How to Best Use ChatGPT: 15 Noteworthy Tips to Use ChatGPT Efficiently

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Convert Video Aug 23, 2023

ChatGPT is an AI-driven chatbot tool that provides human-like conversations. It addresses questions and assists users. You probably came across this tool and want to know how to use ChatGPT to help your work or study. ChatGPT is more than just providing users with assistance and answers; it is also an intelligent tool that provides information based on different aspects. Continue reading this post to discover those aspects and the 15 best ways how to best use ChatGPT.

Part 1. 15 Best Tips and Ways to Use ChatGPT to Meet All Requirements

Similar to what has been mentioned above, ChatGPT is not only just a typical AI-driven chatbot but also provides a bulk of information in different aspects. This tool’s advanced models, generative pre-transformers (GPT), are trained to acquire much information from books, social media sites, webpages, and platform discussions. This enabled the tool to cope with various people’s queries, which also triggered them to ask it the way they asked Google. So without any further ado, start exploring the list of interesting ways to use ChatGPT below!

1. Ask about How Something Works

The first tip and one of the interesting ways to use ChatGPT are by asking it about certain things, especially those that are difficult to understand. You can ask how the software works, the connection between different chapters from a book you read, or the origin of a specific subject. ChatGPT can be simplified things and explain them clearly for you.

2. Discover New Things

Whether you are starting a new hobby, writing poems, songs, drawings, paintings, playing musical instruments, etc., you can ask ChatGPT for help. As a beginner, you can ask this tool for tips, advice, and things to remember. This tool is a great companion for those things, and this is one of the best ideas for ChatGPT.

3. Have a Conversation with ChatGPT

Another interesting ways to use ChatGPT is to build a conversation with it. If you have spare time, you can also talk with ChatGPT about the moments you have on a specific day, your life’s vision, hobbies, etc. Since it is created as a chatbot, you can talk to ChatGPT, let conversation flows, and create the best moments with it.

4. Discover Fun Facts (For Leisure)

ChatGPT is like Google; it knows a lot of things. You can ask anything about the world, quickly providing great answers. You can start by asking fun facts about a subject and letting ChatGPT process the answers. However, you need to fact-check every answer it shares to see whether it is true. But still, asking for fun facts is one of the interesting ways to use ChatGPT.

5. Create Stories (For Leisure)

You can also utilize ChatGPT to create Stories for you. With its fantastic knowledge and excellent writing capabilities, ChatGPT can quickly provide entertaining stories for you or your children. You just need to tell ChatGPT what kind of Story you want the tool to tell you. ChatGPT is a fantastic Storyteller. This is also one of the creative uses for ChatGPT.

6. Write Poetry (For Leisure)

Another creative uses for ChatGPT is to ask it to create poetry. Aside from creating stories, it can also produce fantastic poetry. It can create poetry with different styles; you just need to give it a subject and let it work the rest.

7. Teaching Tool (For Students or Teachers)

If you are a teacher, there are also many interesting ways to use ChatGPT. One of the exciting ways is that you can use ChatGPT to help you create various teaching tools. This includes activities, quizzes, exams, etc. Within just a little time, ChatGPT can create them easily.

8. Help with Your School Assignments (For Students or Teachers)

Otherwise, if you are a student, another way how to best use ChatGPT is to ask ChatGPT to help you do your assignments. Just like mentioned above, ChatGPT is integrated with lots of information. In that case, you can rely on this tool. But you must appropriately present your assignment and carefully check if the answers are accurate and correct. You can still assess whether you’ve learned from the assignment’s subject by checking.

9. Excellent AI-driven Tool to ask Math Problems (For Students or Teachers)

Another interesting ways to use ChatGPT is by treating it as your Math Tutor. ChatGPT can ace every math problem, whether abstract algebra, calculus, statistics, etc. But then again, you must ensure you deliver the math problems properly and check whether the answer is correct by consulting other pages. Also, you shouldn’t rely too much on the tool; you must still work with it independently.

10. Outstanding Essay Writer to Ask for (For Students or Teachers)

Well, if ChatGPT can do math problems, it can also create essays as well. It can also produce essays since it has different information from various sources. It can create simple up to those that are professional levels. However, this might be one of the interesting ways to use ChatGPT, but you still need to do some fact check this tool’s output.

11. Simplify Complex Pieces of Information on Research (For Students or Teachers)

As a Student or Teacher, there are moments when you need someone to help you simplify complicated things, especially a piece of information. Why do you have to bother someone when ChatGPT can naturally turn complex information into much more comprehensive and easy-to-understand? ChatGPT could help you do research and simplify things in just a few seconds. This is another interesting ways to use ChatGPT.

12. Ask to Help You Find Business Ideas (For Work, Job, or Business)

Aside from those school-related usages of ChatGPT, you can also use this tool for work, job, and business. One of the ideas for ChatGPT usage is to consult it about business ideas. This tool is one of the best tools to consult what would be the best business to work on. You can brainstorm with it and note the points from your conversation.

13. Generate Statistical Analysis for Business Presentations (For Work, Job, or Business)

If you are preparing a business presentation as part of your work, you can also use ChatGPT as your ally in making it. This tool provides facts about specific topics, just like statistical analysis. This would be one of the best ideas for ChatGPT and beneficial in creating business presentations.

14. Create Curriculum Vitae or Resumes (For Work, Job, or Business)

Otherwise, if you are a fresh graduate and want to create a professional-looking Curriculum Vitae or Resume, you can also use ChatGPT as an ally. This could be one of the best ways to use ChatGPT. This tool could help you customize your Curriculum Vitae and Resume according to the job you are currently applying for. ChatGPT is indeed a lifesaving tool when you find difficulty in tailoring your skills.

15. Help You Prepare for a Job Interview (For Work, Job, or Business)

Another one of the best ways to use ChatGPT is to ask for job interview advice. For some, Job Interview is one of the most nerve-wracking moments of their lives. If you need someone to help you survive and ace the job interview without feeling too much stress and anxiety, you can talk to ChatGPT. With this tool’s ability to provide job interview scenarios, possible questions, witty responses to various questions, advice, etc., you can ace your job interview.

Part 2: FAQs about the Best Way to Use ChatGPT


That’s it! Those are the 15 best ways to use ChatGPT! Now that you have discovered them, you can choose which applies to you and start building a conversation with ChatGPT. Aside from those listed above, you can also try other things and explore them. Remember, you must still need to do fact-checking whether the tool’s responses are accurate and correct. So, visit ChatGPT now without further delay and use it depending on your desire!