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Answer Your Questions about iPhone 15 USB-C vs Lightning Port

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Transfer Nov 02, 2023

Apple has discarded the Lightning port, and the new iPhone 15 supports USB-C, which is a revolutionary change because when it comes to the differences between iOS and Android, one of the most significant differences is the charging cables and the ports. What are the differences, pros, and cons of these two ports? Why does Apple change Lightning to USB-C? How can you cope with your old Lightning cables? This article will give you all the answers.

Why Apple Change Lightning Port to USB-C

If you usually care about news of electronic products, you may already know why Apple changed the Lightning port to USB-C.

Regulatory Requirement

One important reason is the European Union's regulatory requirements. In October 2022, the European Union passed a mandatory regulation that all electronic devices, such as mobile phones, pads, cameras, and so on, must adopt a unified charging port - USB-C. Every manufacturer who wants to sell products in Europe should make this change no later than 2024. The policy reduces waste and allows consumers to continue using their old chargers and cables. This is the conclusive reason why Apple changed Lightning to USB-C on the iPhone 15.

Improve the User Experience

You may view lightning cable as cool and unique, but it offers lower charging and transmission speed compared with USB-C. Today's USB-C port and cable are much more advanced than Lightning. Many mobile phones with USB-C ports can charge the battery quickly, while an iPhone requires your patience. For the sake of its consumers, the difference Apple makes is that changing Lightning to USB-C is actually overdue. By the way, iPads and Macs also support USB-C ports, which is because the 2 devices require faster charging speeds for their high-capacity batteries. Apple didn't enable the iPhone with a USB-C port until the European Union issued its mandatory policy.

iPhone and USB C

Comparison Between Lightning Port and USB-C

Although the iPhone 15 adopted USB-C ports and cables, it doesn't mean that lightning ports and cables are useless at all. You can check the comparison between the lightning port and the USB-C port.

Charging and Transmission Speed

Compared to the current USB-C, The Lightning has very limited speed. The USB-C port is several times faster than its former version - the USB 2.0. However, the Lightning port can only provide the same speed as the USB 2.0 standard. The charging speed of the Lightning port is also not comparable with the USB-C. Therefore, the iPhone 15 supporting USB-C is really a necessary decision. After all, the USB-C has already popularized itself, and the low-speed Lightning is meant to be eliminated one day.



The USB-C port and cables also beat the Lightning port in compatibility. The Lightning port is only used on iPhones. Even iPads and MacBooks are adopting the USB-C port. The USB-C cables can be used in many devices like mobile phones, laptops, and even shavers. Therefore, a single USB-C cable is enough for today's most electronic products and their users. iPhone 15 adopting the USB-C port means that the iPhone also embraces this compatibility.

Stability and Durability

Although the USB-C seems omnipotent, it doesn't mean that the iPhone 15 with the USB-C port and cable has nothing to worry about. The Lightning port has played for the iPhone for about 11 years. The quality and durability of the official Lightning cables are very high-quality and durable. You don't need to worry about the speed loss of the Lightning cables even if you have used them for several years unless you have them broken.

What about the iPhone 15 with the USB-C? Reportedly, the USB-C cable of the iPhone 15 is not compatible with other mobile phones with the USB-C port. The first attempt of the USB-C port still requires more trials and improvements. On this behalf, the Lightning port offers more stability and durability.

What You Can Do with Your Lightning Cables

Now that your Lightning cable is still useful, you can use a USB-C-to-Lightning adapter to continue using your Lightning cable. You can buy it in physical stores or on the Internet. You need to insert your cable into the adapter and then insert the adapter into your iPhone 15. You can enjoy the stability of the Lightning cable.

USB to Lightning Adapter

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FAQs about iPhone 15 USB-C vs Lightning Port


Now you have learned the result of the Lightning port vs the USB-C. Even if you are a Lightning fan, Apple has made this inevitable change, which means you may no longer see the Lightning port in future iPhone models. However, you can still use an adapter to continue using your beloved Lightning cable. If you have trouble transferring your important data to any device, 4Easysfot iPhone Transfer can help you solve it quickly and safely. We hope that you can use your iPhone 15 happily.

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