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The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Blu-ray to Your iPhone

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Rip DVD Jun 27, 2024

Can Blu-ray video be played on iPhone? As mobile devices become increasingly popular, more people are used to using iPhones and other small and portable devices to watch various videos anytime and anywhere. However, many people have questions about the quality of videos on iPhones. To answer the question of playing Blu-ray movies on iPhone, this post will give you a comprehensive and detailed answer, guiding you to convert Blu-ray movies to iPhone-compatible format with simple methods and reliable tools. Read this post to learn how to watch Blu-ray movies on an iPhone while enjoying the best video-viewing experience!

Can iPhone Play Blu-ray Videos?

The first thing to be clear about whether or not the iPhone can play Blu-ray video is that the answer is NO. The main reason the iPhone can't play Blu-ray video directly stems from Blu-ray discs, which use a specific format and encryption method designed for Blu-ray players. Like most mobile devices, the iPhone lacks the Blu-ray drive and the player that reads the discs needed to decode and play these high-definition video files directly from the discs.

Aside from the size of the data and format, there's a big reason for this stemming from the Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection that Blu-ray discs typically come with. DRM prevents unauthorized copying and playback, which makes Blu-ray DVDs the key to the world of Blu-ray video. This point further adds to the complexity of direct playback on the iPhone.

Drm Protection

Therefore, to enjoy Blu-ray video content on your iPhone, you need programs like ImgBurn convert Blu-ray video to a digital format compatible with the iPhone's built-in player. After making the conversion, simply transfer the obtained Blu-ray video to your iPhone to enjoy Blu-ray quality video viewing.

One-click to Convert Blu-ray to iPhone-compatible Formats

Nevertheless, many movie and TV enthusiasts would like to enjoy the clearest Blu-ray viewing experience on their portable iPhones anytime, anywhere. However, because the iPhone itself does not support Blu-ray video, many people can only choose to give up watching it on the iPhone. At this time, 4Easysoft DVD Ripper may be your savior. With its professional assistance, after simple steps, it provides total solutions to converting videos like Blu-ray to the appropriate format for iPhone. It is used for direct playback on iPhones, so you can enjoy the same picture quality as Blu-ray video only on iPhones. How do you use 4Easysoft DVD Ripper to convert Blu-ray to iPhone-compatible formats? Here are the simple steps to do it:

DVD Ripper Box
Features of 4Easysoft Blu-ray Player

Convert Blu-ray to MP4, MOV and other formats supported by iPhone’s built-in players.

Guarantee the original quality of Blu-ray video as it directly copies the contents of the disc.

Powerful GPU acceleration makes the process of ripping DVD only take a short time.

Support customized editing of Blu-ray video content to better suit your viewing needs.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1Launch 4Easysoft DVD Ripper and insert your Blu-ray DVD. Then, click the "Load DVD" button to read it.

Read Blu Ray Dvd 4easy

Step 2Click the "Convert all to" button to select an iPhone-compatible format, such as MP4 or MOV, for playing Blu-ray videos.

Choose Output Format 4easy

Step 3Once you’ve done with the selection, click the "Rip All" button to convert your Blu-ray videos to an iPhone-compatible format.

Convert Blu Ray To Iphone 4easy

One-click to Convert Blu-ray to iPhone-compatible Formats

Handbrake is made for compressing videos. As a free and open source software, it can also help you accomplish the task of converting Blu-ray videos for iPhone. However, its older interface and system may make conversion a bit complicated and inconvenient. Also, the detailed parameters of the default output formats may fail to reach Blu-ray quality. Converting Blu-ray videos for iPhone to play won't be too difficult if you follow the step-by-step procedure below.

Step 1Launch Handbrake and insert your Blu-ray DVD into your computer. Click your Blu-ray DVD in the left panel to read it.

Source Selection Handbrake

Step 2After the source is loaded successfully, you can see the parameters of your Blu-ray DVD for conversion to iPhone-compatible formats.

Open Blu Ray Source Handbrake

Step 3Click the "Preset" button to choose the MP4 format that suits the iPhone to play Blu-ray videos, except the detailed parameters can't get Blu-ray quality.

Choose Output Format Handbrake

FAQs About Blu-ray to iPhone


By performing a simple conversion operation on Blu-ray video, you can effortlessly enjoy the ultimate video experience that Blu-ray video offers you on your iPhone. Even though this step sounds complicated, it couldn't be easier with the help of the right software. All you need to do is download and try 4Easysoft DVD Ripper to get on the right path quickly. If you also want to enjoy the highest definition Blu-ray video experience on your iPhone anytime, anywhere, don't hesitate to get started now!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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