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How to Add Keyframes to Video? 3 Workable Ways You Should Do

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Edit Video/Audio Oct 07, 2023

Have you struggled to make your video’s applied text or image animate according to your preferences? Well, you definitely haven’t tried adding Keyframes, which can provide a flow of changes over a certain amount of time to the text or image. Don’t know how to add KeyFrames? Don’t worry! In this post, you will discover 3 easy ways how to add Keyframes to your video to make your applied text, images, effects, etc., animate accordingly! Start diving below!

Detailed Steps on How to Add and Edit Keyframes in After Effects

The first option you can do to add Keyframes to your video is by using After Effects. After Effects is a well-known motion graphics and compositing editor that is usually used to create animations for videos, and this is made achievable by using Keyframes. Through this Keyframes option by the editor, you can control specific points in time where changes occur. Additionally, Keyframes in this editor allows you to choose whether to change the effect’s position, scale, or rotation. Now, how to add Keyframes in After Effects? Here are the steps you need to go after:

Step 1Launch "Adobe After Effects" on your computer. After that, if you want to animate an existing file, click the "File" tab, select the "Open Project" option, and tick the video you want to animate.

After Effect Import Existing File

Step 2Then, in the lower left corner, you’ll see your imported file’s "Layers." Any object present in your file will be given a layer. Select the layer’s "Dropdown" button that you want to add Keyframes. Then, click the "Transform" dropdown menu to access all the Keyframes.

After Effect Keyframes Options

Step 3Now, to animate a shape by giving it a movement (moving from left to right), select the "Stopwatch" icon of the "Position" option. Then, a "Small Blue Diamond" will appear on the editor’s timeline. This blue diamond indicates that a Keyframe has been successfully added.

After Effects Add Keyframe

Step 4Next, move the "Current Time Indicator (CTI) or Playhead" icon to the part where you want to end the effect. You also need to move the object after moving the Playhead. Then, a Keyframe will automatically be added, indicating the effect’s endpoint. You can also edit the value of this Keyframe if you want to. You can play it to see how it works.

After Effects Move Playhead

How to Add Keyframe to Videos with Premiere Pro

Otherwise, using Premier Pro, you can also animate your video’s elements using its built-in Keyframes option. Like After Effects, Premiere Pro enables users to animate a particular object to their video by adding Keyframes. It supports changing the video’s attributes, such as its Position, Rotation, Opacity, etc. So, how to add keyframes to Premiere Pro? Here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1Open Premiere Pro on your computer and import the video you want to add Keyframe animation. After that, click the "Effects Controls" tab, and you’ll see all the Keyframes on the left side of your screen.

Premiere Pro Access Keyframe

Step 2Then, to add a Keyframe, begin with the area you want to start a Keyframe. After that, tick the "Stopwatch" icon of your preferred Keyframe option. Like After Effects, you can add another Keyframe as an endpoint of your chosen effect.

Premiere Pro Add Keyframe

The Best Alternative to Add Preset Transitions to Videos

Now that you have the basic knowledge of what is Keyframes and how to access and use them in After Effects and Premiere Pro, it’s time for you to explore them more deeply to master them efficiently. As you have noticed, by using Keyframes, you’re not just adding an animation to your video, but it also creates nice transitions. However, using those Adobe products to create transitions or animations is quite complex if you only work with a simple video.

Thankfully, the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter has what it takes to provide you with many preset transitions that will surely bring jaw-dropping animations to your video! This tool is integrated with an MV Maker feature that supports a library of Themes. Each of these Themes is equipped with different transitions and graphical animations automatically applied to your video or photo slideshow. This tool is much more impressive because it is also rich with video customization options that you can use to redefine your video!

Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

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Equipped with AI-driven Video Enhancer that you can use to Upscale Resolution, Reduce Noise, Shakiness, etc.

Support Video Tweaking options that you can use to alter your video’s Resolution, Quality, Frame Rate, etc.

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Free Download

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Steps to Add Preset Transitions to Video Using 4Easysoft Total Video Converter as an Alternative Way for Adding Keyframes in After Effects and Premiere Pro:

Step 1Download and install the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter tool on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, launch the tool, select the "MV" tab, and tick the "Add" button to import the video that you want to add preset transitions.

Make MV Add Files TVC

Step 2Next, on the "Theme" section, select the preferred Theme you wish to apply to your video. Each of these themes has its own transitions and graphic animations. You can add the keyframes and tick the "Play" icon on the Preview to see what each theme looks like.

Make MV Select A Theme TVC

Step 3Then, to tweak your video’s parameters, you can click the "Edit" button with the "Starwand" icon to access the tool’s video editing features. On the new window, you can Rotate, Crop, and add Effects, Filters, etc., to your video. Once done with it, tick the "OK" button.

Make MV Edit Videos TVC

Step 4If you are satisfied with the overall looks of your video, click the "Export" tab, and here you can modify your output’s Format, Resolution, Quality, Frame Rate, etc., to acquire a high-quality result. If you finish it, tick the "Start Export" button to save your video.

Make MV Export the MV TVC

FAQs about How to Add Keyframes to Videos on Windows/Mac


There you have it! Those are the 3 easy ways how to add Keyframes to your video. By knowing how to add Keyframes, you can now animate any text, objects, images, etc., on your video to make it more entertaining and livelier. If you are only working with a simple video and want to easily and quickly bring unique transitions with graphical animations, let the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter help you! This tool offers tons of Themes that support jaw-dropping preset transitions that will surely bring redefining changes to your video! Feel free to visit this tool’s official website to discover its other powerful features!

Free Download

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Free Download

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