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Solve Transfer Directly From iPhone Not Working With 6 Methods! [Quick & Easy]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Transfer Jan 16, 2024

"My iPhone 12 is stuck in the transfer process, saying ‘about 2 min’, but I’ve been waiting for hours!" And this is the last thing you want to happen to your old iPhone data. It might happen because of detecting issues or, unfortunately, is caused by a huge problem. The good thing is that Apple also provides solutions! As you read this post, you will be introduced to the six excellent methods you can apply to resolve the transfer directly from iPhone not working problem, alongside reasons why this happened.

Why Transferring Directly from iPhone Not Working and How to Fix it?

Before trying to solve the transfer directly from iPhone not working problem of yours, it would be much easier if you first know the possible causes of it. And, just like any other iPhone issue, there could be several reasons why you’re encountering this problem. See the listed common roots.

After getting to know what might have caused the transfer directly from iPhone not working issue, it’s time to apply the solutions to fix it. You can transfer data from your old iPhone to another smoothly afterward.

Way 1. Check the iOS Version of Both iPhones. You will need to use iOS 12.5 or later on your device. The role of it is essential to the system’s performance for a smooth transferring process. Plus, it is worth noting that the quick transfer won't work if the device source uses a higher iOS version than the target one.

Step 1Go to your iPhone's "Settings" app, then open "General". Tap the "Software Update", among other options.

Step 2See if an update is available; tap the "Download and Install" option if there is. Enter your iPhone passcode for confirmation, then "Install Now".

Software Update Fix iPhone Transfer

Way 2. Force Restart Both iPhones. Doing a force restart on your device helps it to run correctly. It can also solve any minor glitches on your device, causing you to encounter the transfer directly from iPhone not working.

For iPhones 6 and earlier:

Press and keep holding the "Power" and "Home" buttons. Please wait for the Apple logo to appear before releasing both buttons.

iPhone 6 and Earlier

For iPhone 7/Plus:

Press and hold the "Power" and "Volume Down" buttons until your screen shows the Apple logo. Release them now.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

For iPhone 8/8Plus and later:

Press then quickly let go of the "Volume Up" button, then repeat the same action with the "Volume Down" button immediately. After that, press and keep holding the "Side" button, then release it until the Apple logo shows on your screen.

iPhone 8 and Latest

Way 3. Stable Connection for Both iPhones. As raised earlier, if you have an unstable connection, the transferring process may take longer than usual, or unluckily, it may freeze. If the connection is through Bluetooth, ensure it is enabled on both devices. As for someone using a cable, please ensure that the cable is plugged in correctly and is working.

Open the "Control Center" on your iPhone. For those with the Home buttons, "swipe up" from the bottom, while for those who don't have a Home button, "swipe down" from the upper right corner of your screen. Locate the "Bluetooth" icon, and tap to enable it.

Bluetooth iPhone Transfer

Way 4. Charge Both Devices. Some features, including the Quick Transfer, will not function correctly if you have a low battery. So, it is suggested that both devices are kept charged while doing the transfer process. This way, the transfer directly from iPhone not working may be solved.

Use iCloud to Fix Transferring Directly from iPhone Not Working

Have you tried those four methods and still have the transfer directly from iPhone not working problem? Cheer up because Apple provides an alternative way to solve it through iCloud! This method will be done using the iCloud Syncing feature, where you can back up your old device and restore it to your new iPhone. If you are already set, follow the steps below to transfer data.

Step 1From your old iPhone, head to "Settings", tap your "Name" at the top, and go to "iCloud". Select the one you want to sync by tapping the switch buttons.

Step 2Next, tap "iCloud Backup" then "Back Up This iPhone". Tap the "Back Up Now" and wait for completion.

Step 3On your new iPhone, set it up, then select the "Restore from the iCloud Backup" option once you reach the Apps & Data part. Enter the same Apple ID account, then select the latest backup you’ve done.

iCloud iPhone Transfer

Recommended Way to Transfer Data from iPhone Quickly

When you have tried all the above methods and still experiencing the transfer directly from iPhone not working issue, get help from the program called 4Easysoft iOS Transfer. It offers a reliable solution to solve iOS device transfer issues. With it, you can safely transfer almost all kinds of data, such as music, messages, photos, videos, and others. It provides an intuitive user interface, compatibility with Windows and Mac, and a smooth and quick transferring process. Now, it all takes one click to transfer essential data from your old iPhone to another with no problem.

iPhone Transfer
4Easysoft iPhone Transfer

A seamless way of transferring old iPhone data to a new one.

Support for all versions and models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

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Provide a preview for each data to decide whether to transfer or delete.

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Free Download

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Step 1On the program’s main screen, go to the "Toolbox" section. Don’t forget to connect your iPhones using a USB cable to your PC. Among many other options, click the "Phone to Phone" button.

Transfer Data in One Click

Step 2Once both devices are detected, you will see all your data from your old iPhone on the screen. Click the "Start" button to transfer them to your new iPhone.

FAQs about How to Solve Transfer Directly from iPhone Not Working


Now, you can quickly transfer data from your old iPhone to another with the help of the methods in this post. Whenever someone encounters the same problem, the transfer directly from iPhone not working; you can tell about the solutions here! For a quick and safe process, go for the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer. With it, transferring all data from one device to another is only one click away. Explore more of its features by visiting its official website.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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