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10 Top-Tier iPod Music Transfer Software - Enjoy Them on Windows/Mac!

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Transfer Feb 22, 2024

Those who love music, mainly iPod users, might know little about iTunes. It is one of the official methods that Apple provides if you want to transfer iPod music to Windows or Mac. However, some prefer using other iPod music transfer software for several reasons; they commonly find iTunes complicated, or their Mac version no longer has it. Well, other programs are practical and effective as well for transferring music. And today, this post will give you the top 10 best iPod music transfer software. Without further ado, let’s start!

Top 10 Best iPod Transfer Software on Windows/Mac

Wondering which one of the 10 listed programs below is best when it comes to transferring iPod music? Each will provide a description, so ensure to pick the best iPod music transfer software.

1. 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer

The 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer deserves the first spot as the best iPod music transfer software you can get on Windows and Mac. The program not just supports transferring iPhone and iPad files but also iPod music — all iOS models and versions are covered. On top of that, you can enjoy customizing ringtones using your iPod music, as this tool covers it as well by setting the start and end points. Furthermore, you can simultaneously remove unnecessary files from your iPod, saving precious time.

iPhone Transfer
4Easysoft iPhone Transfer

SupportTransfer iPod music to Windows and Mac in batch.

Capable of managing and creating music playlists.

Remove transferred files quickly for more storage space.

Customize ringtones using your favorite iPod music track.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1Launch the program, find a USB cable, then connect your iPod to your computer. After that, click "Music" on the left side menu, where all your music will be visible on the screen.


Step 2Select the iPod music you want to transfer; you can choose All. Navigate to the "computer monitor" button to select the "Export to PC" option then you will be required to choose a folder to save the music.

Music Export to PC

2. CopyTrans

With CopyTrans iPod music transfer software, you can simply drag then drop the music tracks from your PC to another iOS device. You can as well add songs, edit playlists, and include ringtones, podcasts, and others without getting through iTunes. Moreover, you can customize title tracks, titles, genres, etc., in a few clicks. And another thing about it is its updated version is compatible with Apple Music, but it was only designed to work with Windows OS.

CopyTrans iPod Transfer
Support iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
Have a built-in music player.
Easy-to-navigate main interface.
Don’t save your data.
Limited file formats support.

3. iTunes

As raised, iTunes is among the official methods of Apple to transfer files. It works as an iPod transfer software for iOS devices in earlier Mac versions and is capable of creating a backup of all your data on the iPod and quickly transfer them back to the device or save on another device. Furthermore, it contains lots of music you can browse and search directly on, which is another advantage.

iTunes iPod Transfer
Provide music details, like lyrics, cover, etc.
Sync iPod music to PC quickly.
Downloadable for free on Windows/Mac.
Cannot remove music from the iPod.
Can only sync iPod music in one library.

4. PodTrans

PodTrans is another reliable iPod music transfer software that lets you download all your music from any PC, as long as you have an internet connection. Although it is limited to working with iPods and not on other iOS devices, you can transfer, manage, and create a backup of all your iPod data using it. Plus, without installing iTunes, you can customize music and any media content on your iPod using PodTrans.

Podtrans iPod Transfer
Have a straightforward interface.
Quick to restore audio files.
Limited to iPod only.
Have stopped updating.

5. iRip

Consider this iPod music transfer software, iRip, if you want a handy program to transfer music from your iPod to your PC. It is a decent program that supports a wide range of content, like music, movies, photos, podcasts, and more. With it, you can simultaneously transfer individual tracks from your device or an entire playlist. However, it isn't free, unlike other discussed iPod transfers.

iRip iPod Transfer
A friendly program for Windows and Mac
Quick iPod music ripping speed.
No option to transfer iPod music to iPhone
Don’t support any other iOS data.

6. MediaMonkey

Working effectively as an iPod music transfer software, MediaMonkey can sync music with any iPod model, like Nano, Classic, and Touch, as well as other iOS devices. Aside from that, it is capable of organizing and categorizing music collections. It is worth noting that all of its features are pretty basic. However, the first you use the program, it will do an in-depth scan of all your video and audio files.

Media Monkey iPod Transfer
Custom skins and tweak settings.
Multi-format media player.
Community-developed extensions.
Complicated at first for beginners.
Have a text-heavy main screen.

7. SharePod

SharePod is among the great iPod music transfer software today that provides a simple yet effective way of transferring music files to your PC. It supports a use friendly interface but is elegant at the same time. Using SharePod, you can copy songs, podcasts, videos, and more files from iOS devices. Plus, it has the ability to recover your music collection and playlist in just one click.

Sharepod iPod Transfer
Quickly copy songs and iTunes playlist
Can recover music after a crash.
Don't work with the latest versions of iOS.
The free version offers 10 files to transfer only.

8. TouchCopy

Next in line in the list of the best iPod music transfer software is TouchCopy, an application that can transfer music, contacts, messages, videos, ringtones, and more. Moreover, all music details are written on the main screen, letting you select music quickly, which one to transfer and which not. Aside from that, you can customize the playlist, including data, ratings, play counts, etc., using TouchCopy.

Touchcopy iPod Transfer
Solve syncing iPod without iTunes.
Back up music, ringtones, photos, etc.
Outdated main interface.
Recognize the device slowly.

9. iTools

Helps you with lots of device issues and is called iTools for Windows OS. It acts like a perfect alternative to iTunes since it manages your data and creates a backup within minutes. Aside from transferring music, you can manage data like messages, pictures, contacts, etc. Moreover, it lets you create ringtones using your audio tracks or music on iPod. Aside from that, the Battery Master of this tool enables you to monitor your device's battery health, a feature that most iPod music transfer software doesn’t have.

iTools iPod Transfer
Support most iOS data besides music.
Can access your location.
Manage storage of your device.
Not a free software; it costs $39.95
Can’t be installed when anti-virus software is running.

10. SynciOS

Finally, SynciOs is here to perform as your iPod music transfer software, but it can also be your video downloader, ringtone maker, and media player. Furthermore, it can recover contacts, notes, history, videos, photos, etc. The SynciOS iPod transfer also allows users to copy every data on their device to a computer quickly, and the good thing about it is that it supports all models and versions as well as Android devices.

Syncios iPod Transfer
Show full support for iOS and Android devices.
Manage media collections.
Wide range of formats, like MP4, MOV, JPG, etc.
Cannot transfer media between phones.
Need iTunes before you can install it.

FAQs about the Best iPod Transfer Software


That’s all this post says about today's top 10 best iPod music transfer software! Hopefully, one of them stands out for you. But if you’re still having difficulty picking the suitable one, why not give 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer a try? Aside from transferring iPod music to a PC, you can rely on this program to transfer iPhone and iPad data. Furthermore, you can guarantee a safe and fast transferring speed with it; try it out for yourself!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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