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License & Activation

Q: Where is my license key or registration code?

Normally, your license key to register and activate the iPhone Transfer is sent to the email you used to purchase the program on the 4Easysoft official website. Hence, make sure you are looking at the right email box. Or you may also try searching for the email with the registration code on the Spam box.

Q: Which iPhone is supported by the iPhone Transfer?

This program supports a wide range of iOS devices. For iPhone, the program supports all models of the latest iPhone 13 and the earlier ones like iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS, and so on. For more detailed models supported, you may go and check the Tech Spec.

Q: What benefits can I get from registration?

You can enjoy more functionality in a registered version than in a free trial. Some functions are only accessible after registration such as editing music information, transferring data in one click, backup and restoring contacts, creating a ringtone, and converting HEIC images. Besides, for those functions offered in a free trial, there are limitations, and you can only transfer a fixed number of files across devices.

Q: Will I need to pay an extra fee to get an updated version?

Normally, there is no need for you to pay an extra fee to get an update. However, if you purchase the license key for one month, then once the key expired, you can no longer enjoy the free updates anymore. For a one-device license or multi-device license, you can both enjoy a lifetime free update after purchase.

Q: How long does it take for transferring data from one iPhone to another?

Normally, the transfer can be quick for contacts, messages, and other data of small size. But for other big media files like videos and music with high quality, these files can take a long time to transfer. But the exact time cost varies a lot for different devices and actual files size.

Q: How to automatically transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one?

The iPhone Transfer application enables users to transfer all kinds of data from iOS to iOS seamlessly in just one click. To access this function, first, you need to connect both iPhones to the PC with USB cables. Then from the Toolbox, you can click the Phone to Phone button and all the major data will show up, and you can click the Start button. The program will automatically transfer for you afterward.

Q: Can I transfer my iPhone files to an Android device with iPhone Transfer?

Sure, you can. Although the program’s name is iPhone Transfer, it also supports Android devices as the targeted devices for receiving files from iOS devices. Only if you have a USB cable that can connect your iPhone and Android to the computer. Then by clicking the Export to Device button in the program, you will be able to transfer your iPhone files.

Q: How to solve the crash issue when transferring data?

The crash issue while transferring data may cause the failure of your transfer. Then, you need to make sure you are using the latest version of 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer and try to re-launch the program on your device. Or you can re-install the program after uninstallation. If none of these methods help, you can contact support@4easysoft.com.

Q: How to disable the trust on a temporary computer after transferring?

Since this program requires your iPhone to trust the connected computer to transfer, you may encounter a situation when you are only using a computer temporarily or using a public computer. Do not worry, you can still withdraw the trust. Simply go to Settings and General and find Transfer or Reset iPhone. Next, tap Reset Location & Privacy to disable your iPhone trust in this computer.

Q: Why can’t I transfer music from my iPhone to my PC?

Normally, you can easily transfer music with the iPhone Transfer. However, you may have music from Apple Music or caches that are not normal audio formats like MP3, or MP4. For some music, you may see them shown on the window, but they are copy-protected. Hence, you cannot transfer such music to your computer.

Q: What else can I do with my contacts from my iPhone?

With the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer, you can do more than just transfer contact information from your iPhone to the computer. For example, you can also edit the details of a contact number, delete duplicates from your iPhone, create a new contact, or import from other files.

Q: How can I transfer iPhone voice memos to my Mac?

If you are a beginner at iPhone Transfer, you may look for the voice memos button in the wrong place. After connecting your iPhone to the computer, you need to click the Music button on the left side of the window. Next, all your audio files will show up. You can see the Voice Memos category under the All-Music dropdown button. Click the Voice Memos button. Then, select the one you want to transfer and click the Export to Mac button to choose a save path on your Mac. Once setting it all, you will be done.

Q: Why is the device connected but cannot be detected?

For iOS devices, if you connect to the computer but no response, you can try reconnecting it to the computer and remember to tap Trust on your iPhone/iPad, so that the program can take further actions. You can also check if the USB cable is right or broken. For Android devices, make sure the USB cable is right and the connecting mode on your Android phone is Transfer, not Charge. Then, you may reconnect it with your computer. Still cannot fix the issue, then try to contact support@4easysoft.com for help.

Q: Why is the connection not working for my iPhone?

This may cause due to the iTunes issue. For Windows users, if you are connecting your iPhone to the computer, make sure it is equipped with the latest iTunes version, if not you can go to the Apple official website to get one. While for Mac users, you may launch iTunes on your Mac and check for an update to download the new version.

Q: What to do if the iPhone Transfer detects my device incorrectly?

This situation might happen to Android devices. Normally, this will not affect any operation, and you can continue transferring your data on your iPhone. But if anything wrong happens, you can always restart the program or re-install it.

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