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DVD to MKV – Convert or Rip DVD to MKV Videos for Easy Playback

Aira Lesly Escoto Posted by Aira Lesly Escoto to Convert Video, Rip DVD Dec 13, 2022

If you want to watch movies from DVD discs, you need to use the designed DVD player, or simply convert DVD to MKV files for free. As a multimedia container format, MKV can store all videos, audio tracks, subtitles, and data information, as same as DVD. Thus, to get a collection of movies and videos from your DVDs extracted to your computer, you’d better convert DVD to MKV for free. Instead of finding a DVD player, you can use the following methods to rip ISO or DVD to MKV. Read below to learn more.

Part 1: Why Converting DVD to MKV for Free

Before knowing why you need to convert DVD to MKV for free, you should first learn what DVD and MKV are.

DVD is the acronym of digital video disc or digital versatile disc, and it is a type of optical disc that you can use to store data and files. Back then, DVDs are popular as media file storage, especially for videos and movies. This is an upgrade from CDs that can only store audio files due to their small data capacity.

Meanwhile, MKV stands for Matroska Video, which originated in Russia in 2002. MKV files are not in compression format but are container formats, a common misconception by those unfamiliar with it. The difference is that container formats can add audio, video, and subtitles to one file. Moreover, this container format is future-proof, meaning it will not become obsolete over time. In addition, you can use and store it on any modern device and media storage.

Now that we know what DVDs and MKV are, let's talk about the reason why you need to convert DVD to MKV. The primary reason is that DVDs are analog media storage declining in popularity due to the shift to digital technology. Our technology is continuously developing; more and more people rely on USB and Hard drives that can store various file formats, MKV included. Therefore, you may want to consider converting all DVDs to MKV so you can use them on any device. Learn how to convert using the best tool available in the next section.

Part 2: The Ultimate Method to Convert DVD to MKV

Are you looking for the best tool to rip DVD to MKV for free efficiently? 4Easysoft DVD Ripper is one of the top DVD to MKV converters recommended for you. It can help you safely rip a batch of your DVD to MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and other digital formats. It also has a built-in function to add subtitles, audio tracks, watermarks, and edit the videos.

4Easysoft DVD Ripper
4Easysoft DVD Ripper

Rip DVD to MKV, and more than 600 video and audio formats.

Provide GPU acceleration with 60x faster speed for ripping process.

Adjust the settings to make ISO and MKV videos without quality loss.

Support more editing tools to add stunning effects on videos.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Steps on ripping DVD to MKV using the ultimate DVD Ripper:

Step 1Install 4Easysoft DVD Ripper

Firstly, after you successfully download the program, proceed to install the tool. Open the tool to launch and open the main interface window. On the top part of the interface window, click Load DVD and put your DVD disc on your computer.

Load the DVD File DR

Step 2Add audio to the video

Next, click the Edit button to modify the video before converting DVD to MKV. Use the Audio tab to add audio tracks and background music to the selected video. You can adjust the volume, add on any part of the video, and delay the music's intro. After you finish adding audio and music, click OK to confirm.

Edit the Audio Track DR

Step 3Add Subtitles

Likewise, click the Edit button to add subtitles to the video. Use the Subtitle tab to start adding subtitles to any video part. You can select text format, change the text color, and adjust the opacity of the words. After you finish including subtitles, click OK to verify the changes.

Watermark the DVD Titled DR

Step 4Start DVD to MKV file conversion

Finally, after adding audio tracks and subtitles, you can proceed to file conversion. Click the Rip all to: drop-down list located on the top-right part of the interface and select MVK video format. Then choose your preferred file output directory to find the file quickly. You can now click Rip all to start converting DVD to MKV. Processing time varies on the length of the video.

Convert the DVD to Digital Format DR

Part 3: How to Convert DVD to MKV with Original Quality

In addition to the DVD ripper, you can also use 4Easysoft Total Video Converter to convert DVD to MKV for free, and it will also preserve the original quality of the converted file. It provides designed DVD ripper, video converter, and video editor for you. This tool’s function and features do not pale in comparison with the software mentioned earlier. It can safely rip DVD to MKV, including all tracks, audio, video, and subtitles.

Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

Convert and rip DVD to MKV and other 1000+ video and audio formats.

Customize the video settings to keep the high quality of the output videos

50X faster speed to convert DVD to MKV videos quickly with GPU acceleration.

Provide additional editing tools to trim, crop, rotate, add effects, etc.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Steps on How-to convert DVD to MKV with original quality using AnyMP4 DVD Ripper.

Step 1Install the DVD to MKV Converter

To begin with, install the program after you download it successfully. Continue to launch the tool to see the main interface. Then click Load DVD on the top-left part of the window to import any video from your PC.

The Ripper Main Window Ripper TVC

Step 2Edit DVD videos files before converting

After you choose the DVD videos you want to convert, you have the option to edit them as well using the Edit menu. You can locate it in the Editor window, which lets you rotate, crop, add watermark, and other effects.

Customize the Audio Format TVC

Step 3Start converting DVD to MKV

After you finish editing the said video, you can now finally proceed to convert the file. Use the Convert All to: drop-down list option and select MKV. And if everything is good, click the Convert All button to start converting DVD to MKV video file.

Select the Audio Format Ripper TVC

Part 4: FAQs about How to Convert DVD to MKV


This tutorial has taught you how to rip and convert DVD to MKV files on your computer using two different programs. You don’t have to worry losing the original high quality of DVD disc with the help of 4Easysoft DVD Ripper. And also, do not hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions on ripping DVD to MKV, we want to see your feedback below this article.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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