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Do Video Color Correction to Be Outstanding on All Platforms

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Edit Video/Audio Nov 22, 2023

Due to ambient light and shooting equipment problems, the video you took may not be so beautiful. But you can do video color correction to fix your videos that are too dark or too bright. Also, Color correction can bring vitality to your video and fix the color distortion on your screen that makes the video unnatural. It's cool to command this skill. You can read through this article to find 6 powerful ways to color-correct your video on all platforms - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X(Twitter), and more.

The Easiest Way to Do Video Color Correction [Windows & Mac]

To color correct a video, you can directly use 4Easysoft Total Video Converter to adjust the filter and polish your videos. This powerful tool allows you to make stunning and enjoyable videos in one click. What's more, this all-in-one program can also easily edit and export your video into many formats without losing quality, suiting many video platforms. Here are the detailed steps to do video color correction.

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4Easysoft Total Video Converter

Adjust the hue, contrast, saturation, and brightness for color correction.

Upscale your video to at most 4K resolution after video color correction.

Color-correct your video while also improving the audio quality without noise.

Offer an all-in-one interface where you can quickly color-correct your video.

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Free Download

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Step 1Free download 4Easysoft Total Video Converter and launch it. Click the "Toolbox" button on the top side. Click the "Color Correction" button and add the desired videos to do color correction.

Video Color Correction 4Easysoft

Step 2You can drag left or right the sliders of "Contrast," "Saturation," "Brightness," and "Hue" to color correct your video. You can watch the two monitors to tell the difference between the video before and after color correction.

Adjust the Color Settings

Step 3You can also click the "Output" button to modify the format, resolution, frame size, and so on to enhance your video. When you have finished all your settings, click the "Export" button to save your color-corrected video.

Output Settings

2 Easy Ways to Color Correct a Video with Online Video Editors

If you don't want to download a program that will take up your storage space, you can use some online tools to do color video correction editing.


VEED.IO is a famous online editing tool. This website always offers good editing services and improves their editing techniques. However, this method can’t AI color correct your video automatically.

Step 1Go to the website of VEED.IO and click the "Upload a File" button to add your video to this online tool.

Upload File VEED

Step 2Click your video. Drag the sliders left or right to modify each setting - Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, etc. After your modifications, click the "Done" button to download your video.

Modify Settings


Clideo is a very straightforward online editing tool that is easy to use. However, you still need to edit your video manually.

Step 1Go to the website of Clideo and click the "Choose file" button to upload your video to this website.

Choose File Clideo

Step 2Drag the sliders of all settings to color-correct your video manually. After that, click the "Export" button to save your video.

Export Your Video

Drag the sliders of all settings to color-correct your video manually. After that, click the "Export" button to save your video.

For iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 users, Wink can easily brighten a video, helping you color-correct your video automatically with AI. The main disadvantage is that it may take long to post-process your video.

Step 1Open Wink and slide down to tap the "AI Color" button. Then, you can add your video to this app.

Step 2You can see that the app is processing your video. This process will take a bit of a long time. When it is processed, you only need to tap the "Save" button on the top right corner to download your video.

Wink do Video Correction

How to Color Correct a Video with Movavi Clips [Android]

What about a professional Adobe video color correction program? Premiere Pro is mighty for video editing. It offers you very detailed video editing features that can bring magnificent effects to your video. But the disadvantage is that this program is hard to operate, and you may pay much to buy it.

Step 1Open Adobe Premiere Pro. Click the "File" button on the top left corner. Click the "Import" button to add your video to this program.

Tap Create Movavi

Step 2Click the "Window" button at the top. Click the "Lumetri Color" button.

Adjust Your Video Movavi

Step 3Now, you can modify many settings in the "Lumetric Color" menu. You can change the white balance, temperature, tint, and more about your video.

Add Files Premiere

Step 4After your modifications, click the "File" button again. Click the "Export" button to save your color-corrected video.

Lumetric Color

FAQs about Video Color Correction


This article provides you with 6 powerful methods to do color correction to your video. Some easy-to-use mobile phone apps and online tools always take time to finish the process or watermark your video. In contrast, Adobe Premiere Pro is too professional and challenging for beginners. 4Easysoft Total Video Converter can quickly color correct your video without any intricate steps or sluggishness. Only one click is enough to do AI video color correction. You can rely on it to create gorgeous videos that stand out among your friends or on social media platforms.

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Free Download

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