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[2024 Lineup] Top 10 Best & Free DVD Copying Software for Windows/Mac

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Rip DVD Jan 23, 2024

As you know, DVDs are prone to scratches and damage, which will cause your DVD to be unwatchable or, worse, might destroy your disc driver. Thankfully, DVD Copier tools are developed to help you copy and transfer your DVD contents to a new location on a DVD/ISO image/DVD folder. Now, to help you ease the process of picking the best tool, this post features the top 10 best DVD Copying software for Windows/Mac. Explore them now!

Top 10 Best DVD Copiers on Windows/Mac to Burn DVD

As mentioned above, this post features the 10 best DVD Copy software on the market, and along with their names, this post also lists their supported platforms. Moreover, it also features their corresponding quality, speed, supported formats, etc., listed on a table to help you weigh everything up and quickly identify which could provide the best DVD Copying services.

1. WinX DVD Copy Pro

The first tool for this lineup of free DVD Copy software is the WinX DVD Copy Pro. Although this tool has been available for many years, its robust DVD-copying services are top-tier! This tool, without restrictions, supports DVD clones, DVD to MPEG 2, ISO files, disc-to-disc copy, etc. Furthermore, it offers fast and lossless DVD cloning, which provides the benefit of quickly receiving the exact DVD quality. However, this tool takes many system resources, which is one of the concerning aspects if you use this tool.

WinX DVD Copier

2. Leawo DVD Copy

Another DVD Copier tool that you can use is 4Easysoft DVD Ripper, which will copy and rip DVD content without compromising quality. It supports various DVD types, such as DVD-9 to DVD-5. What sets this tool apart from similar tools is its ability to copy protected DVDs without considering any form of regional restrictions. You can use it to copy a batch of DVD Discs to your Windows/Mac quickly.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Load DVD File DR

3. BurnAware Free

If you are looking for a tool that offers a straightforward interface, then BurnAware Free DVD Copy software is what you are searching for! This tool supports a clean and intuitive interface, providing you with the easy DVD content-copying process you desire. Moreover, it offers a fast DVD content copying process while maintaining the original quality of the content you wish to copy. The catch is that this tool will force you to download an additional program, and the DVD-to-DVD copy feature is only made available on its paid version.

BurnAware Free DVD Copier

4. Handbrake

Otherwise, if you can’t afford to spend money to copy DVD content, the best free DVD Copy software recommendation for you is Handbrake. Since it is an open-source tool, it offers free DVD content copying! Although it can’t copy your DVD contents to a new DVD, ISO image, or folder, it can export a DVD copy as a digital format like MP4, MKV, and WebM. However, this tool can’t undergo a DVD copying process for protected DVDs. You need to download a third-party program to make it possible.

Handbrake DVD Copier

5. MakeMKV

Another free DVD Copy software is the MakeMKV. This tool also offers DVD copying services for free, like Handbrake. Now, the difference between them is that MakeMKV can copy encrypted DVDs without the support of a third-party program. Apart from that, it provides a relatively fast, only repackages the content to MKV, and no re-encoding is needed. Despite having those great points, the copied DVD will automatically be stored in an MKV container, which is a big-sized format.

MakeMKV DVD Copier

6. Freemake DVD Copy

Now, if you need more than MakeMKV DVD Copier when it comes to output format, then you can use Freemake DVD Copy. This tool offers a large number of output formats to choose from. You can copy your DVD to a blank DVD or create a digital version, which can be stored on various devices to playback. It is also equipped with features that let you customize your DVD menus and some parameters of your DVD using its built-in presets. However, similar to Handbrake, Freemake can’t copy protected DVDs.

Freemake DVD Copier

7. Magic DVD Copier

You shouldn't also miss the chance to try the Magic DVD Copier! This tool offers a simple interface with an efficient DVD copying process. It is equipped with the ability to seamlessly read, load, and copy the contents (main movies or specified titles) of protected DVDs and store them either into a blank DVD or hard drive. It might provide a seamless copying process, but the tool will crash if you try to copy content from a protected DVD.

Magic DVD Copier

8. DVDFab Free HD Decrypter

Like Magic DVD Copier, DVDFab Free HD Decrypter is also infused with the ability to copy contents from a protected DVD, but it doesn’t work with those DVDs with newer copy protection technologies. Despite having this drawback, this tool offers you options to copy the content of your DVD, either copying the entire content of the DVD or a specific movie.

DVDFab DVD Copier

9. DVD Cloner

If you are searching for DVD Copy software that many people have already proven efficient, then the DVD Cloner is what you are looking for! This tool can copy every content on your DVD and transfer them to a blank DVD with high-quality results. It also enables you to customize your DVD contents using its Expert Mode if you want to bring changes to it. But, to set your expectations, this tool is not free. Although it offers a free version, it only offers a few features.

Cloner DVD Copier

10. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

The last DVD copying software for this lineup is Ashampoo Burning Studio Free. This tool is equipped with the ability to copy DVD content via ripping and burning them to a new storage. It also offers many extra features that enable you to customize the parameters of your DVD content before copying it. What makes it more impressive is that it provides stunning video quality! However, unlike the tools above, this tool requires an email address to download the software.

aShampo DVD Copier

Now that you have explored the top 10 best DVD copying software on the market, here’s the table that contains those tools’ Supported Platforms, Supported Output Formats, DVD Copying Speed, and Copied DVD Content Output Quality. By exploring this table, you can easily weigh everything and identify which tools you think will accommodate your DVD copying needs. So, without any further ado, explore them now!

Supported Platforms Supported Output DVD Copying Speed Copied DVD Content Output Quality
WinX DVD Copy Pro Windows DVD Disc, ISO Image, VIDEO_TS Folder Fast Speed Lossless Quality Output
AnyRec DVD Ripper Windows & Mac DVD Disc, DVD Folder, & ISO Image File 60X Faster Speed Lossless Quality Output
BurnAware Free Windows Blu-ray, DVD Disc, & HD DVD Fast Speed High-Quality Output
Handbrake Windows & Mac DVD Disc, ISO Image, & DVD Folder Fast Speed Compressed Quality Output
MakeMKV Windows & Mac ISO & VIDEO_TS Folder Very Fast Speed Lossless Quality Output
Freemake DVD Copy Windows DVD Disc, ISO File, & DVD Folder Fast Speed High Quality Output
Magic DVD Copier ISO Files, DVD Folder, & DVD Disc DVD Disc, ISO Files, & DVD Folders High Speed High Quality Output
DVDFab Free HD Decrypter Windows & Mac DVD Disc, ISO Files, & DVD Folders High Speed Lossless Quality Output
DVD Cloner Windows & Mac ISO Images and DVD File (VIDEO_TS) Fast Speed Lossless Quality Output
Ashampoo Burning Studio Free Windows Supports MP3, WMA, & WAV as output digital formats Fast Speed High Quality Output

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There you have it! Those are the top 10 best DVD Copier tools for Windows/Mac platforms. You can now copy your DVD's content and transfer it to other storage through these tools. Additionally, you can now preserve them and avoid losing them due to possible disc damage and scratches. So, take your first step of downloading the best DVD Copy Software - 4Easysoft DVD Ripper!

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