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3 Easy Ways on How to do a Transition on TikTok [Computer&Mobile]

Aira Lesly Escoto Posted by Aira Lesly Escoto to Edit Video/Audio Mar 27, 2023

TikTok transition effect became a popular spice added to every video content. This helps TikTokers reach many viewers in a single post because of its entertainment benefits. If you wish to add stunning transitions to your TikTok content but don’t know how to add one, you landed on the right page! This post features 3 workable ways how to do a transition on TikTok, desktop, and mobile devices. Explore them today!

Part 1: How to Do Transitions on TikTok with the Built-in Function

On TikTok, users can only post short videos on the platform, and you need to attract people through them if you want to reach many audiences. So, with the help TikTok transition effect, you’ll be able to make your videos much more attractive and entertaining. Fortunately, TikTok provides a built-in function where you can create transitions easily. To know how to do it, learn from the steps below:

Step 1Open the TikTok application on your phone and tap the Plus button. After that, record a video, or upload a recorded one on your Gallery.

Step 2Then, TikTok will prompt you to choose your preferred sound. You can also leave it without choosing a sound and tap the Next button.

Step 3Next, you can undergo video editing by applying stickers and filters, modifying the length using the trim, adding text, etc. Once you are satisfied, select the Transition tab from the options.

Step 4Apply your preferred Transition Effects on your video in any area using TikTok’s built-in slider. Move the slider to a specific part of your video, tap the transition effect, and tap the Play button to preview the result.

Step 5If satisfied with your TikTok transition effect, tap the Save button and select Done.

How To Do Transition on TikTok TikTok Transition Effect

Part 2: How to Do Stunning Transitions for TikTok on Windows/Mac

To make your TikTok content more stunning and fabulous, you need the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter tool’s excellent editing features to do transitions on TikTok videos. This Windows and Mac-compatible tool is infused with MV maker, offering great transition effects you can apply to your video. You can also add spice to your video by adding unique filters, for this tool offers many of them in its library. Moreover, this tool can add sound, enabling you to adjust its volume, loop it, apply fade in and out, and add delay effects. These are just a few of its editing features, and it only takes the first step to discover them. So without any further ado, explore them all and use them as your TikTok transition ideas.

Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

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Enable you to embed start or end titles, texts, subtitles, and watermarks.

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Free Download

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How to do a Transition on TikTok using 4Easysoft Total Video Converter:

Step 1Download and install the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter tool on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, launch the tool and select the MV tab from the tool’s interface. Click the Add button to import the video clips you want to add transitions on TikTok videos.

Make MV Add Files TVC

Step 2Next, click the Edit button to redefine the videos. Select the Rotate & Crop tab on the new window if you wish to reposition and resize your video clips. Additionally, you can modify your video by adjusting its effects or applying a filter under Effect & Filter. Once you are satisfied with your selection, tick the OK button.

Make MV Edit Videos TVC

Step 3After that, you can now choose your preferred theme under the Theme tab. Each of them comes with great transitions; you can add the suitable transitions for your TikTok video.

Make Select a Theme TVC

Step 4Then, you can also add start and end titles to your TikTok video under the Setting tab to attract viewers. You can also provide them an excellent watching experience if you apply a background track to your video under the Audio Track option. This tool lets you adjust your background track by modifying its volume, delay, applying loop, or fade-in and out.

Make MV Set The Title TVC

Step 5If you are satisfied with those setups, proceed to the Export tab. You can tweak your video’s resolution, quality, and framerate here. You can also change your video’s format to MP4 or MOV, the formats supported by TikTok. Once done, tick the Start Export button to save your video with the TikTok transition effect to your local storage.

Make MV Export the MV TVC

Part 3: Easy-to-use App to Do Transitions for TikTok on Android/iPhone

Now that you have the knowledge how to do a transition on TikTok’s built-in function and your desktop, here is also an easy-to-use app to add transitions on your Android/iPhone.

Videoshop - Video Editor is a powerful application that offers a bunch of TikTok transition idea or effects and video editing tools. You can use this application either on your Android or iPhone for free. Additionally, its features are well-composed and easy to understand, providing easy video editing. If you want to discover its great transition, here are the steps on how you find and use them:

Step 1Download the Videoshop - Video Editor on Google Play or Apple Store. Then, launch the app, tap the Record button if you want to capture a video, or tap the Import clip if you have a prerecorded video. After that, tap Done.

Step 2Next, tap the imported video on the canvas and select Transition from the options below. Choose from the list of transitions this tool offers that apply to your video.

Step 3After that, tap the Play button to see how the selected transition affects your TikTok video. Once satisfied with it, tap the Next button at the upper right corner of the application.

Step 4You can apply filters and themes to redefine your video further. Then, tap the Share button; choose whether you want it to share directly on your TikTok or saved to your album.

How To Do Transition on TikTok Videoshop Transition

Part 4: FAQs about How to Do Transitions on TikTok


Applying the TikTok transition effect to your video is definitely a great way to make your TikTok videos stunning and entertaining. Through TikTok’s built-in function, you can directly apply transition effects to your video and upload it immediately. If you find it offers few transition effects, you can use the Videoshop - Video Editor app as an alternative. But among them, the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter tool is still the best pick. It is made to support many TikTok transition effects with the ability to enhance your video in any aspect. Feel free to visit its official website to learn more!

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Free Download

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