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Ultimate Guide: What and How to Create a Live Photo Sticker in iOS 17/18

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Recovery Mar 27, 2024

iOS 17/18 version offers lots of exciting features, one of which is the iOS 17/18 Live Photo Sticker! This sticker brings much more entertainment to your usual conversation on the Messages app than regular stickers. Now, you probably want to know more about this newest feature on iOS 17/18. Then, continue reading this post, for it features brief information about the Live Sticker of iOS 17 and ways to create a sticker out of your live photos. Explore them now!

What is the Live Photo Sticker Function for iOS 17/18?

Before diving into the simple ways to make Live Photo Sticker on iOS 17/18, you may first explore what precisely this iOS 17/18 version is. So, the Live Photo Sticker feature lets you lift through touch and hold a specific subject on a live photo, then transform it into an animated sticker. That specific "subject lifting" process is already available on iOS 16. However, some people find it dull right after they lift and cut a photo because it does nothing but a still-cut photo. But when the iOS 17 comes in, Apple provides you the ability to convert it into an animated sticker. Those animated stickers you have produced from your live photos can be sent to various conversations.

List of iPhone Models that Support Live Photo Sticker Function of iOS 17/18

Now that you have a brief idea of the iOS 17 Live Photo Sticker feature, you also need to know which iPhone models support the mentioned feature or function. Yes, you read it right. There are specific iPhone models that Apple allows to support the Live Photo Sticker. Which models support the feature? Here’s a list for you.

How to Make Live Photo Stickers on iOS 17/18 [iPhone 15/14/13/12]

That’s it! That’s the simple introduction to the iOS 17/18 Live Photo Sticker feature and which iPhone models support it. Moving on to the most exciting part of this post: How to make Live Photo Stickers in iOS 17/18 on iPhone 15/14/13/12! So, without further delay, start exploring this post’s featured two simple ways below!

1. Create a Live Sticker iOS 17/18 on Messages App

The first way to create a Live Photo Sticker is by using the Messages app on your iPhone. To do this, here’s a simple step you can follow:

Step 1Access a "conversation" on your Messages app, tap the "Add" button at the left corner of the input text field, and select the "Stickers" option.

Access Sticker Option

Step 2Then, tap the "Add Sticker" button and select the photo you want to convert into a live sticker. Next, tap the "Add Sticker" button in the lower right corner to automatically add it to your list of stickers.

Step 3You can also add effects to it by long-pressing the "previously added sticker," tapping the "Add Effect" button, selecting an effect from the list below, and tapping the "Done" button to save it.

2. Make an iOS 17/18 Live Photo Sticker on the Photos App

Apart from the Messages app, you can also create a Live Photo Sticker on your iPhone’s Photos App. How to do this? Here are the steps you should go after:

Step 1Open your Photos app and access the photo you want to convert into a live sticker. Then, tap and hold a specific subject on the photo; on the pop-up menu, tap the "Add Sticker" button.

Step 2Next, the photo will be converted into a sticker and added to your list of stickers. If you want to add effects, you must access and long-press the newly created and added sticker. Then, tap the "Effect" option, select an "Effect" you want, and tap the "Done" button.

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There you have it! Those are the 2 ways to create an iOS 17/18 Live Photo Sticker! Recently, there have been a lot of adverse reports about iOS 17/18. One of which is the not working Live Photo issue and the reports about the problems related to iOS 17. Now, if you don’t want the iOS 17 and Live Photo Stickers anymore due to those reasons, then you can use the 4Easysoft iOS System Recovery tool to downgrade the iOS version! This tool can efficiently downgrade the iOS 17 version of your iPhone by downloading firmware with a lower version, such as iOS 16. This process can also fix various issues on your iPhone and transform your device into a perfect new system. You can do all of these with just a few clicks! So start downgrading your iPhone now!

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iOS Information to Fix

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Download Firmware to Fix

FAQs about iOS 17/18 New Feature – Live Photo Stickers


That’s it! That’s the comprehensive explanation of what is the iOS 17/18 Live Photo Sticker and workable ways to create one! With that information, you can now produce tons of animated stickers from your live photos and infuse them into your conversations! If you have a problem with iOS 17/18 and its Live Photo Sticker feature, you can use the 4Easysoft iOS System Recovery tool to remove them and downgrade your iPhone! Visit this tool’s official website to discover more of its powerful features. Visit it today!

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