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10 Free MPG Converter Tools to Convert MPG to MP4 [Desktop/Online]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Video Converter Oct 07, 2023

It is annoying when you only want to watch an MPG video, but suddenly your media player hinders you from watching it! Well, this is because most media players do not support the MPG format, which is its major drawback. To solve this, you need MPG video converter to convert it to MP4, a format most devices support. How can you achieve this? You can use a powerful MPG Converter to MP4; on this post, you’ll see 10 of them here! So, without any further delay, explore them now!

The Best 5 MPG Video Converters to MP4 on Windows/Mac

The first group of free MPG Converter tools that you are about to explore are usable on Windows or Mac computers. This post listed all the best tools on the market to offer you great MPG to MP4 conversion services. You can try each of them to see which tool can provide your needs. So, start diving in!

1. 4Easysoft Total Video Converter (Windows/Mac)

The first MPG Converter to MP4 tool for this lineup is 4Easysoft Total Video Converter. This tool definetely suits you if you are looking for a tool that offers advanced yet easy-to-video conversion features! This Windows and Mac-compatible tool supports 600+ formats (including MPG and MP4), and device presets to convert your MPG file. Moreover, it supports Batch Conversion, which enables you to convert multiple MPG files to MP4 simultaneously and quickly. This tool can convert various files with high-quality results, but you can still further enhance it through its Output Tweaking feature. This feature lets you modify your output’s Quality, Resolution, Frame Rate, and Bitrate. These are just a few of this tool’s powerful features, and if you want to discover more, explore the list below!

Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

Accelerated machine and Blu-Hyper technology that converts MPG to MP4 with 60x speed.

Offer various Video Codecs to convert your MPG files from H.264, H.265, and HEVC.

Basic video editing features such as video cropper, rotator, trimmer, effects, Filters, etc.

MV Maker to bring redefining changes to your video by adding themes, titles, subtitles, etc.

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Free Download

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2. VideoProc (Windows/Mac)

Another MPG Converter to MP4 tool you can use is VideoProc. This tool also supports many media formats, and it is around 370+ formats, including MP4. Like the tool above, VideoProc is also integrated with GPU Acceleration technology, making it possible to convert MPG to MP4 with lightning speed. And it converts files without any possible issues along the way. However, although it offers a free trial version, it will only allow you to import a 5-minute video. You can avail of its paid version if you want to go beyond that.

MPG Converter Videoproc

3. Handbrake (Windows/Mac/Linux)

If you really want a completely free MPG Converter, then you need Handbrake. Since it is open source, people can use this tool without requiring them to spend money. Unlike the tools above, Handbrake only supports three formats to convert your MPG file, that includes, MP4, MKV, and WebM. But, despite that, it can convert 4K MPG files to MP4 and lets you customize parameters. However, it takes a long time to finish the conversion process, and though its latest version already addresses flaws, some things still need to be fixed.

MPG Converter Handbrake

4. VLC Media Player (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Otherwise, if you are considering another free MPG Converter as an alternative to Handbrake, then VLC Media Player is the best choice! Yes, you read it right! You can also use VLC to convert your MPG to MP4 format. Unlike VideoProc and Handbrake, with VLC, you can convert lengthy videos for free without restrictions and support a speed conversion process. But, to set your expectation, VLC is not a professional video converter so you might encounter unsatisfiable outputs after the conversion process.

MPG Converter VLC Media Player

5. Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

The last free MPG Converter tool for this lineup is Freemake Video Converter. Unlike Handbrake, VideoProc, and VLC, Freemake supports 500+ formats (including MP4), and device presets to convert your file. Similar to Handbrake, Freemake also can convert 4K MPG files. It is also equipped with basic video editing features that you can use in case you want to customize your MPG video. Another notable thing about this tool is its simple interface which will help you convert MPG quickly. The only thing you might hesitate to use is that it leaves a watermark on your output which you can only get rid of if you purchase its free version.

MPG Converter VLC Freemake Player

Top 5 Online MPG Video Converters to Transfer MPG to MP4

Otherwise, if you only want to convert one MPG file to MP4 or want to use a more accessible tool, then here are the top 5 online MPG Converters for you. Like the tools above, you can try each of them and see which of these online MPG Converters to MP4 tools provides you with excellent performance. Explore them now!

1. CloudConvert

The first online and free MPG Converter tool on the list is CloudConvert. This online tool supports an intuitive interface and easy to execute MPG to MP4 conversion process. It offers 200+ formats, including the MP4 format, and provides high-quality conversions. This tool stands out because it has built-in Output Tweaking options that you can utilize to modify your MPG before converting it. However, although CloudConvert supports all those great points, you can only do 25 conversions daily.

MPG Converter Cloudconvert

2. Zamzar

If you want a much easier MPG Converter to MP4 online tool than CloudConvert, then Zamzar is definitely the best choice! This tool supports a straightforward interface, can convert 1100+ formats, and with a quick conversion process. You can finish your MPG to MP4 conversion with just 7 clicks! That’s how easy Zamzar is. Now, the thing is, Zamzar only allows you to convert an MPG file with a 50MB maximum file size. If you exceed that, the tool won’t accept it.

MPG Converter Zamzar

3. 123Apps - Video Converter

Another straightforward free MPG Converter tool like Zamzar is the 123Apps - Video Converter. Unlike Zamzar, 123Apps - Video Converter lets you convert MPG files to MP4 with a maximum of 4GB file size. This only means that you can convert movies through this online tool. Moreover, it supports 300 formats, high conversion performance, and no file limitation. But, as usual for an online tool, 123Apps’ conversion speed will significantly rely on your internet stability. If your internet is weak, the tool will take time to convert your MPG file.

MPG Converter 123Apps

4. FreeConvert

If you are searching for an online MPG Converter to MP4 tool that can provide nearly similar features to those downloadable tools above, then FreeConvert is what you are looking for. This tool supports 1500 file conversions and lets you import MPG with a 1GB file size. Moreover, it is also equipped with Video Output Tweaking options that enable you to alter your video’s Codec, Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, and more. However, FreeConvert only allows you to convert 25 minutes per day. If you go beyond 25 minutes, the tool will not allow you to import another MPG file.

MPG Converter FreeConvert

5. Convertio

The last online and free MPG Converter for this group is Convertio. This tool also supports the ability to turn your MPG to MP4 format. It is also infused with Output Tweaking selections that enable you to modify your video. It includes Trimmer, Resizer, Rotator, Flipper, options to change Codec, Frame Rate, and more. But, similar to FreeConvert, Zamzar, and CloudConvert, this online tool also has MPG file importation limitations. It only lets convert an MPG with a maximum of 100 MB in size.

MPG Converter Convertio

FAQs about the Best MPG Video Converter on Windows/Mac


Now those are the 10 best MPG Converter to MP4 tools that you can use to convert your MPG videos to MP4 format. Through them, you can definitely get rid of the MPG’s incompatibility issue and enjoy watching it on different devices with an MP4 format! Among these 10 tools, the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter tool is the best. With this tool’s powerful and easy-to-initiate conversion, ultrafast speed performance, and high-quality results, you can have the best MPG to MP4 output you will enjoy watching on wide screens! If you want to know more about this tool, visit its official website today!

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Free Download

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