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Top 8 iCloud Bypass Tools to Unlock Your iPhone [Windows/Mac]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Unlocker May 22, 2023

It is frustrating that instead of enjoying a newly bought used iPhone, the iCloud Activation Lock will hinder you from using it! If you do not have an iCloud bypass tool, you may be unable to use it. This issue usually happens to those who purchase secondhand iPhones, and if you are one of them, being on this page is one of the best things that happened to you! This post features 8 excellent tools to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. Through them, you can ultimately unlock your iPhone! Discover them now!

Part 1: Top 8 iCloud Bypass Tools to Unlock Activation on iPhone

1. 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker (Windows/Mac)

The first tool from this batch of the top 8 iCloud bypass tools is the 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker. This tool is made to support all models and versions of the iPhone. Moreover, this tool is infused with three different features that can eliminate any security on your iPhone, including iCloud Activation Lock, without using any Apple ID or password. Furthermore, this tool could provide your iPhone with a safe and fast iCloud Activation Lock process. 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker is one of those powerful tools to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone.

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4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker

Support all iPhone, iPad, and iPod models and iOS versions.

Have three features to unlock iPhones in different scenarios.

Equipped with bypass iCloud Activation Lock without data loss.

Deal with different reasons that cause your iPhone to lock.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

2. CheckM8.info iCloud Activation Lock Bypass (Windows/Mac)

Another simple-to-use tool that you can utilize to bypass your iPhone’s iCloud Activation Lock is CheckM8.info’s iCloud Activation Lock Bypass. This tool is also reliable for bypassing the Activation Lock on iPhone. It is free from malware and viruses, which can provide you with a safe iCloud bypassing process. Additionally, through its One-click feature, you can unlock your iPhone quickly in just a little time. However, this tool only supports iPhone devices that run iOS 12 to iOS 17, and the service offered by this tool is not free. But still, CheckM8 is one of the reliable tools to achieve your needs!

iCloud Bypass Tool Checkm8

3. iRemove Tools: iCloud Unlock Software (Windows/Mac)

Next on the line of the top 10 tools that can bypass iCloud Activation Lock is the iRemove Tools: iCloud Unlock. This straightforward tool can eliminate iCloud Activation on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Mac computers. Like the CheckM8 tool, iRemove supports the One-click iCloud Activation bypass process. With this capability, you can unlock your iPhone within a few minutes without a password. Additionally, this tool promotes a hassle-free and convenient iCloud Activation bypass process, thanks to its user-friendly interface that makes these things possible. However, like CheckM8, this tool only supports iPhones running iOS 12 to iOS 17. Additionally, its service is not free; you must jailbreak your device.

iCloud Bypass Tool iRemove

4. WooTechy iSalvor (Windows/Mac)

You also need to try WooTechy iSalvor’s iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Tool. This tool can accommodate various Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad Air, Mini, and Pro. Besides that, it supports a hassle-free way of bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock that causes you to get stuck on your screen. Moreover, it is also equipped with the ability to quickly turn Off Find My without the need for a password. However, this tool’s plans are expensive, and every plan has a specific number of devices to accommodate. But despite that, this tool would also be one of your best pick tools to remove the Activation Lock on your device.

iCloud Bypass Tool Wootechy iSalvor

5. Tenorhare 4MeKey (Windows/Mac)

Aside from those tools, you can use the Tenorhare 4MeKey capability to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. This tool also supports getting you to unlock disabled iPhones from the iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone. Additionally, without a password, it will automatically remove the Activation Lock without considering what iPhone versions and models you are using. To make iCloud Activation Lock removal possible, this tool will jailbreak your device and make it completely free from the lock. However, you cannot use your iPhone’s phone call, log, and cellular functions once it is done removing the lock.

iCloud Bypass Tool Tenorshare 4Mekey

6. iCloudUnlock (Mac)

It would be best if you didn’t want to miss the chance to try iCloudUnlock to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. Like the iRemove, iCloudUnlock has a straightforward interface, easy-to-use features, and a convenient iCloud by-passing process without a password. It is also made to accommodate almost all iPhone models and versions. And unlike iRemove and CheckM8, this tool is entirely free!

iCloud Bypass Tool iCloudUnlock

7. IMEI Doctor (Windows/Mac)

Another tool that is infused with the iCloud Activation Lock Bypass feature is the IMEI Doctor. Unlike the first featured tools in this post, IMEI Doctor can help you get into locked iPhone by removing the iCloud account using an IMEI number. Additionally, this tool doesn’t requires you to jailbreak your device before it can bypass the Activation Lock. Yes, it does have a unique way to bypass the Activation Lock; however, there’s no guarantee that it will unlock your iPhone. It will be a waste of money if it is not successfully unlocking your device.

iCloud Bypass Tool iMei Doctor

8. IMEIUnlockSIM (Windows/Mac)

Lastly, the number 8 tool that can bypass iCloud Activation Lock for this lineup is the IMEIUnlockSIM. The same goes with the IMEI Doctor; this tool also doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device; all you need to do is to provide the IMEI number to the tool and let it do the rest of the work. It is also made to support various types of iPhone models and versions.

iCloud Bypass Tool Imei Unlock Sim

Part 2: FAQs about the Best iCloud Bypass Tool on Windows/Mac


There you go! Those are the 8 of the best tools you can utilize to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. You can now enjoy using your used iPhone. Among the 8 tools, the 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker tool would be the excellent pick! With its advanced screen unlocking features, you can eliminate the iCloud Activation Lock within a few clicks and a few minutes! Feel free to visit the tool’s official website to learn more about it and take your first step in using it!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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