[2024 Lineup] 12 Best & Free PDF Converter Tools for Desktop/Online

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The PDF format provides many benefits; these include securing written information, being convenient to use, and being multi-dimensional. However, sometimes you need to edit or extract information from it, which is difficult. Thankfully, there are many PDF converter tools on the market that you can use to convert PDF files to various file formats, and in this post, you’ll see 12 of them! Explore them now!

Top 6 Free PDF Converters to Convert PDF to Word/Text/Image Online

1. Nitro PDF Converter (Windows)

The first PDF Converter for free is Nitro PDF Converter. This tool is one of the most popular suits available on the market. It enables you to convert various PDF files into Microsoft Office-supported formats while maintaining the original structure of the source file. If you are in a hurry, this tool can convert PDFs to other file formats in just a few seconds!

Nitro PDF Converter

Features of Nitro PDF Converter

Come with a Microsoft Office-style interface, which provides no steep learning curve.
Offer batch conversion and processing.
Provide high-quality output.
Offer expensive subscription.
Support only limited processing features under the free version.

2. SmallPDF (Windows/Mac)

Another free PDF to Word-converter for this lineup is SmallPDF. Like Nitro, this tool has a wide range of PDF modification tools. It lets you convert your PDF file into Microsoft Word, Excel, and PPT formats. It also supports various image formats to convert your PDF; these include PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF!

Small PDF PDF Converter

Features SmallPDF

Come with a user-friendly interface.
Provide many features and options to convert your PDF file.
Excellent processing speed.
Offer only a 14-day trial.
Only allow you to process two PDFs per day under a free subscription.
Offer expensive subscription.
Supported tools are challenging to navigate.

3. Solid PDF Converter (Windows/Mac)

If you are only working with just a simple and single PDF file, then you can use the Solid PDF Converter to do the job. Despite this tool’s simplicity, it can efficiently convert your PDF file within just a few seconds! It can easily convert your PDF into DOC, TXT, and XLS formats with excellent quality that works perfectly fine with document readers.

Solid PDF Converter

Features of Solid PDF Converter

Clean and intuitive interface.
Let you edit the metadata of your PDF file.
Offer an encryption option to secure your file.
Support built-in output preview option.
Offer shorter trial period compared to other PDF Converters.
Support expensive subscription costs.

4. Able2Extract PDF Converter (Windows/Mac)

In case you enjoy the straightforwardness of the Solid PDF Converter, another tool that also supports the same level of straightforwardness is Able2Extract PDF Converter. This tool supports advanced file recognition that can easily and quickly turn PDF files into Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents, Images, etc. It also lets you convert a page, paragraph, or just a single PDF file line.

Able2Extract PDF Converter

Features Able2Extract PDF Converter

Offer a straightforward interface that provides you quick conversion process.
Support batch PDF file conversion process.
Integrated with AI that will assist you with conversions.
Come with rich PDF editing options.
Its built-in OCR is having difficulty with some fonts.

5. Foxit PhantomPDF (Windows)

If you are looking for an offline free PDF-to-Word converter tool, you can use the Foxit PhantomPDF. Like the tools above, Foxit PhantomPDF lets you convert PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, Text, HTML, JPG, and PNG. It also ensures that all contents written on the original file are intact after the conversion. Moreover, it also supports a fast and efficient conversion process.

Foxit PDF Converter

Features of Foxit PhantomPDF

Come with a Microsoft Office-like interface.
Provide great performance.
Support the batch conversion process.
Offers multiple sharing options.
Offer only limited features under the trial version.
Can’t handle complex documents.

6. Adobe PDF Converter (Windows)

The last PDF Converter tool for this lineup is the Adobe PDF Converter. This tool is one of the most reliable and accurate PDF converter tools! It supports the ability to convert PDFs into DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, etc., while making the overall content structure intact. If you want to save more time and effort, you can convert multiple PDF files simultaneously, for it supports a batch conversion feature.

Adobe PDF Converter

Features Adobe PDF Converter

Intuitive interface.
Easy to navigate supported features.
Offers fast, high-quality conversion output.
Allows you to make collaborations on the cloud.
Offer pricey subscriptions.

Top 6 Free PDF Converters to Convert PDF to Word/Text/Image Online

Now that you have explored the 6 best free PDF Converter tools you can use on Windows or Mac, there are also many PDF converter tools you can use online! And this post features 6 of them. So, without any further delay, start discovering them now!

1. SwifDoo PDF Online Converter

The first online PDF Converter tool for this lineup is SwifDoo PDF Online Converter. This tool lets you convert your PDF file to Word, PPT, Excel, CAD, HTML, and Images. You can also convert multiple PDF files simultaneously to save time and effort. Moreover, this tool aims to provide you with a safe PDF conversion process, for it utilizes SSL encryption for security. However, this tool only allows you to convert PDF files with a maximum of 20MB.

SwifDoo PDF Online Converter

2. Free PDF Converter

Another free PDF to Word-converter tool for this lineup is the Free PDF Converter. This tool supports a straightforward interface and easy-to-use PDF conversion features that will help you finish the process within just a few minutes. This tool supports conversion from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, etc. It also supports extra features like PDF Compressor, Merger, Unlocker, etc. But, despite having these great points, this tool needs to be more reliable to support a fast PDF conversion process.

Free PDF Converter

3. Soda PDF

If you are looking for a much more advanced online PDF Converter tool, then Soda PDF is what you are searching for! This tool offers many features, from PDF conversion options to those that enable you to edit your PDF file. Although they produce professional-level outputs, each of them is well-composed that will surely help you easily finish the conversion process quickly! However, not all its features are free; you must purchase its premium version before enjoying them.

Soda PDF Converter

4. DocFly

In case you want to use a PDF to JPG Converter for Windows or Mac browsers, one of the best tools you can use is DocFly. This tool also supports a straightforward interface to help you finish the editing and conversion process quickly. It offers options to convert PDF to Word and JPG formats. Moreover, it also allows you to Merge, Delete, Extract, Reorder, etc. PDFs quickly. But, if SwifDoo only allows you to convert PDF with a maximum of 200MB, DocFly, on the other hand, only lets you convert 3 files under the free version.

DocFly PDF Converter

5. Xodo PDF.online

Another straightforward online PDF Converter tool is Xodo PDF.online. Unlike DocFly, Xodo PDF.online offers much more options for converting PDFs. It lets you convert PDF to JPG, PNG, Word, PPT, Excel, HTML, etc. Moreover, like the tools above, Xodo also offers extra features to bring modifications to your PDF; these include options to Combine, Splitter, Remove Pages, Editor, etc. But unfortunately, Xodo doesn’t have SSL encryption, which brings serious concern about your PDF safety.

Xodo PDF Converter

6. Adobe Acrobat

The last online PDF Converter tool for this lineup is Adobe Acrobat. Aside from Adobe Acrobat software, Adobe also developed a tool capable of converting PDF files online. It lets you transform PDF files to DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, PPTX, PPT, TXT, RTF, JPG, PNG, and many more. Moreover, it also allows you to modify your PDF by splitting, reducing its file size, merging, etc. But not all these features are available for free.

Adobe Online PDF Converter

FAQs about the Best Free PDF Converter for You


That’s it! Those are the 12 best desktop and online PDF Converter tools you can use to modify the output of your PDF file! With their help, you can now extract and edit the information written on your PDF file. Now, as you can see, each of them supports its own drawbacks; consider their drawbacks when choosing the best PDF Converter tool and start using it today!

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