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7 Ways on How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot of Webpages [Windows&Mac]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Screenshot Mar 31, 2023

You might also find it too inconvenient and hassle to capture every part of lengthy web pages one by one. So why don’t you take scrolling screenshots, from which you can grab long content as one and in just a few clicks? That is achievable on browsers and mobiles now. If you want to learn about it, explore this article, for it has 7 ways how to take a scrolling screenshot using desktop browsers’ default way and on mobile devices. Take your first step now!

Part 1: Default Way to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Are you still using the method of screen capturing multiple parts of lengthy websites on your Windows or Mac? Let us make everything easy for you. To help you capture those extensive web pages, this post highlights Windows and Mac scrolling screenshot default features of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Explore them below!

1. Take A Scrolling Screenshot on Chrome

Step 1Launch the Chrome browser on your Windows and select the Menu button with the three-doted icon at the upper right corner of the browser’s interface. After that, click the More Tools option and select Developer Tools.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Chrome More Tools

Step 2Next, click the three-doted icon and tick the Run command. You can also press the Ctrl + Shift + P on your keyboard for easy access.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Chrome Run Command

Step 3After that, type in the Screenshot on the search bar, then you’ll see 4 options related to the screenshot. Click the Capture full size screenshot option, and Chrome will automatically capture the scrolling screen.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Chrome Full Size Screensot

2. How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Safari - mainly for Mac users

Step 1Launch the Safari browser on your Mac, access the website you want to capture, and select Preferences under the Safari menu bar.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Safari Preferences

Step 2Next, click the Advanced tab from the options above and put a checkmark next to the Show Develop menu in menu bar.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Safari Advanced Tab

Step 3Afterward, return to the website and select the Develop tab from the menu bar. Then, from the options listed, select Show Web Inspector.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Safari Show Web Inspector

Step 4Then, right-click the first line that starts with “<html lang” from the group of HTML codes and select the Capture Screenshot option.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Safari Copy HTML

Step 5On the pop-up window, rename the screenshot file under the Save As input field, select your preferred storage path location on the Where dropdown menu, and tick the Save button.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Safari Save Screenshot

3. Capture full screen on Firefox

Step 1Access the site that you want to take a scrolling screenshot on Firefox. After that, click the Hamburger menu at the upper right corner of the browser, select More tools, and tick the Customize toolbar.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Firefox Access Customize Toolbar

Step 2Then, drag the Screenshot option to the Address bar and return to the web page you wish to capture.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Firefox Drag Screenshot

Step 3After that, click the Screenshot button with the Scissor icon and select the Save full page from the options to take scrolling screenshots on the web page.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Firefox Save Full Page

4. Take Scrolling Screenshots on Microsoft Edge - for Windows

Step 1Open the web page on Microsoft Edge and click the three-dotted button at the upper right corner of the browser. Then, select Web Capture and tick the Capture full page button.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Microsoft Capture Full Page

Step 2On the new window, you can edit your screenshot or click the Save icon. Afterward, the browser will automatically download and store the file on your local storage.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Microsoft Save Screenshot

Part 2: Steps on Taking Scrolling Screenshot on Android/iPhone

Now that you have discovered the best way to take a scrolling screenshot on Windows and Mac, the following method will showcase the built-in screenshot features of Android and iPhone devices. These devices can also capture lengthy web pages, messages, documents, or long images on your mobile device. Don’t know how to access and use them? Explore their corresponding simple steps below!

If you want to do a scrolling screenshot iPhone-based process, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1Suppose you use an iPhone with Face ID, press, and release the Side and Volume Up buttons simultaneously. Otherwise, if you are using iPhone with a Home button, press and release the Home and the Side buttons simultaneously.

Step 2Next, tap the screenshot preview in the bottom left corner. Then, select Full Page and modify your screenshot using the Editing feature.

Step 3Once satisfied with your editings, tap the Share icon to save your screenshot.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Full Page on iPhone

On the other hand, here are the simple steps to scrolling screenshot Android-based process:

Step 1Go to the image or website where you want to take a long screenshot. After that, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until the Screenshot Preview and Options appear on the bottom left part of the screen.

Step 2Then, tap the Capture more option and use the resizing borders to capture specific parts of the content or subject you wish to capture. Tap the Pen icon to apply text and doodles to your screenshot.

Step 3After that, tap the Save button on the upper left corner of the interface. The image will then save in your Gallery.

Take Scrolling Screenshot Capture More on Android

However, every built-in screenshot feature on iPhone and Android devices might differ from specific versions or brands. But the steps on how to use them are the same. The steps above show you how to do and use the scrolling screenshot feature on Android 12 or later and on iPhone that runs iOS 14 or later.

Bonus Tip: How to Take Screenshots when Recording

If there are instances in which you need to take screenshots while doing screen recording, we recommend the 4Easysoft Screen Recorder. This tool is infused with built-in video recording, easy-to-use and understand hotkeys, and a toolbox. Additionally, it can record any on-screen activities with high quality while taking screenshots at the same time. To explore more about its other capabilities, see them all below!

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Free Download

100% Secure

Part 3: FAQs about How to Take Scrolling Screenshots Continuously


With those methods to guide you in scrolling screenshots on various desktop browsers and mobile devices, you can now easily capture lengthy web pages. Now, it’s time for you to take screenshots of those things you want to. We also recommend you use the 4Easysoft Screen Recorder tool. Experience its easy-to-understand video recording and screenshot capabilities and features. You can also choose your preferred high-quality output format to export your file and customize hotkeys according to your preferences. Feel free to visit the tool’s official website to download and install it on your Windows or Mac computer. Try it now!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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