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How to Create a Split Screen Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Aira Lesly Escoto Posted by Aira Lesly Escoto Apr 01, 2022

How to make a split-screen video in Premiere Pro? The split-screen is a division of the screen. It is in half, but it can be in several parts. It is useful for reducing the need to switch among different windows. It is a great idea if you want to show the cause and effect of the video, or it can also portray how the videos relate to each other.

There are several reasons for the users wanting to apply split screen in Premiere Pro. If your videos are too long, they will not be conductive in transmission because they are too unwieldy to edit. You may also want to apply titles or effects to the detached portions of the clips. That is why you need a video editing tool. Learn the procedures to create a split-screen in Premiere Pro and encounter the greatest Premiere Pro alternative for you to add two videos in Premiere Pro split-screen template.

Part 1: How to Apply Split Screen Effect in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is a tool for editing videos, television, online videos, commercials, and other films. It is a famous application as an industry-standard in video editing, there are a lot of tutorials out there that will help new users clearly understand the features of the software's tools. Applying split screen in Adobe Premiere is not only its work; here, you can also apply the different effects that Adobe Premiere offers. There are also many transitions you can apply to finalize your videos. Just learn more about the detailed steps in Adobe Premiere split-screen application listed below.

Step 1Move your video files. From your desktop, move your video to the Adobe Premiere Pro. After that, go to the File menu tab then choose the Import option from the selection. If you already have a sequence, you can simply drag and drop the video to the Timeline.

Splitscreen Adobe Import Video

Step 2Adjust the indicator. After that, drag the current-time indicator on the Timeline into the spot where you want to split your clip. Then, click the Sequence menu and choose the Razor option at the Current Time Indicator.

Splitscreen Adobe Adjust Indicator

Step 3Highlight the video channel. If you wish to highlight the climax of your video, go to the Toolbox and then choose the Razor tool. Left-click the spot where you wish to split your video clip after moving your mouse over it.

Step 4Split screen in Premiere Pro. Split your video into detached areas. Long press the Shift key and then press the Razor tool. And if you wish not to split some parts of the screen in Premiere Pro, you can also lock them. How? Just simply press the square up to the right of the eyeball of your video.

Splitscreen Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 5Enhance and export the video. Once you are satisfied with the Adobe Premiere split screen, you can modify your video before saving it. it's either you want to change the speed playback separately, add some effects, or maybe add some titles. Click the File menu tab and select the export from the selection.

Splitscreen Adobe Export

Part 2: An Easy Premiere Pro Alternative to Put 2 Videos in One Screen

Is there an easy Premiere Pro alternative to make a split screen effect? Whether you need to put video side-by-side simply or design a special heart split-screen effect, 4Easysoft Total Video Converter has dozens of templates to get the desired videos within clicks. It enables you to trim the desired part or merge them into one clip, which makes sure you can keep the side-by-side video sync. Moreover, there are some advanced editing features to apply filters, add watermarks, and polish the videos easily.

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Free Download

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Step 1Download and install 4Easysoft Total Video Converter, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Collage from the menu tab. Then you have to add your two videos to add a split-screen effect, press the + sign to import the desired videos.

Make Video Collages Choose Split Screen Syle TVC

Step 2Choose the templates you desire by clicking the Templates button. Do you want to add some filters? Simply click the Filter button under the preview. There are so many choices to choose from. And click the Audio if you want to add some background music.

Make Video Collages Filters TVC

Step 3When you need to play the two videos side-by-side as Premiere Pro, you can click the Scissors icon to cut out the desired part or sync the video with others. Moreover, you can also merge different video clips to apply the stunning split-screen effect.

Editing Functions Trim Split Drag TVC

Step 4If you wish to customize the video settings, press the Export button under the preview. From there, you can choose your desired output video file format, frame rate, resolution, and quality of your output. After that, click the Save to button, then select a folder where your edited videos will be saved.

Make Video Collages Export TVC

Step 5Click the Start Export button from the bottom right corner, wait for a second, and that's all! The process of applying a split-screen Premiere Pro effect is as simple as that!

Part 3: FAQs about How to Create Split Screen Effect in Adobe Premiere


Whether you need to make a split-screen filter with Adobe Premiere Pro or its best alternative, you can learn more about the detailed process from the article. If you just need some simple videos with stunning effects, Total Video Converter should be a nice choice.