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[2024 Lineup] Top 15 Video Speed Changers for Desktop/Mobile/Online

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Edit Video/Audio Dec 13, 2023

With lots of videos being produced every day, you probably came across a video where you want to speed up to shorten or compress its size or slow it down to check its details properly. Well, whatever the reason is, thankfully, there are a lot of Video Speed Changers on the market that enable you to modify your video’s speed. And on this post, you’ll see the top 15 best Video Speed Changer tools usable on desktop, online, or mobile. Start exploring them now!

Top 5 Video Speed Changer Software on Windows/Mac

The first group of Video Speed Changer tools that you are about to explore supports Windows or Mac platforms. Along with their names and supported platforms, this post also briefly describes some of their primary or extra features aside from their ability to change video speed! So, without any further ado, explore them now!

1. 4Easysoft Total Video Converter (Windows/Mac)

The first tool for this lineup of Video Speed Changer tools is the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter. Now, you might be asking, "How can a video converter tool help me modify the speed of my video?" Well, this tool is integrated with a Toolbox that is comprised of different video-redefining features, one of which is the Video Speed Controller. This feature offers various options to speed up (from 1.25X to 8X) or slow down (from 0.75X to 0.125X) a video speed. Besides that, although this tool already provides excellent results and quality, it still offers options to modify your output’s Quality, Encoder, Frame Rate, etc., to acquire a high-quality output!

Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

Provide 8 different speed to speed up/slow down your videos in any format.

Various video editing features such as rotator, cropper, effects, filters, and more.

AI-Driven video enhancer to automatically upscale resolution, reduce shakiness, etc.

Lossless video formats and customizable resolution to export high-quality videos.

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Free Download

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2. iMovie (Mac)

If you are a Mac user, there’s a free dedicated Video Editor tool you can utilize to change video speed, and that is the iMovie! This Mac’s pre-installed editor tool offers a great option to speed up a video. Its video speed modifiers are composed best for beginners, which will let you easily and quickly change a video speed. Moreover, it also offers excellent video special effects and filters. But the thing is that iMovie’s overall layout is quite confusing. So, if you have time to master the overall aspect of the tool, you can do that and start changing the video speed afterward.

iMovie Video Speed Changer

3. Easy Video Maker (Windows)

Another easy-to-use Video Speed Changer tool to alter the speed of your video is Easy Video Maker. Like iMovie, this free tool also supports a beginner-friendly video speed changer feature, allowing you to change the speed of your video easily and quickly. What makes it different from the rest is that it lets you enter a value of your desired speed. Now, the catch is if you are working with lengthy and big-size videos, you will experience slow processing speed. This tool is best for you if you only work with simple videos.

Easy Video Maker Speed Changer

4. Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows/Mac)

Otherwise, if you are working on a big project and changing video speed is part of your video editing requirement, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best tool! This tool is considered one of the industry’s leading video editors that offers a plethora of features, one of which is its built-in video speed changer. Since complexity is not an issue for you, then this post will remind you that this editor requires a high-end computer to work correctly.

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Speed Changer

5. VSDC Video Editor (Windows)

The last Video Speed Changer tool for computer is the VSDC Video Editor. Like Easy Video Maker, this tool also allows you to enter an exact value in percentage to speed up or slow down a video. This tool differs from other video speed modifier tools because it lets you add background audio as a substitute for the original gibberish audio. However, this editor supports an unintuitive interface, and some of its extra features take work to navigate. But it is worth it after you accomplish its difficult learning curve.

VSDC Video Speed Changer

The Best 5 Video Speed Changer Apps on Android/iPhone

Otherwise, if you want to change the video speed using your mobile device, here is a group of Android or iPhone-compatible applications that you can use to alter the speed of your video. The same goes for the desktop tools above; this post also listed their supported mobile device and brief descriptions comprising their extra features. So, without any further delay, start diving in!

1. Vlogit (iPhone/Android)

The first Video Speed Changer application for this lineup is the Vlogit. If you are a blogger and want to add a speed-up or slow-down effect to your video, then you will love this app! With this app’s intuitive interface with an easy-to-use video modifying feature, you can surely save time in the editing process. Set your desired playback speed value, and you are ready! What makes it stand out from the rest is that, once you are finished, you can directly post them on various social media supported by the app. But, despite having those great points, this app sometimes encounters crashes.

