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A Comprehensive Guide to Unlock Your iPhone with Siri

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Unlocker Oct 16, 2023

Siri is a digital assistant in the iOS system. You can use your voice to give it your commands, like answering your questions, playing music, weather reporting, and more. But do you know how to unlock your iPhone with Siri? On iOS 14.6 or newer, the "Accessibility" function allows you to add your gestures to the "Voice Control" feature, which means that your iPhone can save the gestures of tapping where your password is located on the screen. In this way, you can easily unlock your iPhone with Siri and your voice. It is the growth of artificial intelligence that makes those digital assistants increasingly powerful. So, you can also follow the trend to learn how to unlock your iPhone using Siri without a passcode.

Why You Need Siri to Unlock Your iPhone Without Password

In your daily life, you inevitably need to reach your iPhone while your hands are busy. For example, your hands are covered with dip and butter, but you need to see the following steps, and then you can ask Siri to help you unlock your iPhone. If you want to make a phone call when you work out, you can unlock your iPhone to call totally with Siri and your voice.

You can even unlock your iPhone with Siri to show off at a party or a gathering. After all, it requires intricate steps and an understanding of iOS. Although you may think that a Face ID or a Touch ID can unlock your iPhone quickly enough, it serves no bad for you to learn something new about artificial intelligence. The more you understand about trending techniques, the more flexible you are when dealing with digital products.

How to Unlock iPhone Using Siri Without Password [No Older than iOS 14.6]

To unlock your iPhone with Siri, you need three preconditions - iOS version not older than iOS 14.6, the "Voice Control" feature on, allowing Siri when locked. Actually, the "Voice Control" feature is the key to unlocking your iPhone without a password, but you still need Siri to wake your iPhone and go to the password screen to pave the way for the "Voice Control" function. That's why it is called unlocking an iPhone with Siri without a password or touch. You can follow the guide below to learn this marvelous skill.

Step 1Tap the "Settings" app and slide down to find the "Siri & Search" feature and tap it.

Step 2Make sure that you have toggled on the "Listen for 'Hey Siri'" and the "Allow Siri When Locked" functions so that you can wake your iPhone.

Set Siri

Step 3Go to the "Accessibility" function. Slide down to tap the "Voice Control" button. Toggle on the "Voice Control" feature, and then tap the "Customize Commands" option.

Voice Control

Step 4The following steps are very important. You should tap the "Create New Command" button. Then, set a name for this new command, like "Unlock iPhone," which is expressible and unique. Tap the "Action" button to set actions.

Create New Command

Step 5You should tap the "Run Custom Gesture" option. In the new window, you can tap your screen where your password is located. It will perform like what the pictures show. Finally, don't forget to tap the "Save" button in the top right corner.

Set Gestures

You have successfully set a command to unlock your iPhone with Siri. You can lock your iPhone. Summon your Siri with " Hey, Siri" and say "Go to Home" to go to the password screen. Then, you can say "Unlock iPhone" to make your iPhone tap the password itself. This is the whole process of unlocking your iPhone with Siri without any touch.

The Best Siri Alternative to Unlock iPhone Without Password

Although the Siri trick is amazing, it can not help on an old iPhone whose password is also forgotten. What if you want to reuse your old iPhone for nostalgia? You can use 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker. This PC software can erase password restrictions on your iPhone if you forget the password. If you are worried about some embarrassing privacy on your old iPhone, it can also erase them all without leakage. It can also remove Screen Time restrictions if you need long hours of iPhone operations.

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Now, you can follow the steps below to unlock your old iPhone.

Step 1Free download 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker and launch it. Click the "Wipe Passcode" button. Then, you should connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. Click the "Start" button.

Click Wipe Passcode

Step 24Easysoft iPhone Unlocker will recognize information about your iPhone. Click the "Start" button to confirm the information. Then, the program will download the firmware package for your iPhone.

Confirm Your Device Information

Step 3When the firmware package is downloaded, you can enter "0000" to confirm that you are ready to unlock your iPhone, and then click the "Unlock" button. Now, you only need to wait a while and make sure your iPhone is connected during the whole process.

Confirm to Unlock Screen Passcode

When the process is finished, your iPhone will be in a fresh state. You can also find that only your Apple ID can completely set this iPhone, which is meant to protect your property.

FAQs about How to Unlock iPhone with Siri


You've learned how to unlock your iPhone with Siri. It is really an incredible trick worth trying. It also makes you experience the fun and convenience brought by artificial intelligence. But, when you encounter the problem of a locked iPhone with an unknown password, you can use 4Easysoft iPhone Unlocker, the ultimate Siri alternative, to unlock your iPhone and remove all password restrictions. Then, you can summon your Siri to bring you some fun.

Free Download

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Free Download

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