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A List of 8 Best Screen Recorder for Low-end PCs [2024]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Record Gameplay, Record Video Jul 20, 2023

Having to get the heavy recording software downloaded on your PC affects the entire functionality of your computer. It may run slow and give you poor performance due to the incapability of running the screen recording tool. So, having to know several screen recorders for low-end PC that offer no lag is essential. Luckily, this post will share some of the best screen recorders with a complete comparison, allowing you to choose among them which is the best screen recorder for low-end PC.

Part 1: Top 8 Best Screen Recorders for Low End PC [Comparison]

When looking for an application to download on your computer, consider your PC’s capability to run them. So, consider the below screen recording tools listed. Each will provide you with descriptions to get to know them and make a great choice to have the best screen recorder for low-end PC.

1. 4Easysoft Screen Recorder

4Easysoft Screen Recorder is the suggested screen recorder for low-end PC, as it can quickly help you record a tutorial, gameplay, lectures, meetings, etc. You can capture all activities on your screen without lag because it is equipped with CPU and GPU acceleration. Furthermore, it lets you choose recording modes, like recording the entire screen, selecting active windows, and customized regions.

Beyond that, this excellent screen recorder works perfectly on Windows and Mac and provides the high quality you need to export recordings. And, if you want to record video with audio or webcam and screen simultaneously, you can do it with this program.

4Easysoft Screen Recorder
Screen Recorder Box
4Easysoft Screen Recorder

Provide you with a Game Recorder equipped with GPU and CPU acceleration, letting you get a clean recording.

Allow you to record the entire screen, select a window, or customize a part of your screen.

Have a trimming function, which you can use to delete unwanted parts of your recording before exporting.

Offer a custom hotkey, enabling you to quickly start/pause/stop the recording and take screenshots while recording.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

2. Bandicam

Bandicam works excellently as a screen recorder for low-end PC as it captures everything, including gameplay, and exports all with high quality. It also has the capability of recording external video devices, like smartphones, Xbox, IPTV, etc. Other than that, it provides a real-time drawing tool, allowing you to draw and add annotations while recording.

Bandicam Screen Recorder


3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free but offers excellent features as your screen recorder for low-end PC. This lightweight screen recording tool, available on almost all computers, lets you record screen activities, like gameplay, meetings, or even start a live stream. Moreover, it gives you the option to select the capture area and has the ability to record multiple monitors at the same time.

OBS Screen Recorder


4. FBX Game Recorder

FBX Game Recorder provides users with a smooth and exemplary performance in recording, so it can also be your choice as your best screen recorder for low-end PC. Plus, it supports capturing a webcam while recording gameplay. You can also add captions, slow-motion effects, freeze-frame, etc., and share recordings to social media sites.

FBX Screen Recorder


5. NVIDIA ShadowPlay

ShadowPlay is one of the most popular screen recorders for game players. It can indeed be your best option as a screen recorder for low-end PCs because of its powerful features in recording, live streaming, broadcasting, and sharing your gameplay with anyone. Furthermore, it supports instant sharing, letting you share directly on various social media platforms.

ShadowPlay Screen Recorder


6. Dxtory

Dxtory works well even if you don’t have a powerful PC, meaning it is one best screen recorder for low-end PC. It uses a memory buffer that helps reduce the PC load but still runs on a high-speed recording. Additionally, it is capable of recording several audio resources, which is effective for game streamers. You can also take screenshots with it and export images in various formats it offers.

Dxtory Screen Recorder


7. Fraps

Fraps is another screen recorder for low-end PCs that you should take advantage of. It shares little similarities with Dxtory as it can take screenshots of your screen. Moreover, this software will show you fps on your screen while playing games. You can also select an audio source and record both system audio and audio from the microphone simultaneously.

Fraps Screen Recorder


8. Recordzilla

Recordzilla is the last screen recorder for low-end PCs on the list that lets you capture videos, and screen activities, like gameplay and audio, and take screenshots. Also, you can add text, images, and stamps to your recordings. Moreover, it lets you draw on the screen while recording to help your viewer focus on crucial points.

Recordzilla Screen Recorder


Gameplay Recorders System Requirements Output Format/s Best for Screenshot feature
4Easysoft Screen Recorder Windows and Mac MP4, AVI, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, etc. Record screen activities, such as gameplay, lecture, meetings, and more. YES
Bandicam Windows MP4 Record and stream gameplay for Windows. YES
OBS Studio Windows, Mac, and Linux MKV, MP4 Record screen activities for free. NO
FBX Game Recorder Windows MP4, FLV, MOV, MP3, AAC, etc. Record screen activity and edit videos. YES
NVIDIA ShadowPlay Windows MP4 Record gameplay with high quality. YES
Dxtory Windows AVI, MP4 YERecord video of DirectX and OpenGL appsS YES
Fraps Windows MP4, AVI Record screen activities on low-end PCs. YES
Recordzilla Windows AVI, WMV, Flash FLV, etc. Record video presentations and online lectures. YES

Part 2: FAQs about the Best Screen Recorder for Low End PC


All the screen recorders give you unique features, and it depends on you which one you'll select as the best screen recorder for a low-end PC. However, the recommended one is the 4Easysoft Screen Recorder. It works best as your screen recorder for low-end PC and offers excellent features for recording screen activities. Don’t miss out on this great screen recorder for Windows and Mac.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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