Vlogit Video Speed Changer

2. Quik (iPhone/Android)

Aside from Vlogit, you will also fall in love with Quik’s aesthetic interface, easy-to-use Video Speed Changer feature, and captivating effects! This app also enables its users to easily alter the speed of their videos, whether to speed them up or slow them down. This app is more interesting because it lets you integrate audio files and automatically synchronize their flow based on the video’s content! However, this app developer should pay attention to the benefit of quickly and directly sharing the edited work on various platforms.

Quik Video Speed Changer

3. SloPro (iPhone)

If you are only working with a simple video and just want to use an app made dedicatedly to change video speed, head to your Apps Store and download the SloPro app now! Upon seeing the app’s video speed modifier feature, you’ll see various options to slow down or speed up your video. Moreover, it also comes with options to alter your video’s fps, which is perfect because it gives the freedom to make the video more detailed and smoother. Furthermore, unlike the apps above, it lets you choose which area you want to apply speed changes; that sounds unique compared to the tools above, right? But sadly, this app doesn’t have an option to embed audio.

Slopro Video Speed Changer

4. KineMaster (iPhone/Android)

Another Video Speed Changer app that you can use to modify the speed of your video is KineMaster. This tool offers various options to modify the speed of your video, whether to speed it up or slow it down. Moreover, it also provides you an option to mute your video so you can prevent having distorted audio. Like Vlogit, KineMaster lets you transfer your modified speed video to a social media platform. Despite having those great points, if you plan to use this app’s free version, expect it to embed watermarks on your output.

Kinemaster Video Speed Changer

5. Vizmato (iPhone/Android)

The last Video Speed Changer app for this lineup is the Vizmato. This app supports modifying the speed of various HD videos. It lets you speed up a video based on the tempo of it, which eventually creates fantastic effects to your video! Moreover, like SloPro, it also enables you to modify the speed of a specific video area. However, the same goes with KineMaster; only some of the things offered by this video speed changer app are usable for free; you need to purchase its paid version before you can use them.

Vizmato Video Speed Changer

5 Easy-to-use Free Online Video Speed Changers for You

There you go! Those are the 10 Video Speed Changer tools and applications for desktop and mobile devices. Now, if you are only working with a short video and just want to use a much more accessible tool, then there are a lot of easy-to-use and free Online Video Speed Changer tools on the market! This post features 5 of them at this part, and the same goes for how it presents the tools above; you will also see their corresponding descriptions. Take your first step in exploring them right now!

1. Clideo

The first Online Video Speed Changer for this group is the Clideo. This tool offers a straightforward way of modifying the speed of your video clip from 0.25X to 4X. It also enables you to mute the original audio if you want to. But sadly, compared to the tools above, Clideo doesn’t support built-in video editing features. So, the online tool does not support redefining changes to your video’s visuals.

Clideo Video Speed Changer

2. Kapwing

Another straightforward Online Video Speed Changer is Kapwing. This tool offers various options to speed up (1.25X to 4X) or slow down (0.25X to 0.75X) a video. What makes this tool different from the others is that it enables you to create a link to your output, allowing you to share it much more manageable. The catch is that uploading a video takes much time to finish.

Kapwing Video Speed Changer


Nothing beats the straightforwardness offered by EZGIF, which also offers a service for changing video speed online. Within just a few ticks, you can quickly change the speed of your video. Upload the video, select a playback speed option, wait for the tool to render the process, and that’s it! You can now download the output. However, it only allows you to upload a maximum of 100MB file size video.

EZGIF Video Speed Changer

4. Online Converter

If the file size limitation offered by EZGIF Online Video Speed Changer for video upload is too limited, then you can use the Online Converter. This online tool lets users upload a maximum of 200MB of video file size. Its built-in video changer feature offers options to double the video speed. Like Clideo, this tool doesn’t support built-in video editing features.

Oonline Converter Video Speed Changer


The last tool that can change video speed online is VEED.IO. This tool offers various options to modify the speed of your video; you can choose from 0.5X, 1X, 1.5X, 2X, etc. It stands out because it offers many video editing features within the tool. But, despite having these great points, the rendering process of this takes a lot of time to finish before you can have the output.

VEED IO Video Speed Changer

FAQs about the Best Video Speed Changer on All Devices


That’s it! Those are the top 15 best Video Speed Changer tools usable on desktop, online, or mobile devices! With these fantastic tools, you can change your video’s speed and achieve its purpose. Suppose you are looking for a straightforward way of modifying the speed of your video and providing you incredible results. In that case, the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter tool is what you are searching for! This tool offers an intuitive Video Speed Controller feature that comprises different playback speeds and an Output Tweaking option that lets you acquire high-quality outputs! If this tool interests you, visit its official website to discover its powerful features!

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