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Get to Know the Mac Screenshot Shortcut of Different Modes

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Screenshot Jun 25, 2023

Screenshot shortcut keys on Mac indeed make the screenshot process made easy to initiate. You can take screenshots of your whole screen, a specific area, or a window. If you are unfamiliar with these Mac’s built-in screenshot features, let this post introduce them! Continue reading this post until the end to see the introduction to Mac screenshot shortcut keys. We also feature the best tool with a customized Mac screenshot shortcut! Explore them now!

Part 1: Overall Introduction to the Mac Screenshot Shortcuts

Apple company-infused built-in Mac screenshot shortcut keys enable users to quickly and efficiently capture any part of their screen, such as their whole screen, a portion of it, or an active window. Discover these screenshot shortcut keys and their corresponding steps for executing them below:

MacOS Screenshot Shortcut Keys Functionality
Shift + Command + 3 Capture a screenshot of your entire Mac screen.
Shift + Command + 4 Highlight a small portion of your screen and take a screenshot.
Shift + Command + 4 + Space bar Take a screenshot of a specific window.

1. Capture Entire Mac Screen using MacOS Screenshot Shortcut

If you wish to capture the entire screen of your Mac, either of an app or a webpage, here are the steps you need to go after:

Step 1Press the Shift + Command + 3 on your keyboard simultaneously to capture the entire screen or page.

Mac Screenshot Shortcut Shift Command 3

Step 2After that, the system will automatically save your file in PNG format, which can be found on your desktop.

2. Capture a Small Portion of your Mac Screen using Mac Screenshot Shortcut

Otherwise, if you want to capture a specific area of your Mac screen, whether on your desktop, app, or webpage, here’s how you do it:

Step 1Press Shift + Command + 4 at the same time, and then your cursor will then automatically turn into a crosshair pointer.

Mac Screenshot Shortcut Shift Command 4

Step 2Then, move the crosshair to the area where you want to take a screenshot. After that, press and hold your mouse or trackpad button, drag it over to the area you wish to capture to highlight it and release your mouse or trackpad from holding.

Mac Screenshot Shortcut Shift Command 4 Drag to Highlight the Area

Step 3After that, the system will automatically capture the selected area, automatically saving your desktop.

3. Capture a Specific Window on your Mac Screen using MacOS Screenshot Shortcut

Lastly, in case you’ll capture an active window on your Mac, perform the steps below that show you how to capture a window on Mac:

Step 1Press the Shift + Command + 4 keys, then press the Space bar on your keyboard. After that, your cursor will then turn into a camera icon.

Mac Screenshot Shortcut Shift Command 4 Spacebar

Step 2Next, select the active window you wish to capture to highlight it. Then, while the window is still highlighted, press your mouse button. Then, the system will automatically save your work on your desktop in PNG format.

Mac Screenshot Shortcut Shift Command 4 Spacebar Select Window

If you wish to change the default Mac screenshot shortcut keys to those key combinations you think you could easily understand, here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1On your Mac, click the Apple Logo at the upper left corner of your screen. After that, select System Settings. Next, click the Keyboard option and select Keyboard Shortcuts. Then, tick the Screenshots options.

Mac Screenshot Shortcut Access System Settings

Step 2Then, to change the shortcut keys, double-click on them, and type in your preferred key combination arrangements for each screenshot functionality. Once you are done, confirm your modifications by ticking the Done button.

Mac Screenshot Shortcut Change Screenshot Shortcut

Part 2: The Best Way to Use Customized Mac Screenshot Shortcuts

Now that you have discovered screenshot keyboard shortcut Mac combinations, you can easily capture your Mac’s entire screen, a specific area, and a window. Alternatively, this article recommend you try one of the most professional tools on the market with rich advanced features, the 4Easysoft Mac Screen Recorder tool. This tool has a Snapshot feature that enables you to capture any on-screen activities! It can also capture the whole screen, a small area, a specific window, and lengthy web pages or graphical illustrations. Moreover, it is also infused with customizable screenshot hotkeys that enable you to modify key combinations according to your preferences! Furthermore, this tool is composed perfectly, which is an excellent benefit for quickly initiating, editing, and saving screenshots.

Screen Recorder Box
Features of 4Easysoft Mac Screen Recorder

Infused with preferences settings, you can customize default Hotkeys according to your preferences.

Support output tweaking options that let you enhance the quality of your Mac screenshot output in a lossless photo format.

Equipped with photo editing features you can use to add shapes, lines, arrows, callouts, text, etc.

Offer customizable output storage location, which allows you to choose which folder you wish to store all your Mac screenshots.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

How to Use and Customize 4Easysoft Mac Screen Recorder Hotkeys for Mac Screenshot Shortcut:

Step 1Download and install the 4Easysoft Mac Screen Recorder on your Mac computer. After that, to customize your desired screenshot shortcut key, click the Hotkeys Settings button with the F10 icon. Navigate the Screenshot Capture option, tick it, and enter your desired shortcut key combination.

Hotkeys Settings Mac

Step 2Next, click the OK button once you are done adding your preferred Mac screenshot shortcut key combination. Then, on the main interface, tick the Screen Capture option. Otherwise, you can press the key combinations on the keyboard you’ve added to the tool’s Hotkeys.

Screen Capture for Mac

Step 3After that, your cursor will then become a cursor move. Left-click and hold on your mouse or trackpad button, drag it to the area you wish to capture, and release the mouse and trackpad from pressing. If you wish to adjust the area further, you can freely move the borderlines.

Take Snapshot Mac

Step 4Then, on the Toolbox, you can edit your screenshot by adding Shapes, Lines, Arrows, Texts, Callouts, etc. Once satisfied with your editings, tick the Save button on the right side to export and save the file on your local storage.

Save and Export Screenshots Mac

Part 3: FAQs about Mac Screenshot Shortcuts


There you go! That’s a brief introduction to the built-in Mac screenshot shortcut keys! Through them, you can now take screenshots of any screenshot activities displayed on your entire screen, specific area, or on an active window. You can also change its default key combinations according to your desire! If you wish to take screenshots on your Mac easily and quickly. And along with options, such as customizable and easy-to-execute hotkeys, enhance its quality by exporting it into a lossless image format, and applying editings to it, then let the 4Easysoft Mac Screen Recorder tool would be your best ally! If this tool caught your interest, please visit its official website to learn more about it! Take your first step today!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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