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TikTok Videos Are Faster than the Audio: Fix TikTok out of Sync Easily

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Edit Video/Audio Sep 06, 2023

TikTok users primarily run into out-of-sync issues, and it is very frustrating that the audio is not moving accordingly with the video. You probably try to stop playing the video but still have the TikTok audio out-of-sync problem. Or, you may be among those who try a number of fixes causing this delay. Luckily, this post got your back! The entire content will teach you the seven ways to escape this problem. Check them out now!

Part 1. 6 Efficient Ways to Fix Your TikTok Out of Sync

Several reasons may cause the TikTok audio out-of-sync problem, and the main reason is having different fps of the audio and video files. Also, an unstable internet connection and damaged audio and video files can add to the issue. Regardless of why you're experiencing this kind of problem, it is vital to find fixes to it. Without any delay, see the six effective solutions below.

Solution 1. Save the TikTok Video

If you’re watching the video on TikTok and the audio is out-of-sync, you can try downloading the video to save it to your device. This method can resolve the TikTok audio out-of-sync issue since the problem is maybe within the application itself. However, this can only be done if the user who uploaded the video enables individuals to save it.

Save TikTok

You can long-press the TikTok video or tap on the Save option on the right side, then select the Save video to download it on your device. Go to your Photos or Library, then check if the video and audio are synced.

Solution 2. Clear the TikTok Cache

Similar to other apps, the cache causes unstable performance and offers a bad performance on any device; that might be the reason why you run on Tiktok audio out-of-sync problem. It is suggested to clear the application cache immediately before doing any other fixes that frustrate you.

To do this, go to your Profile on TikTok, tap Options or the three-line icon, tap Settings and Privacy, and find your way to the Cache and Cellular Data by scrolling down. Select Free Up Space/Clear Cache under it, then tap Clear beside the Cache tab.

Clear Cache

Solution 3. Restart the Application

Another straightforward method to solve TikTok audio out-of-sync is through restarting the application. Restarting it will reload all TikTok’s resources and other errors that result in delayed audio.

For the latest Android and iOS devices, you can restart it by swiping upwards from the bottom, then drag the TikTok app upwards to be removed. Meanwhile, for others, tapping the Home button twice will open the switcher.

Solution 4. Check Network Connection

If restarting your device doesn't fix the TikTok audio out-of-sync problem, your network connection might be the suspect. An unstable internet connection will cause problems playing the video well on TikTok; whatever restart you do, the video will lag, and the audio won’t play accordingly. Furthermore, some networks don’t support playing videos you are watching; here’s how to fix it.

Go to Settings to check if you are connected to a stable connection or might be using mobile data. And to check the network issues, ensure that your mobile data is turned off, tap the Network and Internet settings, go for your mobile network, and open the Advanced settings. Select the access point name, then the three-dot menu; tap Reset.

Solution 5. Update TikTok

Outdated application leads to specific issues like the audio and video out-of-sync on Tiktok. Like your device, TikTok needs to be updated to fix bugs and errors and improve performance. To do this, go to App Store for iOS devices and head to Google Play Store on Android. Locate the TikTok app, then check if there is an available update; if there is, tap the Update button.

Solution 6. Restart Your Device.

Now, if none of the above solutions fix your problem regarding the TikTok audio out-of-sync, restart your iPhone or Android device. Temporary glitches cause errors and may affect running applications, including TikTok; that is why, from time to time, you have to restart your device to refresh the entire system.

Restart Device

For iPhone, the easy way to restart is through the Assistive Touch. Tap on Device, go for the More option, and tap Restart. While for Android users, press and hold the Power button to open other options on the screen, then tap Restart.

Part 2. How to Fix the Out of Sync Problem of Your Uploaded Videos on TikTok

Have you tried all those mentioned 6 fixes to resolve TikTok audio out-of-sync but still have delayed audio? Maybe your original uploaded videos are out of sync! In this case, get help with 4Easysoft Total Video Converter. With the help of it, you can easily adjust the audio and fix out of sync problem of TikTok videos. Furthermore, you can customize video and audio settings like frame rate, resolution, bit rate, etc., as well as select an output format. Aside from that, the program provides collections of effects, themes, and transitions that can be applied to your video. Explore more of its features by downloading it now.

Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

Adjust the audio delay to be played together with the video in one click.

Customizable video and audio settings to maintain the high quality.

A preview window is visible to check all applied changes before saving.

Supports Volume Booster to increase the audio file to be heard clearly.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1Launch 4Easysoft Total Video Converter, then enter the Toolbox tab to find the Audio Sync tool among over 15 toolkits offered by the program. Add the TikTok video to fix the TikTok out of sync problem.

4Easysoft Audio Sync

Step 2After that, move the Delay slider to adjust the audio and get in sync with the video. You are also allowed to adjust the Volume to increase or decrease the audio.

4Easysoft Delay Slider

Step 3Next, navigate the Output menu to set the preferred Format, Resolution, Frame Rate, Bitrate, Sample Rate, and other settings.

4Easysoft Adjust Settings

Step 4Once finished, you can set the file name alongside the destination folder before clicking the Export button.

Part 3. FAQs about TikTok Out of Sync Issue on Android/iPhone


Dealing with TikTok audio out-of-sync issues is a frustrating situation. And hopefully, one of those discussed solutions has helped you resolve it; if you still need to, there’s one more sure solution that will get you out of this problem. Use the program 4Easysoft Total Video Converter to have a convenient video editing experience and fix out-of-sync audio video. Consider this software your go-to app every time you need to edit and convert videos.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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