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How to Fix AirDrop Stuck on Waiting Screen without Contacts

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Transfer May 14, 2024

Although AirDrop provides users with a convenient file transfer process, it is still not immune to various issues. Some users experience the "AirDrop says waiting but never connects" issue, which hinders them from sending various files. Thus, this post collects 8 of the most efficient yet workable ways to fix the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue! So, without further ado, explore each of them below and see which helps you fix the issue.

The Reasons Why AirDrop Always Stuck on Waiting

After encountering the issue, you probably immediately go to a browser and search, "Why is AirDrop stuck on waiting?" Well, there are many reasons why your AirDrop suddenly gets stuck on waiting but never connects. It could be due to improper settings setup, conflict with the system version, or an issue with a specific software/app. But there are a few of the most common reasons, and these include:

From this list of reasons, you can easily track down which part of your device settings you will troubleshoot to fix the AirDrop stuck on waiting iPhone issue. In the next part, this post features ways to address these roots/reasons. So, without further delay, start diving into the next part.

7 Efficient Ways to Fix AirDrop Stuck on Waiting

As mentioned above, this post featured 8 efficient ways to fix the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue! You can try all of them and see which can help you fix the issue.

1. Keep Both Devices Closer

Before jumping to slightly complicated ways to fix the AirDrop stuck-on-waiting iPhone issue, you can first try to move both devices closer to each other. AirDrop will only successfully transfer files between two different devices if they are placed within the Bluetooth range. The maximum distance of both devices should be 9 meters. You will encounter an issue if they are not within this range.

2. Make Sure Both Devices are Unlocked

If the recipient’s device is locked during the file-transferring process, this could be the root of the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue. Apple’s AirDrop won’t let its users lock their devices while transferring. So, in that case, you need to ensure that both devices, especially the recipient, are turned on. Then, see whether it fixes the issue.

3. Check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Another way to fix the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue is to check whether Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled. AirDrop utilizes those mentioned wireless technologies to search nearby devices and receive files. Now, if these two technologies are turned off, this would be why the issue occurs. However, if they are turned on, you can re-enable them and see whether it fixes the issue.

Re-enable Wi-Fi Bluetooth

4. Turn Off Personal Hotspot

Another setting you need to check is whether your device’s hotspot is turned on. Once the device’s hotspot is turned on during the AirDrop file transfer, it could cause hindrances. Although AirDrop will inform you once your hotspot is turned on, it is still possible it won’t if there are glitches on your device. Thus, it is still best to manually check it, and if it is enabled, then turn it off.

To do this, you can access your iPhone’s "Control Center", long press the "Bluetooth icon", and check if the Mobile Hotspot is "turned on". If it is turned on, tap it to "turn it off" and check whether it fixes the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue.

Check Turn Off Hotspot

5. Modify AirDrop Discoverability

Apart from the above ways, you can also fix the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue by modifying the discoverability/visibility of your device’s AirDrop. AirDrop is automatically set to the "Contacts Only" option by default. So, if you are trying to AirDrop a file to another person not included on your contacts list, your device will not be visible to their end. This one could also be the root of the issue.

Now, to change your device’s AirDrop visibility, you can run the "Settings" app, tap the "General" button, and select the "AirDrop" option. Then, on the AirDrop’s screen, select the "Everyone for 10 Minutes" option. After that, you can now check whether the issue is still present on your end.

Select Everyone for 10 Minutes

6. Restart Both Devices

If you are still experiencing the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue, a simple restart might fix it. If the issue’s root is due to system glitches, restarting it will be a great help to restart the device’s memory and clear system glitches. You can restart both devices and then use AirDrop again to check whether it helps you fix the issue.

7. Update iOS System

The last way to fix the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue is to update your device’s iOS version. Most of the time, iOS versions have many issues that slow down the device’s performance and cause glitches. Thankfully, with every release of new updates, Apple infused fixes for those issues.

Now, to check if there’s an available update on your end, you can run the "Settings" app, tap the "General" button, and select the "Software Update" option. Then, check whether there’s an available update for your device. If there’s an update, you can install it immediately.

Update Device

The Best Way to Transfer Data with No Stuck Like AirDrop

If the above ways couldn’t help you fix the AirDrop stuck on waiting iPhone 13 issue, you could use the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool as your best and most professional alternative! This tool can transfer almost all kinds of data from your device. These data include those labeled as necessary, media files, and social data. Moreover, it also supports an advanced preview feature that lets you see and select all the files you want to transfer easily and quickly. Furthermore, this tool can 100% provide you with a seamless, fast, and safe file-transferring process without any stuck issues!

iPhone Transfer
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Free Download

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How to Fix AirDrop Stuck on Waiting Issue Using 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer:

Step 1Download the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool on your Windows or Mac computer. After that, launch the tool and link your iOS device to the computer through the use of a USB cord. Then, wait for the tool to detect your device successfully.

Main Interface

Step 2Next, once the tool displays some of the data about your device, read it and choose the file type you want to transfer from the left side. Now, suppose you choose the "Photos" option; you will see all of your device’s photos in different categories. Select those you want to transfer.


Step 3Then, tick the "Export to PC" icon at the upper part of the tool to transfer the selected photos to the computer. Then, select a file folder location on the pop-up folder to store the selected photos and click the "Select Folder" button.

Select Folder

Step 4Otherwise, if you want to transfer them to another iPhone/iPad, link that device using another USB cord. And that’s it! Those are the steps to use this tool as an alternative and avoid the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue.

FAQs about How to Fix AirDrop Stuck on Waiting Issue


That’s it! Those are the 8 efficient ways to fix the AirDrop stuck-on waiting issue. Through these 8 efficient ways, you can now transfer/AirDrop all the files you wish to transfer without any issues! If those above ways didn’t help you fix the issue, you can use a professional third-party file transfer tool as an alternative! And one of the best recommendations is the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool! With this tool’s easy-to-execute file transfer process, you can seamlessly, quickly, and safely transfer all the files you want! Visit this tool’s website to discover more!

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