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Where Do AirDropped Files Go on Mac? How to Change It

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Transfer May 20, 2024

AirDrop is one of the best features introduced by Apple. With the help of AirDrop, you can quickly transfer various files between iOS devices. If you use AirDrop to transfer files from your iPhone/iPad to your Mac, you could be confused about where they go. So, to help you determine where do AirDrop files go on Mac, this post features a guide! This guide will assist you how to find the exact location of the AirDropped files on your Mac. So, start diving below!

Know More about AirDrop on Mac

Before you jump into this post’s guide and answer the question, "Where do AirDrop files go on Mac?" if you are new to AirDrop, you can first explore a brief background. By exploring the two points below, you will understand AirDrop more! So, without further ado, explore each of them now.

1. What is AirDrop?

AirDrop is an Apple feature that is an ad hoc service and file-sharing application for iOS devices. This feature enables you to wirelessly send videos, photos, documents, and other files from one iOS device to another. Also, unlike sending files through email and text, AirDrop lets you transfer various without file size limitations. Moreover, it utilizes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks, and near-field communication to make transferring possible. Now, since it utilizes Bluetooth, it is given that the transferring process must be initiated within the Bluetooth range.

2. How to Open and Use AirDrop on Mac

Now that you have acquired a brief information about AirDrop, here are the steps on how you open and use AirDrop to transfer files on Mac:

Step 1Access the "Finder" program on your Mac, click the "Go" button on the "Menu" bar, and select the "AirDrop" option.

Access AirDrop

Step 2After that, tick the "dropdown" button next to the "Allow me to be discovered by" option on the AirDrop window. Then, select the "Everyone" option.

Select Everyone

Step 3Next, once you have received an "AirDropped file" on your Mac, you must select whether to accept it. And that’s it! That’s how you open and use AirDrop on Mac.

Where Do AirDrop Files Go on Mac [Default Settings]

Now that you have explored brief information about AirDrop, it is time to discover the answer to the question, "Where do AirDropped files go on Mac?". Well, accessing the AirDropped files on your Mac is pretty straightforward. If someone AirDropped some files on your Mac, they are automatically stored in the AirDrop/Downloads folder.

Now, to access the Download folder on your Mac, you need to run the "Finder" program and select the "Downloads" option from the left pane. Then, find and access the "AirDrop" folder; from there, you can see all the AirDropped files.

Access Download Folder

That’s it! That’s the exact location where do AirDrop files go on Mac. Now, what if you can’t find AirDrop files in the Download folder? Well, if you can’t find the files, this might be because the files are disordered, causing you to have difficulty finding the AirDropped files. To address this, click the "Show items as" button at the upper part of Finder. Then, select "Date Added" to sort the files according to the latest file added to the folder.

If you can’t still see the AirDropped files on the location where do AirDropped files go on Mac, you can try to access specific applications that match the file that was AirDropped. You can also use Spotlight Search by pressing the Command + Space keys to search the AirDropped files.

Change the Location Where Do AirDrop Files Go on Mac

There you have it! That’s the comprehensive answer and guide about where do AirDropped files go on Mac! Now, if you are planning to change the location of the AirDrop files on your Mac, unfortunately, you can’t do that. The Download folder is the default AirDrop location on Mac, and you can’t change it by simply tweaking settings.

Bonus Tips to Transfer Files to Mac with the Desired Location

If you really want to change the location where do AirDrop files go on Mac, you can use an alternative tool that lets you transfer various files to the desired location. One of the best tool recommendations is the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool! This Windows and Mac-compatible tool lets you transfer almost all kinds of data from your iPhone to your Mac! It lets you transfer files categorized as essential, media, and social data. Moreover, this tool also allows you to choose which specific location where you want to store the files before transferring them. It could be on your Mac’s specific folder, external drive, USB flash drive, etc. This tool will free you from asking where AirDropped files go on Mac!

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FAQs about the Location to Save AirDrop Files on Mac


That’s it! That’s the information and location where do AirDrop files go on Mac. After reading this post, you now know where you can find all of the AirDropped files on your Mac. If you have difficulty finding the AirDropped files in the Download folder, you can use the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool as an alternative. With this professional tool, you no longer need to face issues finding the AirDropped file on your Mac. This tool lets you quickly choose where to store the transferred files! To discover more about this tool, visit its official website today.

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