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Why Photos Disappeared from iPhone Suddenly and How to Fix this Issue

Aira Lesly Escoto Posted by Aira Lesly Escoto to iOS Recovery Mar 07, 2023

You open your Photos on your iPhone, and then you're shocked because you can’t find some of your photos, even in Recently Deleted. It can be frustrating! But why did it happen? The photos disappeared from iPhone issue may be caused by several reasons. And the good thing is there are also several ways to help you fix this kind of problem. Usually, the reason can be straightforward, so fixing it is effortless. To know more, and to avoid this stressful situation, see below the shared method to solve the photos disappeared from iPhone issue.

The Best Way to Recover the Photos Disappeared from iPhone

Recover all photos disappeared from iPhone and other iOS device data with 4Easysoft iPhone Data Recovery. With this program, you can fix many iPhone issues, such as a black screen, loss of files such as photos disappearing from the iPhone, system crashes, forgotten passwords, and more. Moreover, it has support for all iOS devices and versions, making this powerful program software to recover files. Unlike other programs, this iPhone data recovery offers a high success rate and no data loss once you fix iPhone issues. It is the best program to use to fix the photos disappeared from iPhone issue.

iPhone Data Recovery
4Easysoft iPhone Data Recovery

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Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1Download the program, install it, then launch it. Before starting recovery photos disappeared from iPhone, remember to connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. If a Trust This Computer appears on your iPhone screen, tap the Trust button.

Trust this Computer

Step 2On your computer, click the iPhone Data Recovery, then choose Recover from iOS Device. Click the Start Scan button to detect all deleted data on your iPhone. If you have many files, the scanning process will take time.

Recover from iOS Device Start Scan

Step 3Once the scanning process is finished, all your data will be classified into different file types and listed. Double-click on your photos to preview, then click the checkbox to recover.

Choose the Desired Data to Recover

Step 4After choosing all your photos disappeared from iPhone, click the Recover button to start recovering them at once.

Why and How to Fix Photos Suddenly Disappeared from iPhone Issue

You may ask what causes your photos to disappear from your iPhone suddenly, and there could be many reasons. Once you know the reason, you can quickly devise a solution to fix photos disappeared from iPhone issues. Below is a list of reasons that might be the cause why your photos can’t be seen on your iPhone.

With the help of iCloud, and your device, you can recover your photos. Here are some solutions that can help you fix photos disappeared from iPhone issues - the easiest and quickest ways.

1. Check Recently Deleted Folder

If you think you accidentally deleted your photos, check the Recently Deleted folder immediately. This method is the easiest way to recover deleted photos from an iPhone, and you can accomplish this within a minute. To recover photos disappeared from iPhone in the Recently Deleted folder, here’s how:

Step 1Go to Photos on your iPhone, and tap on Albums. Then, scroll down until you see the Recently Deleted folder.

Step 2In the folder, locate the photos you accidentally deleted, select one, then tap Recover. To choose many photos, tap Select, tap on each photo, then Recover. It will automatically be back on your Camera Roll.

Recently Deleted Folder

2. Go To Hidden Album

Once you hide photos on your iPhone, they will not appear on your Album; you can only see them in the Hidden Album. If you check the Recently Deleted folder and your photos aren't there, go to the Hidden album. It might slip into your mind that you hide the photos and not remember them.

Step 1In the Photos on your iPhone, tap on Albums. Scroll down until you see Hidden under Other Albums.

Step 2When your photos are there, tap Select, then select photos disappeared from iPhone. Tap the Share button, then Unhide. The pictures will be back on your Camera Roll.

Hidden Album

3. Turn on iCloud Photo Library

If none of the two helped you, it’s time to check the Settings app on your iPhone. iCloud Photos secures and synchronizes your photos to your other iOS device. So, once you change the picture on another device, it will also appear on your iPhone. Enabling iCloud Photos will get back the photos disappeared from iPhone in the iCloud.

Step 1Head to the Settings app on your iPhone, tap on your Apple ID at the top, then go to iCloud.

Step 2Tap Photos, then toggle the switch button of iCloud Photos to turn it on. Wait a few minutes to sync up with iCloud, then check your picture on the Photos app.

iCloud Photos

4. Sign in Your iCloud Account

Three ways have already been mentioned to help you with your photos disappeared from iPhone issue and you are still missing your pictures. If the first three ways did not help, you might have logged in with the wrong Apple ID, which is why saving photos to iCloud is not working. To check your Apple ID, follow the guide below.

Step 1Go to Settings on your iPhone, then tap on your Apple ID at the top of your screen.

Step 2If the email address you see under your name isn't your Apple ID account, scroll down, then tap Sign Out. If it is your account, log out, then log in again; a minor issue could be the reason.

iCloud Account

FAQs about Fixing Photos Disappeared from iPhone


Hopefully, one of the methods discussed in this post helped you. Before doing some complicated ways, check your Recently Deleted album first or the Hidden album, then with the help of iCloud, you can recover the photos disappeared from iPhone. However, if you are still missing your photos, the best way is to use 4Easysoft iPhone Data Recovery on Windows/Mac. Whatever iPhone issues you encounter, the program can help you recover photos disappeared from iPhone, forgotten passwords, device stuck, water damage, and more issues your iOS device may face.

Free Download

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Free Download

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