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If don’t Know How to Screen Record on Chromebook: Here are 3 Effective Ways

Aira Lesly Escoto Posted by Aira Lesly Escoto Sep 26, 2022

Maybe you do not know how to screen record on a Chromebook when you get this kind of new laptop. Actually, it is very easy to operate. Luckily, this post will tell you three methods of how to screen record on a Chromebook. You can find the convenient default way, and the professional third-party screen record software to help you get the best recording video on Chrome, no matter whether you want to record meetings, games, video calls, or anything else.

Part 1: How to Screen Record on Chromebook with Software

Actually, the best way to screen record on Chromebook is to use third-party software like 4Easysoft Screen Recorder. This software could help you to capture your screen with a better effect. There is no time limitation or lag out even compared with the default tool. And you could record anything you want with this software, such as games, video calls, and even the view of the webcam. There are also three main methods provided to you, which are Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, and Game Recorder. You can decide which method you want to choose when you record the screen on Chromebook.

Screen Recorder Box
4Easysoft Screen Recorder

Provide high quality up to 60fps and 4K resolution and even lossless quality to export recordings.

Add text, arrows, lines, shapes, and callouts during recording which cannot be done when using the default tool to record Chromebook.

Set a task to start/stop the recording automatically when you are absent.

Record audio on the computer and your voice from the microphone.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

Here are the steps on how to screen record on Chromebook by 4Easysoft Screen Recorder:

Step 1Launch the screen recorder and click the Video Recorder button to capture the screen on Chromebook.

Video Recorder

Step 2If you are choosing the Screen Record which could be anything on your Chromebook actually, you can choose the recording area of your Chromebook. You can choose the Full option to capture the whole screen of your Chromebook or the Custom option to record a part of your screen.

Select Recording Area

Step 3If you want to record a video with audio, you can click the System Sound button to record internal audio. You can also open the Microphone capture to record your sound simultaneously. Don’t forget to change the volume by pulling the slider.

Record Video with Audio

Step 4After all settings are done, click the REC button on the right side to start recording screen on Chromebook. Then a toolbox will pop up, and you can use it to add shapes, lines, and callouts and take screenshots during the recording time.

Real Time Drawing When Recording

Part 2: How to Screen Record on Chromebook with Default Tools

There are also two ways how to screen record on Chromebook with default tools. It will be convenient to use the default tool, but the disadvantages are pretty much. For example, you may have lag out when recording the games, or there is no external audio during the recording times.

1. Using a Screen Capture Option

The first way is using the screen capture option on Chromebook. Although this is a default tool, you still need to download an extension to record your screen, otherwise, you can only screenshot your Chromebook.

Now let us take a look at how to screen record on a Chromebook with this default tool:

Step 1First of all, you need to install the extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. You can download Screencastify or other extensions.

Step 2Once installed and enabled, you can click the Screencastify in your Screen Capture toolbar to start recording. Nonetheless, you’ll need to set up an account before you start recording for more than a minute at a time.

Start Recording on Toolbar

Step 3To screen record on Chromebook with the extension, you first need to use the built-in screen capture option by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window keys. This will open up a small menu in the bottom right corner of your screen, where you can choose whether you want to record the entire screen or just a portion of it.

Press Keys to Change Recording Area

2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts

There is also another default way to record your Chromebook, which is to use the keyboard. Before you get into details of how to screen record on your Chromebook with keyboard shortcuts, it is important to note that they come in two types: global and browser specific.

Global shortcuts: it will work no matter what app or window you have open. Now that’s out of the way, here are some global keyboard shortcuts to help you know how to screen record on Chromebook:

Ctrl + Alt + R – starts/stops a recording

Ctrl + Shift + P – pauses/resumes a recording

F11 – full-screen mode

Esc – stops a recording or exits full-screen mode

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R – displays the recording options dialog box

Browser-specific shortcuts: it only works in Chrome windows and when a browser extension has been installed. You also have some browser-specific shortcuts that you can use to record your Chromebook screen:

Ctrl + Shift + H: starts and stops video recording,

Ctrl + Shift + U: it takes a screenshot of what’s currently on your screen.

Part 3: FAQs about How to Screen Record on Chromebook


There are three ways introduced to you to tell you how to screen record on Chromebook. And you will find out that if you want to find the answer to how to screen record on Chromebook without extension is impossible to use the default tool. So, if you want to record your screen with a good experience, you should use 4Easysoft Screen Recorder. You can download it on the official website now!

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

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