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Top 5 Best DVR Recorders for Cable TV with High Quality [2024 Lineup]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Record Video Sep 19, 2023

Want to get a DVR recorder for cable TV? You probably came across a situation when you wanted to watch a TV show, but sadly, it was scheduled to air the time you were out of your house for a specific reason. Thankfully, Digital TV Recorders (DVR) were invented and reached their best stage over time. Through them, you can record and playback TV shows even though they are already aired. Thinking of acquiring one on the market? Continue reading this post, for it features the 5 best DVR recorders for cable TV!

The Best 5 DVR Recorders for Cable TV [Comparison]

Just like what has been mentioned above, this post features 5 different DVRs for recording cable TV, and along with these DVRs, their features, pros, and cons are also listed for you to easily make some comparisons and pick the one you think is the best. So, without any further delay, start diving in below!

1. TiVo Bolt VOX DVR

The first and the best DVR recorder for cable TV that you can use to record various TV shows is the TiVo Bolt VOX. This DVR lets you record different TV shows and movies for up to 150 HD hours and with 4K ultra-high definition. With this DVR, you can easily and quickly find those TV shows you want to record, thanks to its built-in Voice Remote. Another impressive point of this DVR is that it is integrated with various popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime, HBO Go, etc.

DVR Recorders Tivo Bolt

Features of TiVo Bolt VOX DVR

Support a more straightforward software interface.
Can record 150 hours with 4K quality.
Integrated with an efficient search function.
Pricey DVR service and some of its add-ons.
Require you to have a TiVo subscription after the first year.
Less local storage compares to its other versions.

2. Tablo Quad Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR

Another DVR for recording cable TV is Tablo Quad OTA. This DVR enables you to record up to four live over-the-air channels simultaneously with 1080p definition and without any annoying commercials, thanks to its built-in Automatic Commercial Skip feature. What makes Tablo stands out from the rest is that you can connect it to other devices via a router and enjoy browsing, watching, and recording TV shows.

DVR Recorders Tablo Quad

Features of Tablo Quad Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR

Easy-to-use DVR with easy-to-understand navigation options.
Excellent Customer Support Line to bring up all of your concerns.
All essential live TV recordings are offered without subscriptions.
Require you to use the Tablo subscription to use its features thoroughly.
Have no built-in storage, which will require you to have an external one.

3. DISH Hopper 3

The following DVR Recorder for cable TV is the DISH Hopper. This DVR is also one of the above DVRs that makes you forget about annoying commercials, for it also supports a feature, which is labeled as AutoHop, that enables you to skip them. Moreover, similar to TiVo Bolt, this DVR is also infused with Voice Control feature that you can use to search for TV shows via voice control. Furthermore, this DVR can record 500 hours of TV shows with 4K Ultra HD quality and at least 16 different channels simultaneously.

DVR Recorders Dish Hopper

Features of DISH Hopper 3 DVR

Fast and powerful DVR.
Support a lot of hours to record your favorite TV show.
Come with a massive amount of local storage.
Provide an option to record different shows all at once.
Add monthly fees.
Offer only limited 4K contents.
Pricey activation keys for some equipment.

4. Xfinity X1 Cloud DVR

You’re about to reach this lineup’s last best DVR recorder for cable TV, but you should first check out the powerful qualities of Xfinity X1 Cloud DVR. This DVR can bring various NBA games for you and offers you tons of movies. Like the DVR featured above, Xfinity has a voice remote feature that fulfills any TV-watching commands you want. Xfinity X1 also lets you record 60 HD quality or 300 SD hours of shows and programs.

DVR Recorders XFinity X1

Features of Xfinity X1 Cloud DVR

Support user-friendly interface.
Reliable Voice Remote feature.
Let you playback recorded TV shows on your mobile devices.
Require you to pay for various aspects offered by X1 (storage service & recording hours).

5. DirecTV Genie DVR

Last but not least, this lineup of the best DVR recorders for cable TV is the Genie DVR. This DVR also supports recording up to 8 TVs simultaneously for over 2 hundred HD hours of recording durations. It also supports various streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Max. Although this DVR doesn’t support a massive amount of storage, you can still able to extend it using an external drive.

DVR Recorders Genie

Features of DirecTV Genie DVR

Record up to 5 channels simultaneously.
Allow you to watch two TV shows at once using its Picture to Picture feature.
Let users watch recorded TV shows on a computer, tablet, or phone.
Offer pricey activation fees for some specific equipment.
Support payable protection plan that upgrades equipment.

How to Capture TV Shows without DVR Recorders

That’s it! Those are the 5 best DVR Recorders for cable TV that you can use to record all the TV shows you want, even without your presence. Now, those DVR Recorders are indeed pricey, not only the physical DVR itself but its monthly expenses for subscriptions and feature access. In that case, the best recommendation this post can give you is to use an HDMI to link your cable TV and your computer, then use the advanced 4Easysoft Screen Recorder tool to record your favorite TV show! This tool is infused with the ability to record your TV show with a high frame rate and resolution in high quality. It is also equipped with a Scheduled Recording feature that you can use to set a time when to start and stop recording when you are not in your house. Start capturing TV shows without DVR recorders for cable TV.

Screen Recorder Box
Features of 4Easysoft Screen Recorder

Equipped with an Area Selection feature that enables you to choose whether to capture your whole screen, a specific area, or an active window.

Support Customizable Hotkeys to initiate and stop the screen recording process quickly.

Output Tweaking options that let you modify your output’s Quality, Frame Rate, Codec, etc.

Offer various video formats to export your TV show recordings, such as MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

How to Capture TV Shows without DVR Recorder for Cable TV using 4Easysoft Screen Recorder:

Step 1Download and install the 4Easysoft Screen Recorder tool on your computer. Then, launch the tool and click the Video Recorder option. Don’t forget to link your cable TV to your computer via HDMI cable.

Video Recorder

Step 2Then, tick the Full option to capture the whole screen of your computer. Otherwise, if you want to capture a specific screen area, click the Custom button and choose a specific resolution. Whatever your chosen option is, you can still move the borderlines freely.

Select Recording Area

Step 3Next, turn on the System Sound by ticking its switch button to capture the TV show with sound. If you want to record your face and voice, you can turn on the Webcam and Microphone switch buttons. You can adjust their volume sliders to modify their loudness.

Record Video with Audio

Step 4Once you are done setting up all of the options above, click the REC button to start the recording process of your TV show. You can use the options on the pop-up toolbox to add shapes, lines, and callouts and take screenshots during recording.

Real Time Drawing When Recording

Step 5If you are done recording, tick the Stop icon. On the Preview section, you can cut the unwanted parts of your recordings, and once you are done with it, click the Save button to export the TV show recording. That’s it! That’s the best way to record cable TV shows without DVR Recorders!

Save Video Recording

Part 3: FAQs about the Best DVR Recorder for Cable TV


There you have it! Those are the 5 best DVR Recorders for cable TV that you can use to record all of your favorite TV shows that will be aired at the time you are not available to watch them. Now, if you find these DVRs expensive and notice their subscriptions and feature access are pricey, then you can use the 4Easysoft Screen Recorder tool as the best alternative! Through this tool, you can schedule when the tool will record the TV show and save it on your computer’s local storage for future playback! If you find this interesting, visit its official website to learn more!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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