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Top 10 3D Movie Maker Programs to Make Stunning Effects In 2024!

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Edit Video/Audio Sep 18, 2023

Over the past years, creating 3D movies has been a trend for showcasing a product or other video projects. With several programs out there, selecting the perfect 3D movie maker for you might take a lot of work. Some offer limited functionalities, and some take so much time in the editing process. To help you out, this post will give you the top 10 best 3D Movie Makers, sharing the descriptions and features you can expect. Without further ado, keep reading and have fun choosing the right 3D movie maker!

Top 10 Best 3D Movie Makers with Stunning Effects on Windows/Mac

For creating 3D animation, you simply need a 3D Movie Maker to help you out. Below are the 10 Windows and Mac programs, each dramatically assisting you in editing 3D.

1. 4Eaysoft Total Video Converter

You can start off with 4Easysoft Total Video Converter, a program that can be your converter and editor at the same time. It comes with a 3D Maker tool, where you can find many functionalities like the Anaglyph, the color effect you can add to your 3D video. To add that is the Split Screen, where users can split the video side by side or top and bottom. Moreover, you can expect that this 3D Movie Maker has many formats to export your video, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and more; simply take advantage of its AI to apply effects.

Toolbox Media 3D Maker TVC
Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

Provide over 10 3D anaglyphs, 4 split screens, and several file formats.

Equipped with a Preview function to check the 3D video before generating it.

Customizable output settings, like Resolution, Quality, Aspect Ratio, etc.

A built-in video editor where you can make additional edits to your 3D video.

Free Download

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Free Download

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2. Aurora 3D Animation Maker

The following 3D Movie Maker is the Aurora 3D Animation Maker, which offers plenty of features perfect for non-techy and techy video makers. It comes with lots of scenery and special effects for creating 3D worlds and dimensions. In addition, this tool offers 3D graphic modes, letting users quickly change the animation in 2D or 3D settings. Plus, it has a Key-Frame Animation where you can control all details in the animation, like speed, length, etc.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker 3D Movie Maker

3. Adobe Character Animator

This program is mainly for creating 3D animation as professional as the Nickelodeon movie makers. The 3D Movie Maker provides a live motion capture with a recording system, allowing users to add voice lines with a microphone to animate the character. Aside from that, Adobe Character Animator allows users to use a webcam to capture their expression while simultaneously matching the 3D character. It is compatible working with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Adobe Character Animator 3D Movie Maker

4. Wax

Wax is an open-source 3D Movie Maker program that lets you effectively create videos for your business through 3D videos. It has special effects built into the program, like shadow, lighting, and other transitions you can apply. In addition, it presents many functionalities like crop, zoom, and pan image. Another thing about it is its Chroma Keyer effects, where users can put effects in two images or videos based on the same Chroma range.

Wax 3D Movie Maker

5. Blender

Another free 3D Movie Maker where you can take advantage of the power of its machines is the Blender. It has many features to offer, like the Simulation that can simulate rain dust, fluids, and various effects. Moreover, it comes with a Grease Pencil tool, letting users draw 2D or 3D objects. One of its main features is Sculpting, where you can create your image and then use the Rigging tool to control and move it.

Blender 3D Movie Maker

6. Xara or Magix 3D Maker

A perfect Windows 3D Movie Maker is the Magix, where the process is easy to learn with the help of tutorials coming along the way once you open the program. Changing the color, adding shadows, and more can get done quickly with its friendly user interface. Additionally, it is designed to create excellent quality 3D text and other like logos, titles, headings, and more, which adds impact to web pages, movies, and other video projects.

Magix 3D Maker 3D Movie Maker

7. MotionBuilder

Are you looking for something that will fit into your old computer because software nowadays can’t be installed? Get a program like MotionBuilder, which is excellent for low-end PCs. This 3D movie maker supports facial and skeletal animation, allowing you to create characters and animals effectively. Plus, it has a real-time 3D engine where the actions and movements of a person can be captured. Furthermore, this software is very compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.

MotionBuilder 3D Movie Maker

8. Jahshaka

The next on the list of 3D Movie Maker is Jahshaka which is a software that offers uses quality 3D films and animations with the help of its straightforward user interface. Additionally, it offers a real-time preview window and easy playback controls. Aside from that, the editing part of the tool lets you apply special effects and make some color corrections. And unlike other programs, the tool doesn't give you instant sharing, but you can download it to save on your PC.

Jahshaka 3D Movie Maker

9. Maxon

Maxon is a Microsoft 3D Movie Maker that offers a straightforward process with its user-friendly main interface. The tool can be easily navigated but offers powerful features, perfect for editing 3D videos. Furthermore, it supports Global Illumination, which provides a more realistic representation of light scene animation. With Maxon, you can create Polygonal Modeline, Volume Modeline, Sculpting, and more.

Maxon 3D Movie Maker

10. 3D PackShot

Now, you’re down to the final 3D Movie Maker, the 3D PackShot. This program enables users to edit with 3D transitions. It also includes a preview screen to see the final result before saving it. It also presents a collection of special effects you can add to your products for your business, letting users see everything you want to sell virtually. You can also zoom in and out of your 3D videos, and with one click, you can export them right away.

3D PackShot 3D Movie Maker

FAQs about the Best 3D Movie Maker for Computers


That’s the end of the discussion about 3D movie makers for Windows and Mac. As you can see, several programs can be your best choice in creating a 3D animation, and each discussed can surely meet your needs and wants. However, the recommended one is the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter, which doesn't need much time to memorize all functionalities since it provides an easy creation process for 3D videos. With a few clicks on your mouse, you can apply 3D filters and effects with AI support, allowing you to have excellent quality when exported. Download it now and enjoy doing all your projects with the program.

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Free Download

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