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5 Efficient Ways on How to Unlock iPad when Disabled [2024 Tutorial]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Unlocker Feb 28, 2024

Adding a screen lock passcode to your iPad is a great way to make it secure. However, if you forget your passcode and enter the wrong combination multiple times, your iPad will automatically be disabled. How to unlock a disable iPad? Having your iPad disabled, you will not be able to use your device. Since you are here, you are experiencing this issue right now. Thankfully, this post features 5 efficient ways how to unlock a disabled iPad. Start exploring them now!

How to Unlock Your Disabled iPad with iTunes/Finder

The first two ways that will show you how to unlock disabled iPad Pro/Air/Mini are iTunes/Finder. They provide options enabling you to unlock your disabled iPad Pro/Air/Mini. If you are using Windows, you can use iTunes, and if you are using a Mac that runs macOS Catalina/Sequoia, Finder would be the best option for you to use.

Now, unlocking your disabled iPad with iTunes/Finder will only work if you have recently backed up your iPad with iTunes. Also, you must note that using iTunes/Finder will erase your iPad’s current data and replace it with the data stored on the backup. But it will help you delete your iPad’s passcode, unlocking your disabled device.

If you have undergone recent backup with iTunes and if the data deletion is okay with you, then here are the steps you must follow showing you how to unlock the disabled iPad with iTunes/Finder:

Step 1Launch the "iTunes" or "Finder" application on your Windows or Mac computer and link your iPad to your computer via a USB cord. Next, select your "iPad" device on iTunes or Finder:

Step 2On the new display, click the "Restore iPad" button right after the Check for Updates button. After that, wait for iTunes to finish the restoration process of your iPad.

Unlock Disabled iPhone with Finder iTunes

How to Unlock Disabled iPad Pro/Air/Mini without iTunes

There you have it! That’s the simple yet efficient default way how to unlock a disabled iPad with iTunes/Finder. Now, what if iTunes is not functioning accordingly, or you can’t afford for your iPad’s data to be overwritten? Well, the best alternative is to use the free 4Easysoft iOS Unlocker tool! This tool has a Wipe iOS Screen Passcode that removes your iPad Pro/Air/Mini screen passcode and enables you to unlock your device from the disabled status. Moreover, it supports solving various issues that hinder you from accessing your iPad Pro/Air/Mini; these include unlocking old iOS devices, bypassing iPad screen passcodes when your screen is not working, removing forgotten passcodes, etc.

iPhone Data Recovery
4Easysoft iPhone Data Recovery

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Unlock screen time feature to remove forgotten screen time and family sharing restrictions.

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Free Download

100% Secure

How to Unlock iPad When Disabled without iTunes Using 4Easysoft iOS Unlocker Tool:

Step 1Download and install the 4Easysoft iOS Unlocker tool on your Windows or Mac computer. After that, launch the tool, link your iPad to the computer using a USB cord, read the displayed information carefully, and click the "Start" button.

Wipe Screen Passcode

Step 2Next, your iPad’s information will automatically displayed on the tool’s interface; check the information and confirm if it is correct by clicking the "Start" button, and the firmware package will automatically download.

Download Firmware Package

Step 3Then, once the download process is done, enter the "0000" on the input field to confirm the operation. After that, click the "Unlock" button to initiate your iPad’s screen passcode wiping process. There you go! Those are a few steps on how to unlock a disabled iPad without iTunes for free!

Confirm to Unlock Screen Passcode

Ultimate Guide to Unlock Disabled iPad via iCloud [Data Loss]

Apart from iTunes/Finder, you can also use iCloud to unlock your disabled iPad Pro/Air/Mini. Like iTunes, iCloud also supports an option enabling you to unlock your iPad Pro/Air/Mini: the Erase iPad option. Now, the same goes with iTunes; iCloud will also delete some data from your iPad, and there’s no way for you to recover them unless you previously backed them up on iCloud or iTunes. Also, this will only work if you enable the Find My feature on your iPad. Now, if you did enable that feature and underwent a previous backup, then here are the steps showing you how to unlock the disabled iPad Pro/Air/Mini via iCloud:

Step 1Go to your computer’s browser, access, and log in to the "iCloud website", and head to the "Find iPhone" section. After that, click the "All Devices" button at the top and select your "iPad" from the list.

Select Find iPhone

Step 2Then, head to the options below your iPad button, click the "Erase iPad" button, follow the instructions, and enter your "Apple ID" to initiate the erasing process of your iPad and remove the screen passcode. Then, that’s it! That’s how you unlock disabled iPad through iCloud.

Select Erase iPad

Detailed Steps to Unlock Disabled iPad through Recovery Mode

The last option you can do is to unlock the disabled iPad through Recovery Mode with the use of iTunes. This option is helpful for you if you haven’t synced your iPad with any form of backup option. However, this option will delete your iPad's current data like the featured ways above. If that’s okay with you, then here are the steps on how to unlock the iPad when disabled via Recovery Mode:

Step 1Link your iPad to the Windows or Mac computer via a USB cord. After that, put your iPad in "Recovery Mode". Here’s how you do it:

Step 2Then, on a pop-up dialogue box with a message telling you that "There is a problem with the iPad", click the "Restore" button to initiate the deleting process of your iPad’s passcode to unlock it. That’s it! That’s the simple way how to unlock an iPad that is disabled via Recovery Mode.

Unlock Disabled iPhone Recovery Mode

FAQs about How to Unlock Disabled iPad Pro/Air/Mini


That’s it! Those are the 5 efficient ways how to unlock a disabled iPad Pro/Air/Mini! With these 5 ways, you can now remove your iPad from being disabled and use it again! If you get bothered by the possible data deletion of those default ways and their restrictions, you can use the 4Easysoft iOS Unlocker tool! With this tool’s easy-to-use yet efficient screen passcode wiping feature, you can acquire the best result! Visit this tool’s official website to discover more!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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