10 of the Best Free PDF File Joiner Tools for Windows/Mac/Online

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You are probably engaging with many PDF files and already dealing with the frustration of organizing and sending each online. Why are you settling with that situation when you can use a PDF Joiner? Yes, a PDF Joiner that can merge multiple PDF files! Although there are many of them available on the market, only a few provide excellent outputs. Thus, this post collects the 10 best PDF File Joiner tools that can do the work efficiently! Explore them now!

Top 10 Free PDF Joiners on Windows/Mac/Online

As mentioned above, this post collects 10 of the best PDF Joiner tools on the market. Along with their names and brief descriptions, this post also listed their supported platforms and built-in extra features. Listing those points will make it easier to weigh everything and choose which one suits your needs. So, without any further delay, explore them now!

1. Sejda (Windows/Mac)

The first PDF Joiner tool for this lineup is Sejda. This tool can combine multiple PDF files into one whole document. It also enables you to do other PDF tasks such as PDF compressing, converting, imprinting, creating, etc. This tool sounds full of features; however, there are two things you must remember. This tool’s free version only allows you to upload up to 50 pages or 50MB of PDF files. Also, you are only allowed to do three tasks per hour.

Seja PDF Joiner

Features of Sejda

2. Kofax Power PDF (Window/Mac)

Another PDF Joiner tool that you will surely enjoy its simplicity and efficiency is Kofax Power PDF. Along with this tool’s PDF file joiner feature, you can bring changes to your PDF file using its built-in PDF Split, Cropper, Converter, etc. What makes you appreciate this tool more is its ability to render various processes quickly and efficiently. But, if you are going to use this tool’s free trial version, you are limited to only a few usable features.

Kofax PDF Joiner

Features of Kofax Power PDF

3. PDF Expert (Mac)

If you are a Mac user searching for a PDF Joiner tool that offers excellent service, then PDF Expert is what you are looking for. This tool also supports powerful PDF-related features that you can use to bring changes or create a PDF file; some of its features are PDF Merger, Editor, Converter, etc. This tool is unique because it allows you to choose which pages of a PDF file you want to merge with other files. However, this tool needs OCR support, which means the tool will have trouble recognizing text from an image.

PDF Expert PDF Joiner

Features of PDF Expert

4. Ice Cream PDF Split & Merge (Windows/Mac)

When talking about a tool that supports an excellent level of convenience, Ice Cream PDF Split & Merge is at the top! This tool can easily and quickly join PDF files thanks to its intuitive interface and user-friendly features. Moreover, it also allows you to select specific PDF pages to merge and apply encryption security. Despite these great features, this tool limits you to only a few features under the free version.

Ice Cream PDF Joiner

Features of Ice Cream PDF Split & Merge

5. Infix PDF Editor (Windows/Mac)

Another PDF Joiner tool that also offers an easy and fast PDF joiner process is Infinix PDF Editor. With this tool, you can join multiple PDF files into one document, edit or add new text and visual graphics, and convert the merged files into a specific image or document format. However, most of its supported features are unavailable under the free version.

Infix PDF Joiner

Features of Infinix PDF Editor

6. iLovePDF (Online)

Apart from those downloadable tools above, there are also PDF Joiner online that are made available on the market, one of which is iLovePDF. This online tool also enables you to merge multiple PDF files easily and quickly and edit them based on your requirements. However, you are only allowed to merge 25 PDF files, and if you want to go beyond that, you must avail of its paid version, which is too pricey.

iLovePDF PDF Joiner

Features of iLovePDF

7. PDF24 Tools (Online)

Another PDF Joiner online is the PDF24 Tools. This tool also offers a convenient way of merging PDF files as one, thanks to its intuitive interface and easy-to-execute features. It enables you to combine file- or paged-based PDF files and modify them either to rotate, delete, or move pages. But sadly, this tool is having difficulty accommodating large file-sized PDFs. So, using this tool with only a simple PDF would be better.

PDF24 PDF Joiner

Features of PDF24 Tools

8. SmallPDF (Online)

If you only work with simple PDF files and want to use a straightforward online PDF Joiner, then SmallPDF is what you need! With this tool’s comprehensive interface and easy-to-execute PDF joining process, you can finish joining two PDF files in just a few ticks! However, if you use this tool without signing into your account, you are limited to 2 conversions daily.

SmallPDF PDF Joiner

Features of SmallPDF

9. Online2PDF (Online)

The following online PDF Joiner tool for this lineup is Online2PDF. This tool offers a straightforward interface with easy-to-use features that let you quickly combine various PDF files. It also enables you to compress the size of the merged PDF files if they become prominent after the merging process. Before using this tool, you must remember that you can only import PDF files with a maximum of 150MB, and you can only select 20 files.

Online2PDF PDF Joiner

Features of Online2PDF

10. PDF Joiner (Online)

The last online tool for this lineup is PDF Joiner. Like the tools above, this tool offers a straightforward way of merging multiple PDF files into one document. With this tool, you can import up to 20 different PDF files and merge them in just a few minutes. However, unlike the tools above, PDF Joiner only offers you merging capabilities, which means you can’t add modifications to your PDF file.

PDF Joiner PDF Joiner

Features of PDF Joiner

FAQs about the Best PDF Joiner Free


There you go! Those are the 10 best PDF File Joiner tools that can do the work efficiently! With these tools, you can now organize and send multiple PDF files as one document file. Please note that even though they offer excellent PDF joining services, each has different features or drawbacks. So, start weighing everything up and immediately visit the official website of the one that suits your needs. Take your first step today!

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