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4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker is a powerful and workable tool to unlock screen passcode, Apple ID, and screen time restriction on all iOS. All iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models and all iOS versions, even the latest iOS 16 are supported. Its operation and interface are easy to use, and you can unlock your iOS devices with simple clicks. Whether you forgot passcode, lost Apple account, or mistakenly make your iOS device disabled, use 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker to help you.


When you launch 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker on your computer, the registration window will pop up. Or you can click the Menu button at the top-right corner and click the Register button.

Menu Settigs

After purchase, you can now access the full version with all functions on 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker. You should copy the license key you just received from your email and enter your email address and the license key into the window. Finally, click the Activate button to enjoy the full version.

Register iPhone Unlocker


Click the Menu dropdown list and Preferences button to change the update settings. You can tick the Check for Updates Automatically checkbox to get the new functions in time.

Check for Update

Wipe iOS Screen Passcode

If you forget your iOS screen passcode, including the Face ID and Touch ID, follow the steps below to wipe your passcode and save your disabled or broken iOS devices.

Firstly, you should install the latest iTunes on your computer and make sure your iOS device is updated to the latest version. And you should note that wiping the screen passcode with erase all your data.

Step 1 Run 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker

Launch 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker and click the Wipe Passcode button on the main interface. Then, connect your device to the computer, and you will see the notification. Please check it carefully, and then click the Start button.

Wipe Screen Passcode

Step 2 Download Firmware Package

After quick scan, the information of your iOS device is detected automatically, and you should check it. Confirm the information and click the Start button to download the firmware package.

Wipe Firmware Package

Step 3 Confirm to Unlock Screen

The downloading profess will finish in a few minutes. At last, just enter 0000 to confirm your operation and click the Unlock button to start wiping screen passcode.

Remove Screen Time Passcode

Remove Apple ID and Password

When you lost your Apple account or forget the password, use the second mode “Remove Apple ID” to unlock your iCloud or iTunes easily. Here are some notes you should know:

1. Removing Apple ID will erase all data on your iOS device.

2. Please connect your iOS device to the computer all the time during the process.

3. Don’t delete the data and settings on your iOS devices, otherwise your Apple ID will be turned to the original one permanently.

Step 1 Launch 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker

Open the software on your Windows/Mac, and click the Remove Apple ID button from the main interface to continue. If your device is not recognized by it, you should tap the Trust button on your iOS device.

Remove Apple ID

Step 2 Remove Apple ID

Click the Start button on 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker. The following process depends on whether the Find My iPhone/iPad function is on or not.

If Find My iPhone function is disabled on your iOS device, you just need to wait for a few minutes to unlock Apple ID without any other operation.

Start Removing Apple ID

However, if Find My function is on, please follow the steps below to continue the process.

For iOS 11.3 or earlier:

If you are using old iOS versions, you can directly remove Apple ID on your iPhone/iPad by resetting all the data. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device and tap the Reset button under the General tab. Then, simply tap the Reset All Settings button to remove Apple ID automatically.

Erase All Content Settings

For iOS 11.4 or later:

Firstly, you need to turn on Two-factor Authentication on your device. Go to the Settings app and tap on your account. Then tap the Password & Security button and turn on the Two-factor authentication option.

Two Factor Authentication

Then, go back to your computer and enter 0000 into the box. Click the Confirm button to continue and check your device information. After that, click the Start button to download the firmware package.

Download Firmware Package

When the new firmware is downloaded, you should enter 0000 again to confirm and click the Unlock button to start removing. After that, please follow the detailed instruction to activate your iOS device.

Unlock Screen Time Passcode

The Screen Time mode can help you unlock the screen time password and remove the restriction. After that, you can turn off the screen time restriction or change the settings according to your need. Before unlocking, you should note:

1. Have installed the latest iTunes on your computer.

2. Only when Find My function is off, this mode is workable on your device.

3. After unlocking the screen time, you should reset your iOS device without losing data.

Step 1 Open 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker

Launch this powerful tool on your computer and click the Screen Time button on the main interface. Connect your device to the computer and tap the Trust button on your iOS device.

iPhone Unlocker Time

Step 2 Remove Screen Time Passcode

For iOS 12 or later:

Click the Start button and it will remove your screen time passcode directly. Please wait for a few minutes to remove the passcode.

For iOS 11 or earlier:

For old iOS versions, you can only retrieve the restriction passcode instead of removing it directly. Please make sure your iTunes backup is not encrypted. After clicking the Start button, you will see the passcode in the program. And then, you can use it to change the passcode or turn off the function.

Remove Screen Time Passcode

4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker – Bypass screen passcode, remove Apple ID, and unlock screen time restriction on all iOS devices.