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5 Effective Ways to Fix iPhone 15/14 Not Sending Pictures to Android

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Transfer Aug 14, 2023

You probably encountered a scenario where you are trying to send images on your iPhone to an Android, but an error hinders you from doing it. Being in this moment for hours is indeed annoying! But then, thankfully, you found this page! This post features 5 proven practical solutions to fix the “iPhone not sending pictures to Android” issue! These solutions will definitely help you solve it and enable you to send images to Android freely! Explore them now!

How to Fix iOS Not Sending Pictures to Android through iMessage

The first solution this post recommends you is to fix iPhone not able to send pictures to Android through iMessage. iMessage is Apple’s very own messaging service capable of sending various encrypted messages that appear on a blue bubble with the use of an internet connection or data network. If you are using iMessage to send pictures to Android users and it won’t let you do it for some reason, then some of its settings might accidentally be changed, or it needs to restart for refreshment and make it work again. Now to fix it, follow the steps provided below and check whether it solves the issue of iPhone not sending pictures to Android:

1. Check Whether the iMessage is Enabled

To check if iMessage is currently enabled, follow the steps below, and once you are done with it, try to send an image to Android to see whether it fixes the iPhone not able to send pictures to Android issue.

Step 1On your iPhone, head to your Settings app and tap the Messages option.

Step 2Then check whether the iMessage is currently turned On on the Messages screen. If its switch button is on its green color, then it is enabled. In case it is not, tap on it to turn it On.

Check if iMessage is Enabled

2. Restart iMessage

Another way to fix the iPhone not sending pictures to Android through iMessage is to restart the Apple messaging service. The iPhone faces many issues, most of which are solvable by restarting the iOS device or a specific Apple service. You can perform the steps below to see if the issue you are facing is also solvable by restarting it.

Step 1Access your iPhone’s Settings app and select the Message option.

Step 2Next, turn Off the iMessage switch button and re-enable it after a few seconds. Then, try sending an image to Android to see whether this solution solves the issue.

Restart iMessage

3 Ways to Fix iOS Not Sending Pictures to Android via MMS

Another way to free yourself from being bothered by the question, “Why is my iPhone not sending pictures to Android?” is to fix various issues with your iPhone’s MMS. Unlike iMessage, messages sent using MMS are not encrypted and appear on a green bubble. It also utilizes a text messaging plan to send text and media messages. If this feature is not enabled, currently not working, or accidentally modified, then there’s a great chance the issue is due to MMS. Don’t worry; this post features 3 ways to fix the issue via MMS. So, without any further ado, discover them now!

1. Check Whether MMS is Enabled

Your iPhone will definitely not allow you to send iPhone pictures to Android if the MMS is disabled. To check whether your iPhone’s MMS is enabled, perform the steps below:

Step 1Head to your iPhone’s Settings app and select the Messages option.

Step 2Then, check if the MMS Messaging’s switch button is in green color. This implies it is currently enabled. If it is not, you can tap to switch button to turn it On.

Check if MMS in Enabled

2. Reset Network Settings to Refresh MMS

If the issue still bothers you, you can reset your Network Settings. This solution will reset all your Network settings, including your MMS setups, and return the default network arrangements. To do this, here are the few steps you must follow:

Step 1Launch your iPhone’s Settings and select the General option.

Step 2Then, tap the Reset option, and on the new screen, select Reset Network Settings. In this way, you can fix iPhone not sending pictures to Android.

Reset Network Settings

3. Contact Carrier

Contact your Carrier and ask whether they allow their users to send MMS messages. There’s also a chance that the problem arises because the Carrier restricts its users from sending MMS messages to Android users. If they do allow you, then the recipient’s Carrier (Android) could be the one who restricts them from receiving MMS messages.

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FAQs about How to Fix iOS Not Sending Pictures to Android


That’s it! Those are the effective ways to fix the “iPhone not sending pictures to Android” issue. Now that you already execute them, you can now probably send various pictures to Android. If you are thinking of sending not only pictures as well as different files, then let the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool help you transfer them. Through this tool, you can assure having a fast, efficient, and safe file transferring process and having no problem about iPhone sending pictures to Android. It also supports additional features! Feel free to visit this tool’s official website to discover more of its other powerful features!

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