KB Drag Slider

Step 4After adjusting your preference, you will see the size after shrinking, and click the Download MP4 button to get your compressed file.

FreeConvert MB to KB Click Download MP4

Part 3: The Best Way to Compress Video from MB to KB on Android/iPhone

It is very convenient to shrink the video on your mobile. And especially video on a phone is not too large which is easier to convert MB to KB. But there are a few video formats that phone apps could not open. Many apps can only open the mainstream video format. If you want to compress other video formats like MKV and MOV you have to use the software on a PC. Luckily, Video Compress can open the majority compared with other apps. now

Step 1Open the app and tap Setting with a cog icon in the top-right corner. Then choose an output file format from the Export File Type. Your compressed video will save in this format.

Step 2Grant the app permission to access all your videos and photos. And choose the video formats on your phone to compress.

Step 3You’ll see a horizontal slider that lets you adjust the compression level for your video. Drag this slider to see the resulting file size. When you have adjusted the size, tap Done in the top-right corner.

Video Compress MB to KB Adjust Size

Step 4Once the compression is done, you can choose to delete the original video by tapping Delete Original.

Part 4: FAQs about Compressing Video from MB to KB


There are three ways mentioned to help you shrink your video size from MB to KB. If you need to upload a video whose size is under 1MB, you can use these ways to help you. And compared to online compressor and apps on mobile, 4Easysoft Total Video Converter could help you keep the resolution as high as possible when you compress the video.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

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