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8 Best DVD Players with VCR that You Should Not Miss

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Burn DVD/Blu-ray, Review Jul 04, 2024

A stylish DVD player with a VCR combo can play VHS, CD, DVD, and VCDs. Plus, it offers several features such as one-touch recording, simultaneous DVD playback, VHS recording, and more. In other words, with the proper hardware, you can back up your existing VHS collection to a more modern media, saving your physical space, and keeping your old videos safe. This article identifies a top list and provides a review for each one.

Comparison of Best DVD Players with VCR

Price on Amazon Up-Conversion Support DVD/VCR Type
LG VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo $323.99 1080p VHS, DVD-R Dual Layer, CD, DVD, HD DVD, DVD-Audio, Blu-ray, DVD-RW Dual Layer, CD-R, DVD+RW, CD-RW, DVD+R
Panasonic PV-D4743S Progressive-Scan DVD-VCR Combo $144.99 480p DVD-Video, VHS tape, CD, audio CD-R and CD-RW, and video DVD-R
Samsung DVD-V2000 DVD-VCR Combo $117.00 1080p CD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM
Toshiba VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo $392.55 1080p DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD-R, VHS, CD, SVCD, VCD
Magnavox MWD2206 DVD/VCR Combination Player $130.36 1080p VHS, CD, DVD, DVD-R/RW, CD-R/-RW
Philips DVD/VCR Combo $236.00 480p VHS, DVD
Zenith XBV443 Progressive Scan DVD / VCR Combo $98.18 1080p DVD, CD, CD-R/CD-RW, JPEG CD, and VHS
Sony DVD/VCR Combo $236.00 1080p DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, SVCD, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3

Top 8 DVD Players with VCR

Top 1: LG VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo

Lg Vh Dvd Vcr Player

Although this DVD VCR combo player with HDMI is an older product, its price has rocketed recently. It equips everything you need if you wish to spend a lot on a quality DVD recorder and player with a VHS VCR combo.

Record from your TV with the built-in tuner.
Convert between DVD and VHS.
Upscale content up to 1080p.
Play back photos and music on memory sticks.
The recorded DVDs might not play on other devices.
The remote control is not very good.

Top 2: Panasonic PV-D4743S Progressive-Scan DVD-VCR Combo

Panasonic Dvd Vcr Player

If you are looking for a cost-effective DVD player built-in VCR, the Panasonic PV-D4743S is a good choice. This combo device lets you enjoy crisp and clear images on your TV screen smoothly.

Built-in 4-head VCR system.
Track digital audio.
Play old VHS tapes easily.
Offer progressive-scan DVD video output.
The output quality is not very good.
It may eject the tape during recording.

Top 3: Samsung DVD-V2000 DVD-VCR Combo

Samsung Dvd Vcr Player

Samsung DVD-V2000 is another stand-out DVD player with a VCR due to the reliable hardware and software. It allows you to record all five types of DVDs from VHS tapes. It offers HDMI output and upscaling support. You can also hook up the DVD player to a TV.

Integrate 4-head Hi-fi VCR system.
Support MP3 decoder playback from CDs.
Record VHS to all DVD formats.
Upscale video quality automatically.
It requires an external tuner for TV recording.
It does not have a remote.

Top 4: Toshiba VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo

Toshiba Dvd Vcr Player

Toshiba VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo is a well-defined DVD player with VCR. It helps you save video tapes to DVDs. Plus, it provides well-defined images with 1080p up-conversion via HDMI.

Convert between DVD and VCR.
Enhance video quality up to 1080p.
Support a wide range of media types.
Integrate two types of connectivity technologies.
The VCR portion is hard to load or eject tapes.
An external tuner is required.

Top 5: Magnavox MWD2206 DVD/VCR Combination Player

Magnavox Dvd Vcr Player

Magnavox DVD Player with VCR is an affordable DVD player with VCR. It supports all types of DVDs. The user can easily connect it to the home speaker system and enjoy the music throughout the house. It is a fantastic VHS/DVD player for old relatives.

Play DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes.
Come with a 4-head VCR for top-quality images.
Integrate the ability to time/index search.
Support Dolby Digital surround.
It cannot convert VHS to DVD.
To record TV, you need a separate tuner.

Top 6: Philips DVD/VCR Combo

Philips Dvd Vcr Player

Philips DVD/VCR Combo is a popular DVD player with VCR for people who need a device to convert DVDs to VHS. Moreover, it supports a variety of media types, like DVDs, JPEGs, MP3s, and videotapes.

Integrate progressive scan feature.
Compatible with photos and music playback.
Easy to set up and use.
Provide RCA and HDMI connection.
It only records DVDs to VHS.
It relies on the remote for inputs.

Top 7: Zenith XBV443 Progressive Scan DVD / VCR Combo

Zenith Dvd Vcr Player

As its name indicates, Zenith XBV443 lets you play video DVDs and video tapes with the best quality. Moreover, it lets you record VHS to DVDs up to 1080p. The built-in Dolby Digital delivers an excellent audio experience.

Support almost all DVD types.
Offer Hi-fi stereo VHS performance.
Integrate Dolby Digital surround.
Compatible A/V receiver.
It only equips the HMDI connection.
The video quality is not very good on new TVs.

Top 8: Sony DVD/VCR Combo

Sony Dvd Vcr Player

This DVD player with VCR allows you to enjoy DVD and VHS playback in a single unit. Plus, it offers 9-micron heads for clear images and bonus features, such as DVD bookmarking and commercial skip.

Integrate a user-friendly menu system.
Include a range of connectivity options.
Connect it to TV or other devices easily.
Offer VCR Plus+ programming.
It takes time to load DVDs.
The price is a bit expensive.

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FAQs about DVD Player with VCR


Now, you should learn at least the top 8 best DVD players with VCR. You can also learn almost everything you should know about these players, like up-conversion quality, supported media types, and more. 4Easysoft Blu-ray Player is the best choice to play DVDs on a computer. More questions? Please feel free to leave a message below.

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