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How to Use Media Converter

For users, possessing a compatible conversion tool with video converter and DVD converter is very valuable and convenience. Now 4Easysoft Media Converter can fulfill your demands.

The following is the detailed guide:
Preparation: Download and install 4Easysoft Media Converter
Step 1: Add files
Click “Add File” or "Load DVD" button to load the video files that you want to convert.
Step 2: Set output settings
You can select a variety of output formats simultaneously for source file from the profile drop-down list.
You can set Encoder, Bitrate, Channels, Resolution and so on by clicking “setting” button.
Step 3: Start conversion.
Click “Start” to begin the conversion with high output quality and converting speed.

4Easysoft Media Converter Steps

Editing Tips:
Tip 1: Effect
Click “Effect” button, you can set the video Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and check Deinterlacing to help you optimize the video effect.
Tip 2: Trim
Click “Trim” button ,you can pick up any part of your videos your videos by dragging the slider bar; clicking "Start Time" and "End Time" button or setting the values.
Tip 3: Crop
Click “Crop” button, you can set the frame size by selectting a crop mode; adjusting the crop frame; or setting the crop values.
Tip 4: Watermark
You can add picture or text watermark with customized transparence, position and other features in your movie to personalize your videos.

4Easysoft Media Converter Edit

Tip 5: Preference
Click the “Preference” button you can select the output destination, the Snapshot foler, the format of the snapshot image,etc.
Tip 6: Snapshot
Just click the "Snapshot" button you can save any image you like when previewing the video and click the "Open" button next to "Snapshot" button, you can open the image.
Tip 7: Merge
If you want to merge several files into one file you can choose them and click the "Merge into one file" to do it.

More useful tools:
4Easysoft Total Video Converter:
It can convert all mainstream video and audio formats; extract audio tracks from video files to other audio formats; support all popular portable multimedia players; edit video - Merge, Effect, Trim, Crop, Watermark and Snapshot.

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