Convert PDF to EPUB - 10 Converters on Desktop and Online [2023]

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Most of the reading resources on mobile and computer are in PDF format, which is ideal when it comes to online files. However, its layout is fixed, so people transformed PDF to EPUB. It is a widely used file format that lets you adjust the text to fit and apply interactive content, such as animation, videos, audio, etc. No doubt, people enjoy this file format with those benefits. To help you out, you need to find the best way to convert PDF to EPUB, and you can only do it with the perfect converter. Read on to see the 10 listed PDF converters on desktop and online!

The Best 5 Software to Convert PDF to EPUB on Windows/Mac

Fortunately, there are lots of PDF to EPUB converters on the market. They are best at doing their work in converting other file formats and types as well. To start, below is the best 5 software you can download to convert PDF to EPUB, which works on Windows and Mac.

EPUB Builder

Readily accessible for macOS users, EPUB Builder is among the widely used tool to convert PDF to EPUB. Aside from that, you can effectively use it to create an EPUB file or to convert the file to other formats, including Word, Doc, TXT, HTML, etc. Furthermore, this software for Mac is capable of customizing a cover for eBooks and other metadata correlated with books.

EPUB Builder PDF to EPUD
Convert PDF to EPUB without compromising the formatting of the original.
Support HTML, Word, TXT, and other files converting to EPUB.
Work on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Some users complain it could be better, unlike how it’s advertised.
Managing the metadata is complicated.

PDFelement Pro

One of the best tools to convert PDF to EPUB for Windows is named PDFelement Pro. It is best not just to convert those two file formats but to entire other files, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and others. Additionally, it has the ability to edit images and documents as well as add protection to it.

PDF Element Pro PDF to EPUD
Convert multiple file formats to EPUB; all can be done in a few clicks.
A simple user interface is what it offers, making the process simple.
Customize the text, images, and pages on documents.
Converting a Word file doesn't have high results.
Have a problem changing the text format.


Another quick software that keeps the original document formatting after converting it to EPUB is the PDFMate. Besides this, it manages documents, aside from PDF to EPUB, like Word effectively. In addition, it comes with powerful features, like converting specific pages, has a preview feature, extracts tables from PDFs, and more.

Maintain the formatting and layout of documents.
Support batch conversion, letting you convert multiple files at once.
Turn all PDF files into editable Word files with no sweat.
Not having an appealing user interface.
Advanced customizing PDFs is not supported.

AVS Document Converter

AVS Document Converter should be on your list for converting PDF to EPUB quickly! It has a very friendly user interface, making it perfect for beginners not to find it complicated even when they use it for the first time. Furthermore, it can add security to documents, such as passwords for protection and watermarks.

AVS Document Converter PDF to EPUB
Easy to understand interface, making all options quickly be found.
Support converting to other formats, like DOC, ODT, TXT, and more,
Apply restrictions for copying, editing, and printing your files.
Not capable of editing PDF documents.

Enolsoft PDF Converter

The last on the list of PDF to EPUB converters is the Enolsoft PDF Converter. It comes with many documents that can be converted to different formats, including DOC, EPUB, and JPG. It is also capable of minimizing the file size. In addition, it supports fast conversion speed as it can convert a 200-page document to EPUB.

Enolsoft PDF Converter PDF to EPUB
Work flawlessly with all Mac versions.
Beside EPUB, it supports converting PDF to many other formats, like DOC.
Support converting encrypted PDF file documents.
Cannot be used to edit any formatting of the PDF documents.
Don't have support for converting multiple files at once.

How to Convert PDF to EPUB Online for Free – 5 Tools for You

On the other hand, you can quickly convert PDF to EPUB without downloading any software. How? Search for online converters. The following list is among today's most commonly used PDF to EPUB online converters, such as the Zamzar, Conversion, and three others. Without any delay, see below a brief knowledge about them with a tutorial.

1. Zamzar

With more than 510 million files ever since it was introduced, Zamzar is one of the most dependable tools when it comes to converting PDF to EPUB and many other formats. Aside from documents, it supports converting images, videos, audio, etc. Additionally, it can be downloaded as your full application on your desktop with no problem. If you need anything friendly and ads-free online converter, search for this tool now.

Step 1On Zamzar's main page, choose the "Convert PDF to EPUB" option. From there, click "Choose Files" to browse the PDF on your computer.

Step 2As the format is automatically set as EPUB, you can click the "Convert Now" button after adding your file.

Zamzar PDF to EPUB

2. Online Converter

This online tool, Online Converter, is effective as your PDF to EPUB converter. Although it doesn't have a pretty interface compared to other online tools, it was easy to navigate. Because of its straightforward interface, you can quickly complete the process of conversion of different files, DOC, HTML, TXT, and more types.

Step 1After opening the page, you will see the "Choose File" button and locate your PDF file from the PC. Ensure to search the PDF directly to EPUB. Click "Convert".

Step 2From there, the format is chosen, and the process is finished. The converter will then open a new window to display the result.

Online Converter

3. Convertio

The next in line is the Convertio. It can be your best selection when it comes to converting PDF to EPUB. It supports cloud service platforms, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and besides that, it supports copy-pasting URLs and drag-and-drop functions. On top of that, it covers over 200 formats.

Step 1Once you're on the official page, click the "Choose Files" button to select your PDF from your PC, Google Drive, or use other functions.

Step 2Choose "EPUB" as your format, but it is often set normally when you’ve searched for it directly. "Download" it after the PDF to EPUB process is completed.

Convertio PDF to EPUB

4. CloudConvert

The popular CloudConvert supports PDF to EPUB conversion as well as many other formats, like DOC, TXT, and formats of other files, such as images, videos, audio, and more. You can quickly access it without thinking you have to download third-party software. Besides being an open source, it is connected to various software, providing the highest results.

Step 1Once you search for the "CloudConvert" on your web browser, click "Select File" to choose your PDF from your PC.

Step 2After that, the format is automatically set as "EPUB"; if not, click the "eBook" section, then choose "EPUB" from there.

CloudConvert PDF to EPUB

5. File Converter

Finally, the File Converter is as effective as other mentioned PDF to EPUB converters, whether a software or online tool. It enables users to customize the eBook settings, like the margins, fonts, and others, in contrast with others. Furthermore, just like anything discussed, it has support for PowerPoint, Docs, PNG, JPG, and others.

Step 1Simply upload your PDF file by clicking the "Choose Files" button. You can as well add multiple files to convert.

Step 2In the "Output" menu, make sure it is set as "EPUB"; if not, choose "EPUB" from the options. Lastly, click "Convert" to start converting PDF to EPUB and saving it.

File Converter PDF to EPUB

FAQs about How to Convert PDF to EPUB Easily


Those picked ones will meet your different requirements, regardless of what format you need; online tools will assist. Besides that, you can get help from the software mentioned on Windows and Mac, as they effectively convert PDF to EPUB and vice versa. Hopefully, you find the suitable one; enjoy your converted EPUB file!

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