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Best 7 AirDrop Alternatives for Windows 11/10/8/7 to Send Files

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Transfer May 14, 2024

AirDrop is one of the best Apple features that lets users transfer files between iOS devices. However, what if you want to transfer a file from your iOS device to Windows? You can’t definitely use AirDrop, for it only works with Apple devices, not Windows. Thus, this post collects the 7 best tools like AirDrop for Windows that let you transfer files! These tools will help you transfer files between your iOS and Windows. So, start exploring each of them below!

7 Best Tools Like AirDrop for Windows to Transfer Files

Before exploring each tool, here is a chart featuring all 7 AirDrop for Windows 11/10/8/7. While exploring this chart, you can easily track their differences in some aspects with just a glimpse of their information. So, you can explore this chart before diving into their detailed information.

AirDrop for Windows Compatibility Supported Files to Transfer File Transferring Speed Pricing
4Easysoft iPhone Transfer It can be used on Windows and Mac. It can be used to transfer files to iOS and Android devices. Data categorized as necessary, media files, and social media data. Fast file transferring speed. It offers a free version, and pricing starts at $49.95 (Lifetime License).
SHAREit Windows, Android, and iOS. Apps, games, media files, GIFs, and wallpapers. Speed of 20 MB per second. It offers free usage, and pricing starts at $2.99 (Premium version).
Filedrop Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Document and images. Accelerated file transfer speed. Offer a free version, and pricing starts at $4 (Pro version).
Zapya Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web. Media files, applications, and other file types. Speed up to 10 megabytes per second. Free to use.
Send Anywhere Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Media files, documents, and contacts. Flash speed up to 40Mb/s. It offers a free version, and pricing starts at $5.99 (Lite version)
iTunes File Sharing Windows and Mac. Media files, ringtones, documents, etc. Fast speed file transferring speed. Free to use.
Snapdrop Browser, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Media files, PDFs, and other documents. Quick file transfer speed (based on your network connection). Free to use.

1. 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer

The first tool you can use as an AirDrop alternative for Windows is the professional 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer! This Windows and Mac-compatible tool lets you transfer various files in batches from your iOS device to a Windows. It supports almost all kinds of files, such as those labeled as necessary, media files, and social data. Moreover, it offers a seamless, easy, safe, and fast file-transferring process that meets your desired experience! This tool is definitely one of the best tools AirDrop alternatives for Windows. If you want to discover more about its features, explore the list below.

iPhone Transfer
Features of 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer

Comes with three modes to transfer files: IOS devices, computers, and iTunes.

Advance Preview feature that lets you easily and quickly see and select files to transfer.

Provide file management features: Photo Manager, Contact Assistant, and Music Editor.

Offer extra features to transfer your iOS files: Phone to Phone and Device to PC.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

How to Use 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer as an AirDrop for Windows:

Step 1Download and install the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool on your Windows computer. After that, launch the tool and link your iPhone/iPad device to the computer through a USB cable. Then, wait for the tool to detect your device.

Main Interface

Step 2Once the tool detects your device, it will display some data about it. Please read the data and select an option from the left that matches the file type you wish to transfer. Suppose you select the photo; click "Photo" and select all the photos to transfer from different categories.


Step 3After that, click the "Export to PC" icon at the top of the tool to transfer the selected photos. Then, on the folder popup window, select a folder where you want to store the selected photos and tick the "Select Folder" button.

Seelect Folder

Step 4Once the file-transferring process is done, you can head to the file directory (on your Windows) you selected earlier. Then, you will see all the photos that initially came from your iOS devices. And that’s it! Those are the steps on how to use this tool as AirDrop for Windows PCs!

2. SHAREit

Another tool that you can use as an AirDrop alternative for Windows is SHAREit. This tool is also one of those easy-to-use file transfer tool that lets you transfer various files. It lets you transfer apps, media files, documents, etc., in batches. It utilizes a Wi-Fi connection to search for nearby recipients and transfer files. Moreover, this tool’s speed is pretty impressive, and it doesn’t restrict you in file size. Sadly, this tool pops up lots of annoying ads!

