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Tutorial on How to Use Handbrake to Compress Video with High Quality

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Compress Video Mar 03, 2023

Compressing videos is essential, especially if you need to store many larger video files. Large video files occupy a lot of storage space and have a slow downloading process. Do you know Handbrake also supports compressing video on Windows/Mac? Handbrake is a free program famous for conversion and DVD ripping, but did you know that you can also use it to compress video? The following parts will show you how to use Handbrake to compress video without losing quality and the best alternative program.

Part 1: The Detailed Steps to Use Handbrake to Compress Videos

As mentioned above, Handbrake is a famous program in terms of DVD ripping and converting. It can easily convert files to different formats. Unlike any other converting and ripping tools that are free but come with a paid version, Handbrake does much despite being an open-source program. In addition, it allows users to batch-scan multiple files, edit titles, add subtitles, and more. Aside from being a ripper and converter at the same time, Handbrake is secretly a video compressor. The program's video compression happens during the conversion process. It has no direct feature for compressing videos, but it can help compress videos without losing quality.

Don't worry if you find it complicated; a step-by-step guide is provided below. The key to compressing videos with Handbrake is the video codec. Before you go through the steps, download Handbrake on your computer, ready your video file and launch the program. Start using Handbrake to compress video without losing quality.

Step 1To start, launch the program on your computer, then click on File in the Source Selection to add the video file that you wish to compress with Handbrake. Compress a 4K video as an example, then convert it to MP4 for a smaller size.

HandBrake Add Video File

Step 2Set your destination folder by clicking Browse under Destination to decide where to save your compressed video file to your computer. If you choose not to set it, the compressed file will be in the same folder where the original file is placed. You can also change the file name.

HandBrake Set Destination Folder

Step 3Navigate to Output Settings above. In the Container drop-down menu, choose MP4, then click the Web Optimized checkbox.

HandBrake Select Format

Now, to compress video with Handbrake, go to the Video tab, then choose H.264 (X264) in the Video Codec drop-down menu.

HandBrake Video Codec

Step 4Lastly, click the Start green button above to compress your video. Once the green turns red, the compressing process gets started. You can get your compressed video when it gets back to green. Now, you know how to use Handbrake to compress video without losing quality.

Compress Video HandBrake

Part 2: Best Alternative to Handbrake for Compressing Videos with High Quality

If you're looking for the best alternative to Handbrake for compressing videos, go to 4Easysoft Total Video Converter. Aside from being a total converter, it is also a total program for compressing videos. The program supports more than 600 file formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more. Furthermore, it offers presets for all popular Android and iOS devices. Plus, one of the 15 toolkits provided by the program is a Video Compressor, allowing you to compress video files easily. Besides this, it is supported by AI Technologies, which allows you to enhance video quality by optimizing brightness and contrast, removing noise, stabilizing shaky videos, etc. Use this best alternative to Handbrake to compress video without losing quality.

Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

Video Compressor tool that lets you compress video and set your file's name, format, size, resolution, and bitrate.

Provide over 600 formats, including Mp4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and so forth.

Allow users to batch convert multiple files at the same time and customizes video settings with high quality.

Support 1080P and 4K, ensuring you will have an excellent quality output with artificial intelligence.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1Free download and launch 4Easysoft Total Video Converter. Once you have launched it, click the Toolbox above and choose Video Compressor. Then, click the Plus button in the middle to open your video file into the program.

Powerful Toolbox TVC

Step 2Start compressing the video by customizing the size and bitrate. You can click the up and down buttons or pull the slider to adjust both. You can also change the format by clicking the Format drop-down menu. To check your compressed video, click Preview.

Toolbox Media Video Compressor TVC

Step 3You can also use it to compress videos for email with less than 20MB. If satisfied, click the Compress button below. Before that, you can choose to change the file name and the destination folder.

Part 3: FAQs about Handbrake Compressing Videos on Windows/Mac


Handbrake is a comprehensive program that can help you convert files to different formats, rip DVDs, and compress videos secretly. And you can also use Handbrake to compress video without losing quality. However, if you want to find a easier way and export higher quality, go for 4Easysoft Total Video Converter. It can enhance video quality with artificial intelligence and supports batch converting multiple files. Additionally, it has over 15 toolkits, including Video Compressor and other editing and conversion tools that will meet your requirements.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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