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Discover Answer to: How Many Photos Can You AirDrop at Once?

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Transfer May 13, 2024

You are probably also one of those users who struggle with issues like "AirDrop not sending all photos" or "AirDrop transfer suddenly interrupted". After facing them, you end up questioning, "Does AirDrop have a file transfer limitation?" and "How many photos can you AirDrop at once?" Thus, this post collects the most comprehensive answer to that question, which will help you understand AirDrop more! So, without any further ado, start diving below.

How Many Photos Can You AirDrop at Once

So, how many photos can you AirDrop at once? Well, there’s no theoretical limit to AirDrop, and even Apple itself hasn’t specified how many photos you can AirDrop. So, even if you are trying to AirDrop hundreds of photos all at once, AirDrop will still do its work for you to transfer them. So, you can assume that you can AirDrop multiple photos at once.

Now, you might be asking, "Then, why do I face AirDrop not sending all photos or AirDrop transfer suddenly interrupted issues?" Well, even though there’s no official number of photos that can be AirDrop, if you try to send tons of them, you will likely face limitations/issues due to these reasons.

Again, how many photos can you AirDrop at once? You can take as many as you want since there’s no official number of how many photos you can AirDrop to various iOS devices.

How to AirDrop More Than 25 Photos at Once

There you have it! That’s the comprehensive and straightforward answer to the question, "How many photos can you AirDrop at once?". Now, it is time for you to learn how to AirDrop more than 25 photos simultaneously from iPhone to iPhone, or vice versa. So, without any further delay, start exploring the simple steps below!

Step 1Both devices should connect to a stable "Wi-Fi" connection, turn on their "Bluetooth" network, and turn off their "Personal Hotspot" connection. Next, access both of their "Settings" apps, tap the "General" button, and select the "Everyone" option.

Connect to Network Select Everyone

Step 2Then, run the "Photos" app on the source device, select the "Library" option, and tap the "Select" button at the upper right corner. Next, select all the 25+ photos you wish to AirDrop. After that, tap the "Share" icon, select "AirDrop", and tap the recipient’s "profile" name.

Select 25 Plus Photos

Step 3Afterward, head to the target iPhone and tap the "Accept" button on the alert box. Then, wait for the file transferring process to finish. Once done, you can access the 25+ photos on the target iPhone. As you can see, that’s how many photos you can AirDrop at once.

Tap Accept

Best Alternative to AirDrop for Transferring Data without Limitation

That’s it! That’s the answer to the question, "How many photos can you AirDrop at once?" and simple steps to AirDrop more than 25+ photos. Now, if you are considering an alternative to AirDrop that offers no limitation, you can use the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool! This Windows and Mac-compatible tool lets you transfer almost all kinds of data from your iOS devices without limitations. You can transfer hundreds of files simultaneously, even though they come with large file sizes! Furthermore, unlike AirDrop, this tool offers a safe, fast, and seamless file-transferring process without interruptions! If you use this tool, you can free yourself from being bothered by the question, "How many photos can you AirDrop at once?"

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How to Use 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer Tool as an Alternative to AirDrop with Limitations:

Step 1Download and install the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool on your Windows and Mac computer. After that, launch the tool, link your iPhone to the computer through a USB cable, and wait for the tool to determine your device.

Main Interface

Step 2Next, select the "Photos" tab on the left corner of the tool. Then, in the new section, choose all the photos you wish to transfer from different categories.


Step 3Then, to transfer the photos to your computer, click the "Export to PC" icon at the top, select a "Folder", and tick "Select Folder". Otherwise, to transfer them to an iPhone/iPad, link the device to the computer through a USB cord and click "Export to Device".

Select Folder

Step 4After that, wait for the tool to finish the transferring process. Once done, you can access them on the target iPhone, iPad, or computer. After doing these steps, the question "How many photos can you airdrop at once?" will not bother you anymore.

FAQs about How Many Photos Can You AirDrop at Once


There you go! That’s the comprehensive answer to the question, "How many photos can you AirDrop at once?" and ways to AirDrop 25+ photos. After reading this post, you now know that AirDrop doesn’t specify how many photos you can transfer. Also, the reasons why you are experiencing issues while transferring a bunch of photos simultaneously. If you want an alternative to AirDrop, you can use the professional 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool! To discover more about this tool, visit its official website today!