SHAREit Interface

Features of SHAREit

3. Filedrop

Apart from SHAREit, you can also use Filedrop as your file transfer tool like AirDrop for Windows 10! The same goes with SHAREit; Filedrop also lets you transfer files at an impressive speed and doesn’t have any file size restrictions. Moreover, this tool makes the file-transferring process more accessible and straightforward. However, Filedrop is not as consistent as the other tools. If you are trying to send files with large file sizes, you will notice it takes a lot of time for the tool to finish the file-transferring process.

Filedrop Interface

Features of Filedrop

4. Zapya

If you are looking for a fast file transfer tool like AirDrop for Windows, Zapya is what you are searching for. This tool lets you transfer different files with different sizes in bulk. Moreover, this tool supports a shake-to-connect feature that links both devices when you shake them. However, the same goes for Filedrop; the file size will affect this tool’s speed. The massive the size is, the slower the transferring process will be.

Zapya Interface

Features of Zapya

5. Send Anywhere

Another file transfer tool like AirDrop for Windows 10 is Send Anywhere! Unlike the tools above, Send Anywhere lets you transfer various files anywhere and any size. Anywhere means you can transfer files from your device to other devices around the globe! The tool makes this possible by creating a link version of your file to share with others. However, this tool’s free version only limits you to a maximum of 10GB of file size.

Send Anywhere Interface

Features of Send Anywhere

6. iTunes File Sharing

You can also use iTunes File Sharing as an AirDrop alternative for Windows 11/10/8/7. iTunes File Sharing tool lets you manage your files from your iOS device. It lets you copy/share files between computers and different iOS devices. Although this tool/feature is also a great option, not all iOS apps are supported. Moreover, unlike the tools above, this tool doesn’t let you transfer files from a single folder.

iTunes File Sharing Interface

Features of iTunes File Sharing

7. Snapdrop

The last AirDrop alternative for Windows 11/10/8/7 for this lineup is the Snapdrop! This tool is inspired by Apple’s AirDrop, which lets you instantly transfer files to various devices. This tool allows you to share unlimited files across the internet, not just on your network. However, regarding its supported file-transferring speed, this tool relies on your internet connection speed. This tool’s transfer speed is also slow if your internet is slow.

Snapdrop Interface

Features of Snapdrop

How to AirDrop Data from iPhone to Windows with iTunes

There you have it! Those are the 7 best AirDrop alternatives for Windows. As you can see on the above lineup, iTunes is also included on the list. iTunes is flexible; it lets you back up and restore various files, update the iOS version, and transfer them through its File Sharing feature. Now, if you have AirDrop data from your iPhone that you also wish to transfer to Windows, then here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1Install and run the latest iTunes program on your Windows, link your iPhone to the computer by using a USB cord, and tap the "Trust" button on your iPhone’s screen.

Step 2After that, click the "iPhone" icon at the upper bar and select the "File Sharing" option on the left tab. Then, select all the files you wish to transfer and tick the "Save" button.

Step 3Next, wait for iTunes to transfer the selected files to your Windows. Once done, you can look for the transferred files on your Windows computer.

Transfer Airdrop Data to Windows iTunes

Though the steps above show how easy it is to use iTunes as an AirDrop alternative for Windows, there are still downsides you need to consider. Some of these downsides include the fact that you often fail to connect your iPhone and Windows successfully. Moreover, unlike a dedicated file transfer tool, iTunes supports only a few file types.

FAQs about AirDrop Alternatives for Windows 11/10/8/7


That’s it! Those are the 7 best tools like AirDrop for Windows that let you transfer files between iOS devices and Windows! With these tools, you can now transfer all the files you want, either from your iPhone/iPad to Windows or vice versa! If you are hesitant to use some of the tools due to their drawbacks, you can use the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer tool instead! This tool offers an easy file-transferring process, supports almost all types of files, and offers no restrictions! You can visit its official webpage today to discover more about this tool.

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