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Speed up Videos in Windows Media Player – Here is the Concrete Guide

Aira Lesly Escoto Posted by Aira Lesly Escoto to Edit Video/Audio Sep 28, 2022

It is not difficult to speed up videos in Windows Media Player just as in the other media players. You can easily control the playback speed and fast-foward videos according to your need. But when you need to apply a speed-up effect to create an interesting video for social media sites, is it possible to speed up videos in Windows Media Player? What are the best alternatives? Just learn more about the process and find the best alternative to edit your videos.

Part 1: How to Speed up Videos in Windows Media Player

Before you tackle the steps or the procedures on how to speed up videos in Windows Media Player, you need to know that this built-in video player is to play audio, video, and view images on a Windows computer. Unlike the powerful VLC Media Player, it can't edit your videos by adding speed-up effects. Using Windows Media Player, you can also rip your audio CDs and help you to adjust pictures, videos, and music.

Therefore, if you wish to know how to speed up video playback in Windows Media Player, the steps are listed below.

Step 1First and foremost, open Windows Media Player and then click the Video button from the left corner.

Speedup WMP Add

Step 2Now, you have to choose which video you want to play and speed up, then click the Play button from the bottom area.

Speedup WMP Play

Step 3While the video is playing, just right-click the screen to enter the editing tab. Click the Enhancements button from the Editingtab, then choose Play Speed Settings from the drop-down list. Now you can adjust and speed up the video in Windows Media Player by dragging the slider.

Speedup WMP Speed

Part 2: The Feasible WMP Alternative to Speed up Videos

What should you do if you need to apply a fast-forward effect on social media sites? 4Easysoft Total Video Converter is the Windows Media Player alternative to speed up videos. It provides different presets for fast-motion or slow-motion, edits videos with its extraordinary features, applies filters with Al Technologies, and makes slideshows with their available stunning effects. With 15+ tools in this software, you can easily enhance, edit, convert, and compress videos.

Total Video Converter Box
Speed Up Videos with the Original High Quality

Apply slow motion and fast motion effects with 10 different speed options.

Tweak video settings, frame rate, audio volume, and more parameters.

Edit the videos, such as merge, split, and add watermarks to polish videos.

Provide 4 different methods to enhance video resolution, denoise, etc.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1When the tool is already installed, run it then. On the main interface, press the Toolbox from the menu and then choose the Video Speed Controller from the selection that will appear.

Toolbox Media Data Editing TVC

Step 2To start the procedure, click the Addbutton to import the video you want to speed up. To change the playback speed, specify how many instances the video's frame rate goes up or reduced.

Toolbox Media Speed Controller TVC

Step 3After you've adjusted your video's playback speed, you may choose your desired output by changing the quality, resolution, format, and so on. When you're finished, click the Export button and select a folder to start speeding up videos without Windows Media Player. And you can share them to all platforms.

Part 3: How to Speed up Videos with Windows Movie Maker

A further multimedia player program for Windows is Windows Movie Maker. This tool comes pre-installed onto your Windows 7 PC, allowing you to easily make and edit videos. The user interface is easy to use and includes tools for editing films, such as applying filters, effects, and texts, among other things.

Is Windows Movie Maker, on the other hand, capable of speeding up video? Yes, Windows Movie Maker can slow or speed up videos, though the options are restricted. The procedures for using Windows Movie Maker to speed up video on Windows are listed below.

Step 1To begin, open Windows Movie Maker and drag the film that you want to speed up onto the timeline.

Step 2Then, select the Video Tools Edit tab on the menu bar. The Visual Effects, Animations, Home, Project, and View tabs are also available.

Speedup WMM Edit

Step 3Now select the number of times you wish to raise the video speed from the Speed drop-down option. The multipliers that are accessible are the increments concerning the initial video speed.

If you select 0.5x, the actual video speed will be reduced by half. Setting the maximum 64x, on the other hand, means that the starting playback rate will be increased by 64 times. If your video showcases something that moves at a plodding pace, this is the perfect option.

Speedup WMM Speed

Step 4Finally, check to see whether your video speed fits your criteria by previewing it. If it isn't, you can change it using the same techniques as before. If it does, save your new video and watch it.

Part 4: FAQs about How to Speed up Videos in Windows Media Player


To wrap up, Windows Media Player can be an awry tool to speed up your videos, and the formats to use are limited. However, this software has several capabilities that can help with video format issues. And if you wish to speed up your videos smoothly, start using 4Easysoft Total Video Converter, the best Windows Media alternative to edit videos. You can download it for free. This tool is not only good for speeding up or speeding low your videos, but it can also turn your films into lively ones using its different powerful features.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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