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10 Listed Discord Alternatives Perfect For Group Chats This 2024

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Record Audio Jan 10, 2024

While Discord is a popular platform for live-streaming games, it also works as a good chatting application where members can communicate in real time. However, users find it unprofessional when it comes to end-to-end encryption. For this reason, you will need to hunt for a great and reliable Discord alternative that is by far the best in voice, chat, and video calling with friends. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, read on to see the worth of your precious time Discord alternatives today.

The Best 10 Discord Alternatives for Online Group Chat

Isn't it nice to have a feature-rich communication platform to enjoy chatting with friends from worldwide? Ten listed Discord alternatives are here to give you what you need. Enjoy scrolling!

1. Slack

This Discord alternative makes it first on the list because of its communication and collaboration features, allowing users to work together effectively. Using Slack, you can create channels for your preferred topics or chats, even set reminders for deadlines and projects, as well as share essential files and tracks a project’s progress. Aside from that, it also covers assigning an administrator for each channel who will manage the Slack accounts. Overall, it helps users stay organized, getting things done quickly.

Slack Discord Alternatives

2. Troop Messenger

The next in line is Troop Messenger, a messaging platform enabling you to work with friends more efficiently. It can be a solution tool for remote teams, providing group chats, audio and video calls, file sharing, chatbots, and more. Additionally, users can chat in real-time and collaborate effectively using this Discord alternative. Besides that, the search feature allows you to quickly find a message or files without needing to read the whole conversation.

Troop Messenger Discord Alternatives

3. ClickUp

It is an all-in-one Discord alternative platform that supports hundreds of adjustable features to create an enjoyable experience for users. ClickUp has this built-in chat view where you can see small to large groups that are connected with each other. Furthermore, the fan-favorites are the features such as Whiteboard and Mindmaps, letting you go beyond the traditional chat platforms with extra creativity. In addition, its secure and quick-speed environment makes it one of the perfect alternatives to Discord.

ClickUp Discord Alternatives

4. Chanty

Chanty is another full of collaboration features platform that made it perfectly as your Discord alternative. It covers file sharing, task management tools, chat and video calls, and others that help you stay connected and collaborative. With it, you can get feedback from others regarding your assigned tasks. Plus, all conversations are kept in one place, unlike any other tool. On top of that is the notification system that will always notify you whenever you receive messages, task updates, or other important notes.

Chanty Discord Alternatives

5. Telegram

The famous Telegram is known for its ability to send messages, photos, and almost any file type easily to your contacts. It is a safe and fast messaging app that makes it your ideal Discord alternative, suitable for encrypted audio and video calls as well as group calls. Furthermore, Telegram offers unique functionalities like channels where you can see quotes for every day, motivational ones, or memes you can share with friends. Also, there are various stickers you can choose from, customize the interface, etc.

Telegram Discord Alternatives

6. Mumble

Next to the list of Discord alternatives is Mumble, which offers a high-quality audio call platform mainly for gaming. Mumble provides clear audio at a low bit rate, as this is made for gaming apps. Aside from that, it ensures the privacy and security of end-to-end conversations. Although you have to pay for some functions, it is among the alternatives that support various operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Mumble Discord Alternatives

7. Steam Chat

Mainly done chat service for Steam, this Discord alternative called Steam Chat enables users to communicate with options, like voice or video, create group chats, and more. You can send texts, videos, pictures, and so forth. On top of that is the public messaging feature, where you can communicate with people in public chat rooms from different countries. You can as well customize your avatar and save group chats together with its name and friends’ avatars.

Steam Chat Discord Alternatives

8. Element

The following is Element, another communication tool for users hunting for a Discord alternative that supports the quick transfer of messages to friends. With Element, you can create as well as join chat rooms, no doubt supporting audio and video chats. Moreover, it is not just working as a web-based platform and as a mobile app, suitable for Android and iOS devices. You will surely enjoy advanced features, including unlimited storage capacity and customization options.

Element Discord Alternatives

9. Overtone

This lightweight application, Overtone, is much like Discord. It is a free and easy-to-use Discord alternative that is great for audio and text chat, whether private messages or group chats. Furthermore, it covers many features that connect you to people who find similar interests and come upon teams enjoying the same game. If you talk about games, it is primarily used for games like League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, and more, so it is, no doubt, among the platforms that are popular for gamers worldwide.

Overtone Discord Alternatives

10. Tox

Suppose your priority is safety and security over anything. In that case, Tox is the last Discord alternative on the list you need to try. It lets you quickly connect with your family, friends, co-workers, and others without worrying about a third-party app watching every move. The application saves you from unwanted ads that frustrate you while chatting. Besides audio and video calling, Tox has support for screen sharing, which is effective for business and educational stuff.

Tox Discord Alternatives

Bonus Tips on How to Record Online Chat on Discord Alternatives

Wait, this is not the end of this post, as you will need a bonus but helpful tip. If you wish to save online chats or calls on those Discord alternatives, don’t have second thoughts and search for the 4Easysoft Screen Recorder. Since not all platforms have a built-in recorder, this screen recording tool will make it effortless for you to save those calls using the Audio Recorder. With one click, you can instantly record the call, listen to it first and remove the extra beginning and ending parts before saving. To add more, it comes with Video and Game Recorders, making it more special for recording any screen activities, guaranteeing a high-quality video.

Screen Recorder Box
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Recording Audio Settings

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Recording Audio Settings

Step 3If done recording, click the "Stop" button in the floating toolbar. Then, you’ll be navigated to the "Preview" window, where you can trim unwanted parts in the recorded call. Lastly, click "Done" to save.

Save Audio Recording

FAQs about the Best Discord Alternative on Windows/Mac


Have you enjoyed reading the Discord alternatives? Now, you indeed have one in mind what to use in chatting with friends. Consider using Telegram, ClickUp, Mumble, and others discussed. When done picking one, if you wish to record fun conversations and calls, don’t forget to visit the 4Easysoft Screen Recorder for recording high-quality audio and videos. The features that have been mentioned are just some of the powerful ones it offers, so ensure to download and try it.

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Free Download

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