Top 10 Best PDF Page Cutter Tools for Desktop and Online of 2024

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to PDF Tools Dec 26, 2023

There are times that you want to take specific pages out of the whole PDF file, whether to pick up the important ones or lessen its file size to make it much easier to share. Thankfully, with the help of PDF cutter tools, you can now split PDF pages based on your requirements. Now, to help you choose the best tool, this post features the 10 excellent PDF page cutter tools you can use on a desktop or online! So, without any further ado, explore them now!

Top 5 PDF Cutters for Windows/Mac

The first group of PDF cutter tools that this post is about to show you are usable either on Windows or Mac platforms. Along with their names and supported platforms, this post also listed their equipped features, which is a helpful way to compare each and see which of these tools stands out. So, without any additional delay, start diving below!

1. UPDF (Windows/Mac)

The first PDF page cutter tool for this lineup is UPDF. This tool supports a simple user interface and easy-to-use PDF splitter or cutter features, enabling you to cut/split specific pages quickly. All you need to do is import the PDF file on the tool, select the Page option, click on the Split button, and from there, you can pick up the pages you want to retain, arrange their orders, and that’s it! However, UPDF often experiences feature crashes, which many people consider this tool sometimes doesn’t work correctly.


Features of UPDF

2. Adobe Acrobat (Windows/Mac)

Another tool that you can also use as a PDF cutter is the Adobe Acrobat. This professional tool is one the most reliable and efficient tools to split/cut specific pages on a PDF. Using this tool, you can isolate pages and a whole chapter and retain the parts you want. The thing that might bother you is that Adobe Acrobat comes with a steep learning curve, which is a complex tool for average users.

Adobe PDF Cutter

Features of Adobe Acrobat

3. Sejda PDF Desktop (Windows/Mac)

Suppose the complexity of the Adobe PDF Cutter on Acrobat bothers you and triggers you to look for an alternative. In that case, you can try Sejda PDF Desktop and experience its simplicity! Unlike Adobe, this tool supports a clean interface with an easy-to-initiative cutting/splitting process. It supports a comprehensive preview feature that displays all the pages on your PDF and lets you directly undergo the splitting/cutting process. However, if you plan to use this tool’s free version, you can only process PDF files with a maximum of 50MB and 3 tasks per day.

Sejda PDF Cutter

Features of Sejda PDF Desktop

4. Icecream PDF Split & Merge (Windows/Mac)

Apart from those PDF page cutter tools above, some tools are dedicated to splitting or cutting PDF pages, and one of the best examples of these is Icecream PDF Split & Merge. Utilizing this tool, you can split PDF pages as individual files, customize pages, and eradicate those that you consider unwanted. You can split more than 20 pages from a single PDF file. Despite these great points, this tool’s free version has a few limitations, such as file size and quantity.

IceCream PDF Cutter

Features of Icecream PDF Split & Merge

5. PDFsam Split and Merge (Windows/Mac)

The last PDF cutter tool for this lineup is the PDFsam Split and Merge. Unlike Icecream PDF Split & Merge, this open-source tool offers free PDF-cutting services that will not require you to spend any money! This tool also offers you various options to cut PDF pages either after page, odd or even page, or after a specific range of pages. You can also extract a specific page and create it as a new PDF file. However, this tool doesn’t have any form of PDF editing features. That means you can’t bring changes to your PDF’s text and graphics using this tool.

PDFsam PDF Cutter

Features of PDFsam Split and Merge

5 Best PDF Cutters Online to Split PDF Free

Now that you have explored the 5 best PDF page cutter tools for Windows & Mac platforms, there are also many PDF Cutters online that you can use to cut/split PDFs by just using your desktop browser. And on this post, you’ll see 5 of them below! Start exploring them now!

1. iLovePDF

The first PDF cutter online tool for this lineup is iLovePDF. This tool offers the easiest way of cutting/splitting PDF pages. By dragging and dropping the PDF file on the tool, you can quickly split it by page range or extract them individually. You can also export your split PDF to Dropbox or Google Drive for easy sharing. Now, the catch is this tool doesn’t offer editing options, so it means you can’t possibly bring modifications to your PDF file.

iLove PDF Cutter

2. PDF2Go

Another PDF cutter online tool that you can try is PDF2Go. This tool can also help you split PDF pages individually, cut the PDF into various equal pages, or split the PDF with a specific page range. This tool stands out from the rest because it doesn’t limit you to a specific file size and length, which is an excellent point for this tool. However, it can’t work with batches of PDF files to be split. So, you need to process each of your PDF files individually.

PDF2Go PDF Cutter

3. SmallPDF

If you are searching for a PDF cutter online tool that supports the ability to split or cut PDF pages, then SmallPDF is what you are searching for! Aside from its built-in PDF splitter, this tool offers options to modify your PDF file by adding new content, text, images, shapes, and highlights. But, unlike PDF2Go, SmallPDF’s free version has file number and size limitations.

Small PDF PDF Cutter

4. Kami Split and Merge

What if you wish to split a sizeable file-sized PDF file? Well, Kami Split and Merge would be the best PDF cutter online tool! Kami Split and Merge is an ideal tool to split large file-size PDFs online. It also lets you merge those PDF pages that you have cut previously and save them as one PDF file. However, Kami doesn’t allow you to split your PDF file based on your preferred customized page range.

Kami PDF Cutter

5. Soda PDF Separator Online

The last PDF cutter online tool for this lineup is the Soda PDF Separator. This tool offers you a simple yet efficient way of splitting PDF files. It allows you to split PDFs based on your desired number of pages, rearrange their orders, and merge them. But, before you can use this tool’s trial version, it will badly require you to register first.

Soda PDF Cutter

Part 3: FAQs about the Best PDF Cutter for You


That’s it! Those are the 10 excellent PDF page cutter tools you can use on a Windows, Mac, or Online. With these PDF Cutter tools, you can now pick up the most essential pages on your PDF or lessen their file size to make it much more convenient to share! Right now, there’s probably a tool that captures your interest. So, without further delay, visit its official website, download it, and use it today!

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