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  • Trim the recording Viber calls easily and delete the unwanted parts.
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8 Trustworthy Viber Call Recorders: Features, Pros, and Cons

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Record Audio, Record Video Jul 03, 2023

Viber is one popular messaging app for mobiles and computers. When you make a Viber call, you can communicate with your loved ones and people worldwide, you may want to keep and save the call. But how can you record a Viber call when it does not support recording? You need a Viber call Recorder! A list of best of the best recorders is discussed in the following parts. Choose what is best for you that works on desktop, mobile, and online.

Part 1: The Best Viber Call Recorder for Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

If you want an easy way to record Viber calls, find a Viber call recorder that gives you all the features you need, like recording with area selection, high-quality output, real-time drawing, etc. Here is 4Easysoft Screen Recorder for you! Aside from it working well on both Windows and Mac, it is a powerful screen recorder since it lets you record any activities happening on your screen, like tutorials, meetings, music, gameplay, and more. Additionally, if you want to delete the call's unwanted beginning and ending parts, you can remove them with the trimming tool on this Viber call recorder. Plus, it lets you record music and do voiceovers. Here are the detailed steps on how to use it to record Viber calls.

Screen Recorder Box
4Easysoft Screen Recorder

Equipped with an Audio Recorder that allows you to record system audio, capture music, do voiceovers, and more.

Provide you with noise cancellation and voice enhancement, allowing you to get your recorded call with high audio quality,

Offer you multiple output formats, which you can choose from to export recordings, like MP3, AAC, WMA, etc.

Let you check the recording before exporting it, giving you a chance to delete unnecessary begging and end parts.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1Open the program on your computer. And to record Viber calls, go to the Audio Recorder on the main interface.

Select Audio Recorder

Step 2Ensure to toggle the switch buttons of the System Sound, which refers to the sound that comes on your PC and Microphone, which will record your voice. You can also adjust the volume of each to increase and decrease the sound by pulling the sliders.

Recording Audio Settings

Step 3When the Viber call starts, click the REC button. While recording, you can still adjust the system sound and microphone volume on this Viber call recorder.

Start Recording Audio

Step 4Once done, click the Stop red icon. And before exporting, the program lets you check the recording first to see if there are unwanted beginning and ending parts you must remove. Hit Done if finished trimming, then Save to export the recording.

Save Audio Recording

Part 2: 7 More Viber Call Recorder Tools to Record Audio [All Devices]

1. 4Easysoft Free Screen Recorder

The first on the list of the best Viber call recorder that works as a desktop and mobile tool is the 4Easysoft Free Screen Recorder. This online tool lets you record videos, computer sound, microphone voice, and more. Other than recording, you can make your videos attractive by adding different annotations like shapes, callouts, texts, etc. Also, with the hotkeys, you can quickly start, pause, resume, and stop the recording according to your need.

4Easysoft Free Screen Recorder Viber Call Recorder


2. AZ Screen Recorder

The AZ Screen Recorder is one great Android Viber call recorder. It has easy-to-use functions, so you don’t need any tutorial to start recording. Simply tap the recording button, and the recording will start. If there are some unimportant parts in calls, you can pause the recording easily with this app.

AZ Screen Recorder Viber Call Call Recorder


3. ShowMore - Record Viber

ShowMore is a free online Viber call recorder. With the overall functionality, you can record screen activities anytime without any difficulties. Plus, it lets you do basic editing after recording; you can add simple effects or text. To use ShowMore to record Viber calls, you must install the launcher first.

Showmore Record Viber


4. Cube Call Recorder

The Cube Call Recorder app, which you can use on iPhone and Android devices, is very effective as your Viber call recorder. You don’t have to be the one calling to record it since you are allowed to record calls from anyone. Besides recording Viber calls, it also lets you record from Telegram, Line, Skype, and more.

Cube Call Recorder Viber Call Recorder


5. Record it! Screen Recorder

Record it! Screen Recorder is a powerful Viber call recorder for iPhone and iPad that lets you record gameplay, tutorial, videos, and calls. After recording, you can directly share it on Youtube or other platforms. Furthermore, it supports video face cam reactions and simple editing functions, like adding filters, trimming, changing the background color, etc.

Record It Screen Recorder Viber Call Recorder


6. Go Record

The Go Record app is a Viber call recorder for users of iOS devices. After the recording of calls, you can quickly save them directly to the Photos app or share them to online streaming platforms, like YouTube. Furthermore, it supports front camera recording to record your facial reactions while doing a call with a friend.

Go Record Viber Call Recorder


7. Du Recorder

Last on the list of the Viber call recorder is the Du Recorder. This application works both on Android and iPhone and allows you to have a stable screen recording experience. And after recording, you can edit it with the built-in editing tool of Du Recorder. Plus, you can adjust video settings to get the high-quality output you desire for your recording.

DU Recorder Viber Call Recorder


Part 3: FAQs about The Best Viber Call Recorder


Now, you can have a Viber call recorder from reliable call recorders in this post. Choose which among them caught your attention, feels easy to use and will meet your requirements. For an online tool, you can search for 4Easysoft Free Screen Recorder. And for everyday use, the suggested one is the 4Easysoft Screen Recorder. It works well on Windows and Mac and lets you quickly record calls with the built-in Audio Recorder. And you can guarantee you will get the high-quality audio output you desire.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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